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Mandy Moore's SoHo Stroll

New York, NY :: Singer/actress Mandy Moore, 22, walked down the streets of Manhattan yesterday afternoon, making a couple of purchases at the SoHo branch of MAC cosmetics located at 113 Spring St.  Mandy's next film is Richard Kelly's comedy musical thriller Southland Tales co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Rock, Seann William Scott, and Bai Ling.  Earlier this week, it was announced that Southland Tales will be shown at this this year's Cannes Film Festival.  More pictures in the gallery!
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I really used to like Mandy Moore but now I just find her terribly annoying...

me is mandy moore lover! hehe. oh yes, i'm first!

Hope she can keep up w/ that goody goody image of hers :)

lol...see, I see the exact opposite. I used to find her completely annoying and irritable.

But I figure if a genius like Zach Braff sees something in her, she can't be all that bad...lol

I love mandy moore!!! cool pics thanks!!! Hey Betsy what exactly do u find annoying of Mandy Moore?

Wow...I just realized how much she looks like Angelina when walking from afar on that top left picture. That's who I thought it was at first!


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