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Nearly Naked Ryan Phillippe

31-year-old actor Ryan Phillippe drops his pants (rather, someone does it for him) in political thriller Five Fingers, which takes place in Morocco. Dutch philanthropist Martijn is in town to assist with the creation of a food charity but gets captured and chained up by a terrorist (Laurence Fishburne). Watch the Ryan Phillippe spongebath video below (FYI :: There's no sound but I don't think you need it).  More screencaps in the gallery!

Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa on Alias, Zoe Washburne on Firefly) gives a nearly naked Ryan Phillippe a spongebath.  Gina plays a highly adept and sly terrorist who works with Ahmat (Laurence Fishburne) to "break" Ryan Phillippe's character, Dutch philanthropist Martijn.

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I wish I was the one giving him a sponge bath. But no way would he have that sheet thing covering him!

oh my god

i started drooling

OMG, I could eat him! So hot!

He is rather nice looking. And I bet he'll age well.

OMG!!! how i wish i am reese.... i have loved him since cruel intentions.... soooo hottiee!!!

He's a li'l bit Poor Man's Jude Law, but he's hot anyway. Lovely lips. Lovely eyes. Lovely body, apparently. Lovely all around.

it is just me or this has no sound???

Oh my lard! Too hot. I wonder how his penis looks. Fat, I think.

I thought Muslims looked down on this sort of thing? A girl giving a half naked guy who's not her husband a spongebath?

So hot though. There's a bit of a bondage vibe I'm getting from this scene. Hot.

I wonder if he shaves his chest himself...

no you woo`nt find any muslim girl doing that but it`s just a movie meaning that most thing in it woo`nt be true

God I love the paradox

ooh! hot hot hot!!!

There is no WAY IN HELL would a Muslim girl! Let alone a HIJAB wearing girl would give a DUDE who isn't her husband or her sick father a bath. I think Hollywood make people believe in anything that is FALCE, I wish they would make it more realistic about the movies they make.


Thanks so much Just Jared for that!!! That video gave me orgasms..lol.. Ryan is the hottest guy alive. :D

He looks remarkably like Justin Timberlake.. what a hottie!!

I've had a crush on him since 1992, when he played an out gay teenager on One Life to Live! I swear he made me gay! hahaha!

HOT if he were mine I'd keep him tied up too.

Is he crosseyed?

I'd let him give ME Five Fingers! lol


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