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New York, NY : Singer Pink, 26, made an appearance on MTV's Total Request Live show at the MTV Times Square Studios this past afternoon where she was interviewed by MTV VJ Damien Fahey, 25. Watch the video below!  Pink answered trivia questions such as --
If you ran the country, what would be the first item on your agenda?  I would make any form of animal cruelty illegal.

What's the square root of 144?  I don't know, I'm a spelling bee champion.
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pink trl pink-trl11
pink trl pink-trl12

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anyone have more pictures/info on those shoes? i'm oddly fascinated with them and i'm not sure why.

she doesnt know that 12 x 12 = 144?

whos a stupid girl?


Is that a frog on her foot? I would love to hear her explain why the hell she got a frog tattoo

Hey, frogs are cool!

I didn't know she was Jewish. Ya learn somethin' new everyday.

Pink is awesome and she proves it all over again with each song everytime! Awesome chick!

it's a man, baby !!!

it's a man, baby !!!

She's just really starting to get on my nerves. At first her whole movement was pretty cool, but the fact that she wanted to serenade Lindsay Lohan at the kids choice awards is super low and ultimately disrespectful.

Does she not know that she's setting an example for those kids too and by doing something so low makes her just as "stupid"?

She's just as much a role model as those girls that she pegs stupid in her song.

Those shoes are too cha cha for words!

Did she not get past jr high? Not a spelling bee champion my butt. There are 12 yr olds with higher IQs.

What an ironic single choice for her.

Pink is hot. Great body. I love the tats and the way she sings. She needs to put out more music.


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