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TomKat Baby Born... Finally!

Two inside sources have confirmed with People that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have welcomed their first child together. "In late October, barely six months into their romance, an ecstatic Cruise and Holmes revealed that they were expectant parents. Cruise, 43, and Holmes, 27, had made no secret of their desire to start a family together: When asked last June if they were planning to have children, Holmes smiled and said simply, 'Yes.'"  This news comes the same exact day that Brooke Shields gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Grier Hammond Henchy.  COINCIDENCE?????

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let the jokes begin!

And how coincidental that the baby appeared on the same morning as Brooke Shields' baby. I wonder what TC will think of to say next about poor Brookie.

He hates Brooke sheilds. this was his plan from day one.


I thought I felt a strange disturbance in the Force eariler today...this explains it!

He hates Brooke sheilds. this was his plan from day one.


We in San Francisco waked up with sirens in the morning. Now I know why.

Oh yeah. He used his time travelling Scientology powers to find out when Brooke would fall pregnant, then travelled back to make sure Katie was impregnated around the same time. Then as soon as Brooke Shields gave birth, he got Katie to have a c-section. I think he's insane, but I can't quite believe that it's anything more than coincidence.


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