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Cruise Rides Cockpit

Tom Cruise took to the air in a 63-year-old airplane as his pregnant fiancee, Katie Holmes, contemplated the birth of their child. Cruise took a P51 Mustang out for a spin, taking off from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif. Cruise owns the refurbished 1943 plane and is currently renting a hanger at the airport. To declare his love, Tom decided to inscribe the words "Kiss Me Kate" on the nose of the plane. The red lettering is clearly visible in the video. Tom had a co-pilot securely in tow during the ride. The actor has been active to say the least in the last few weeks, jetting to Germany and motorcycling around town. His latest adventure raises the question -- is Tom taking too many chances given the impending birth? -- TMZ
Barf, barf, barf to "Kiss Me Kate." Old news, new photo set!  More pictures in the gallery of Tom Cruise flying his plane this past Saturday.
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying01
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying02
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying03
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying04
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying05
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying06
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying07
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying08
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying09
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying10
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying11
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying12
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying13
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying14
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying15
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying16
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying17
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying18
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying19
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying20
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying21
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying22
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying23
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying24
tom cruise flying tom-cruise-flying25

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Even though brad is whipped, he is hotter, I can't wait until that witch releases him from her spell!

Tom is SO HOT! LOVE the name "Kiss Me Kate" on the plane! SO CUTE!

I think his trying to copy Brad Pitt. His clearly trying to win some female fans back into his camp. Please BRAD is so much more HOTTTER

TC is a crazy NUT JOB. Please do not even try to compare TC and Brad Pitt. TC is a gay man trying to pay EVERYONE to keep his secret. BP is what you see... everything about TC is suspect. Kiss me Kate.. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Run Kate Run it should be!! How fake can you be??? KH is an idiot!!! I hope she is getting paid ALOT for this role.. If she is truly going to leave her own child for one week after birth so the cult can do its vodoo.... she deserves everything she gets. WHAT A HORRIBLE MOTHER!!! I would LOVE for TC to meet me and tell met hat a baby should not be placed on its mother right after birth.I guess no breast feeding either? She is handing her child over to a cult!!!! DUMBA%$!!

Tom Cruise's "religion" is based in black magic -- L Ron Hubbard thought he was the devil and wanted to impregnate a woman with the antichrist...is it any wonder that Tomkat's baby is about to pop with Easter Sunday coming up? I bet you it is born then. Before you boo me off the stage, read this interview with L Ron Jr:


I am boycotting Tom Cruise and his movies -- not going to give my hard earned money to supprt a satanic cult!

Right on # 7.. Lets start a movement to boycott TC's MI3.
It is a Mission Impossible... to sell the idea that he is not GAY!!!!
I just read that John Travolta's oldest son might have Autisim? How sad that is if they are trying to say it is a pollen allergey. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE CULT MEMBERS???? I am refusing to see any movie ANY SCIENTOLOGIST IS IN from here on in. Thankfully most of them are washed up anyway.. there is nobody to blame but TC for this backlash... he did it to himself!!!

Just about anyone in that age group is hotter than Tom Cruise these days! I just look at him at get sick. I'm not going to support his movies or anything else he does. Give me Brad P and George C and Pierce B etc.etc.etc. any day!

Have fun with your sad boycott... it really made a dent in War of the Worlds - one of the top 10 highest grossing movies of 2005!

This is such old news. It has nothing to do with his female fans. He named one of his airplanes after Nicole Kidman when they were married but had it changed to his daughter's name after they divorced. I think it is sweet. I also don't see what Brad Pitt or Scientology has to do with those pictures. I don't see why it is a big deal or why people feel the need to vent crap they know nothing about.

Elizabeth #11. vent crap WE know nothing about? What the heck are you talking about. Tom did that when he went on national T.V to talk about his CRAZY CULT!!! What if a fan, which I DO NOT believe there are many left, went off their meds and hurt themselves? their baby? someone else? Maybe he should get a DEGREE IN something before he goes out spewing his CRAZINESS!!! TC is a monkey paid to act... SHUT THE F UP and do it. He doesn't like the backlash of talking about his CULT! Well than don't go on a T.V talking about it? TC is a LOSER and a has been. Yeah, Wotw did well in other countries. It cost 150m to make and did 250m in the US. Wow it doubled its money. Blockbuster my A$^!!!! Go AWAY!

man I hope that plane blows up !!! Do the world some good.

#10 & 11 -- I actually used to like Tom Cruise and his movies until I started to read about this so called "religion" of his. If you read that article I posted earlier about the things they do you would not want to support Tom Cruise and his cult either. Scientology is not a harmless belief system it has caused the deaths of many and it has destroyed many lives. Tom and all scientologists pour most of their earnings directly into Scientology which means if I see MI3 I am supporting this satanic cult. I think it's perfectly reasonable to not want to see his movie and to encourage others to do so as well.

If you really don't want to see his movie because you'd be supporting his "church", then just download it. How can we tell if MI3 blows as much cork as Tom, if we do not ever see it.

Pitt's lost his hotness now. He's pussy whipped and that's disgusting. Go ahead and say but he's a DAD now, who cares. He's not hot as a DAD now. He stinks.

# 2 | lol
Sorry guy, he's happy and contend with that "witch".

# 2 | lol
Sorry guy, he's happy and contend with that "witch".

# 16 | Ashlee
Tom is hot !! Brad is super Hot ! wait till Tom and Brad kitten come out. They will become the HOTTEST STAR in the world.

How can you say that Tom is trying to copy Brad, when Tom has been flying planes for years , while Pitt is just now learning how to fly. But I have to say They're both equally hot

Where is his Maverick helmet??? Where's Goose?

I think it's great that Brad is "Pussy Whipped" as you say. The tables have turned way too much, and we always see women throwing themselves at men. It looks ridiculous, and makes us women look pathetic. It's nice to see a woman who lets the man do the chasing. That's the way it should be!

Oooh, look at the virile manly man HETEROSEXUAL doing all those virile manly man virile HETEROSEXUAL things--coincidentally in full view of the paparazzi, of course.

Neither Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise contain any class, tact, or integrity. Brad's a scumbag and Tom is off the rocker.


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