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Suri Cruise Baptized?

Beverly Hills, California :: Mary South, mother of actor Tom Cruise, was driven away after visiting her granddaughter Suri Cruise at her son's home yesterday afternoon.  Just 12 hours after Katie Holmes had given birth, Tom, 43, and Katie, 27, used a series of decoy cars to leave St. John's Hospital.  Three identical Ford Excursion SUV's left the facility at the same time, one decoy going to The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles where Suri is rumored to have been baptized as planned under the tenets of the Church of Scientology. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: JJ reader Jack writes in, "I'd venture that's exactly what's going on. Notice the odd antenna on the vehicle's roof, midline. That's a directional beacon, as in Tracking Device. Something very important inside. The whole damn thing is too creepy."
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Yuck, she looks are STRANGE as Tom Cruise. They look like very STRANGE!!
I wonder if KH went into labor while out on a shopping trip. Gee I wonder why she did not stay home. I don't believe any of the stories.. something is up with these two. I just hope they go away and the REAL hollywood CHERUB.. BRANGELINA.. can be born soon.. GO AWAY TOM CRUISE.. GO AWAY!!!

Sorry I meant to write AS STRANGE. I was in a trance by her wild look, I did not go back to read my comment. SORRY!!!

Uber-creepy - the entire lot of them.

I thought it was Laura Bush O__O

Doesn't his mother live there? Why would she have to be driven away after visiting? Does anyone know what the baptism procedure is for the Scienos? They are definitely freaks.

I'm scared of these people!!!


Come on now people, can we grow up? Now we're attacking TC parents wow your lives must really be empty. TC acts weird so every one thinks it gives them the right to say nasty hurtful things about an innocent child and the rest of his family like if you know them and you're a part of their daily lives. Geeez, GET OVER IT ALREADY. if you cant stand him then dont read about him, watch his movies write about talk about him if he and his family make u people so sick WHY ARE U HERE?

I think Tom is too much into scientology... I think he wants to make himself as Jesus or Buddha...

# 7 are you kidding. TC open this flood gate by talking and acting crazy!! Who the hell does he think he is? His family supports his antics? Of coarse he is their cash cow!!
My life is not empty thank you, is yours defending a nut job? Are you involved in the cult as well? Why are you here? Go to TC offical fan site if you want to read prepaid, and preapproved letters to Tom Cruise. This is the real world and the real deal!! Tom and Katie are fake and up to something. How much did they pay the hospital to say KH had an epidural? BS this guy pays everyone to keep his lies going.

Where are katies parents? Strange for being such a CLOSE family.... i heard they are in Florida! Why? They new she was due to deliver. I bet they loathe Tom and his Scientology crap.

That whole family is weird...love that game you posted yesterday Jared.

Yeah Jared... you can try to play Perez from time to time. But really.... that's not your best man. People (and a bunch of other reliable sources) reported Suri left the hospital directly to her home. No stop. No baptized (at least not yet).
I wonder how do you feel having this bunch of weirdos posting at your site... is that what makes you popular? A bunch of addicited to TomKat who post a couples of times under differents names (always with the same old shit)?

#12 Rox, your post makes no sense. JJ is our favorite!!!
Most of us don't just read about one "star" as weird and as fascinating as TomKat are--just like watching a train wreck about to happen...we read the whole column daily. Most of us have our favorite celebs, but we post on several different articles.
So Roz, exactly what is your problem. Your writing structure is good, but your main idea and subideas are poorly put, so we are left scratching our heads in wonder.

#12 Rox you post here. Wow, you track other sites? I just come here... who is the freak now? POSER

LMAO She looks exactly like Tom. Big smile and all.

LMAO She looks exactly like Tom. Big smile and all.

Do we have any proof whatsoever that she actually went to a hospital? Besides Tom's word, that is. No pictures at all, and yet the paps were planted in front of the house night and day.

Since I don't believe she actually gave birth, I doubt there are any pics.

The baby was already at the scieno center ! Tom went there simply to pick it and bring it back home as "his" baby.

Or maybe katie had the baby awhile ago and it has been kept in a scientology chamber for programming.
This is so bizarre and disturbing situation.

Is Nicole Kidman also a member of the scientology??and connor and isabell?

She looks like the Grinch who stole christmas!!!

What happened to the home birth and the signs of being quiet? This is all BS. KH had the baby a few weeks ago and they staged the whole thing. To all you "Oh you are such a hater" blah blah.. what the F is the big secret than? Everything TC does very suspect and BS. KH had an epidural? After he bashed Matt for being Glib about medication. I swear that cocky little midget thinks he is smarter than people. Yeah yeah TC we believe you.... you little freak of nature... we are worried for ANY CHILD YOU RAISE.. whether you adopted them or paid for them. Yeah ok than...I am a hater...hate to be lied to.. to be used for his $$ gain. NOT ME SORRY!!!! Go pay your cult to be king!!!

They are all whacked. And yes, to whomever... The entire family is in the cult including TC's mom and sister and kids!

«« Three identical Ford Excursion SUV's left the facility at the same time »»

Not only one car, but THREE, went unnoticed by everyone? And I don't recall any pap pics os those cars... Fishy.

Someone trying to make us believe something that might not be true.

Tom Cruise pays to many people to like him so he thinks this SHI^ is believable. YEAH RIGHT!!! I hope the truth comes out and evryone sees TC for the little fraud, gay, cult ring leader he is.
Lets hit him where it hurts.. MI3.. :)

Katie Holmes' parents are probably so disgusted by the whole
house of lies about this baby that they stayed away. I don't think
Katie went to the hospital and if she was ever really pregnant at all
she probably had the kid weeks ago, when her mother was with
her. I hope someone in Katie's family will speak out on all this
foolishness, but since those nutty Scientologiist operate like the
mob, the Holmes family is probably scared of what they'll do to
Katie if they speak out.

TC needs to go far, far, away with his fugly lookalike mother and
wacky cult.

I feel so sorry for Katie Holmes' parents. As Catholics, they must hate the whole scientology thing and then. . .the new mom's own mother being left out of the whole delivery? It's such an American family tradition for the mother to be there to help with the new baby after it is born. It will be very interesting to see what happens between Katie, Tom and the Holmes family in the next few months. I admire the Holmeses for continuing to stand by their beliefs and not to kowtow to TC's every little wish and whim. I just hope they don't "lose" their daughter completely (if they haven't already).

I feel so sorry for Katie Holmes' parents. As Catholics, they must hate the whole scientology thing and then. . .the new mom's own mother being left out of the whole delivery? It's such an American family tradition for the mother to be there to help with the new baby after it is born. It will be very interesting to see what happens between Katie, Tom and the Holmes family in the next few months. I admire the Holmeses for continuing to stand by their beliefs and not to kowtow to TC's every little wish and whim. I just hope they don't "lose" their daughter completely (if they haven't already).

I see the church of scientology doesn't beleive in the dentist or teeth whiteners! Im sorry I dont usually do this, but I have to say I totally agree with the people who think the pregnancy was fake. you could clearly see the image of a prosthetic nipple poking out one day, and also the shape of a pillow that i seen on one of those inside edition shows. Thing is, IF she ever was pregnant she definetly has not been pregnant in the last few weeks. I think the baby belongs to chris Klein and he is "adopting" it as he did the other two. The nurse,,, if its true,, stated the kid had lots of dark hair. tom and katie are both brunettes chris klein has black hair. maybe why katie feels obligated to this whole thing.. sorta like blackmail on tom's part and i dont doubt it. Something is defintly rotten in denmark. The holmes' must be beside themselves. Bless their souls.

sorry one last rant I forgot to mention. If Tom was so proud of the baby and Katie where was he after practically having glued his tongue to hers then it was like right when she was "due" he was globetrotting. Yeh sure we've seen this heard that, but it does tick me off that certain people think they have power over others. Even a pic will not convince me,,, I want to see the kid in 10 years then we'll know who's baby they have gotten thier hands on. Also wasn't it gross that after years of relationship with Nicole Kidman and then years with Chris Klein that like after a montha nd a half or so,,, Katie pops up pregnant. guess that's something else scientology doesn't believe in.... condoms. Oh wait.. oops nevermind I forgot you don't need one for the turkey baster! And why in hell's name was Katie shopping for herself rather than the baby that close to delivery. It was like she was saying... I cant wait to take off this damn suit after 11 months of being pregnant and put on some new duds with my new bonus for sticking around until the baby was "born". sorry end rant lol.

If Tom Cruise can buy Katie Holmes and buy a baby why can't he buy his mother a chin and help her with the turkey wobble neck?

Listen this baby is going to love, feed, and raised well no matter how crazy some you believe TC is. There are starving, missing, and sexually abused children outh there!! If we paid attention to those in need like we do these well off celebrity children then this world would be a better place. We/ you all need to start focusing on the important issues. And lastly, we do not have the right to comment on someone else's life, or the way they choose to live THEIR life, when ours isn't any better. It's ok to want to know how these people live there lives but its another to act like as if they are not allowed to do what they want.

Yeah, ok "Whocares" what the hell are you doing than? Reading the thread and making your own comment. DON'T EVER QUESTION what I do for kids YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! Plus I think that is the jist of this thread... the worry most people have for th baby.
Hey chick if your life sucks that is your problem. Maybe find TC do so he can pay you to play in the movie he calls his life. We are outside people telling TC we don't buy his BS. If you don't like it.. go to his preapproved website. Look at you talking about passing judgement on other people.. what the hell are you doing?

"same shit diferent day" *Scrathes head*

Sounds more like you * bang your head* ...against a wall that is!!!!

What about Katie's mom and dad? Were they there? It all seems to be Tom Cruise and his family.

#32 WOW u sure have alot of issues with TC, I guess if someone has a different opinion than u they are wrong and u are right. What exactly did TC do to u? Did he jump on your couch and profess his love or was it the fact that he said people should never champion a drug unless they talk about the side effects or could it be he's just to damn hyper and u can't stand him, which is o.k, But please tell me what satisfaction do u get from bad mouthing his mom, fiance and newborn? Please dont say everyone is worried about his child's upbrining so that's why u are being so negative. Love him or hate him your choice, but why is it nessasary to pick at every single thing he and/or his family does? Is your life that empty? I feel sorry for u.

With all the speculation about her not even being pregnant, why not show the baby and say, see she wasn't faking her pregnancy and they baby wasn't born weeks ago?

Sounds like they either have to adopt a child or the child is actually older than a few days and now they have to hide that fact.

What are you talking about? He is the one who made his life a public joke. It seems that YOU were the one judging the comments on this blog. Again, if you are looking for FOO FOO Tom Crusie sh^& go to his website.. if you want to know how the REAL public feels than come here. You seem to be the bully looking for a fight. Do you go on the other threads and try to get someone to go at it with? PLEASE... TOM CRUISE IS A GAY LITTLE MAN. I hope that pisses you off!! His MOTHER IS GROSS!! You would think with all his money he would help her fix EVERYTHING!! His sister looks like a man should I go on? My life rocks thanks.. great husband and a new baby I held from the minute she came into the world. Actually have not been away from her since. No one ate or even joked about eating my placenta.. shall I continue on why people think this is BS. Yeah Schae that is normal?
Oh, Tom Cruise ATTACKED Brooke Shields first. He did not go on tv and say people should look at all things before going on meds... which they should.. he said EVERYONE is wrong to do it!!. He attackeded her career. He called Matt Lauer GLIB and said he studied PSYCHOLOGY. Ummm last I checked TOM C. did not attend ANY college. Oh right the cult taught him. WTF Schae....
How about someone in the news media getting some balls and flat out asking Tom Cruise about being gay?? No he would probably have them killed.
Go enjoy his movies, they are so deep with emotion. Tom Crusie is his own worse enemy. Schae you must be his biggest fan. ENJOY HIM.. I guess you have to be on his level to understand him. Sorry I don't live on a space ship...

Where is a picture of Katie or even Tom? Something is so up with these two. LOSERS!!! No one believes a word they say!! HAHAHAHAHA. Tom CRUSIE RUNIED HIS OWN CAREER!! Poor Katie, I think she thought this would make hers.
If the PAPS photo everyone at the gate where is Katies family? Are they not allowed to see the baby? A tracking device. Tom Cruise is one Strange DUDE. I think is way deeper than the cult he is in.

#38, #39 I feel even more sorry for u, I'm sure that I'm not his only fan and I'm positive that u boycutting his movie will not end his career. As for Brooke sheilds WHAT CAREER? Unlike u who feels it is nessasary to insult someone u dont even know just because they have a different opinion from yours, I wont go into my life like u did because I have nothing to prove. Like I said i feel really sorry for u, good luck to u and yours.

You made my point... you have no life!!! Go reread your first comment!! You started ragging on the people talking about TC in here. Which by the way ,ntil you,were ANTI Tom gay Cruise Nobody said anything to you about what YOU thought about TC until you ripped into everyone and called THEM SAD. Sorry I just defend people with brains!!! Now I will tell YOU, you are not so BRIGHT!!!
Oh, are you insulting Brooke by saying she has no career? Yeah O.k.. you really seem to like to dish it but can't take it. I guess most bullies are like that. Get a back bone in your real life and than you won't need to cling to a NUT JOB!! Have fun in your "WORLD with TOM GAY CRUISE".
Please don't waste your very SAD time feeling sorry for anyone but yourself. You are very lonley I can tell . Go get help sweetie.. there are no real aliens coming no matter what TC says to scare you. My life rocks.. sorry you can't be proud of yours. SO SAD.. SO SAD INDEED!!

givemeabreak..... please give me a break! whatever makes you feel better about yourself...and btw my life is great thanks GOD.

The videos of her shopping are so pathetic. THey look so incredibly staged, like, she'll pick up a shoe and and the look on her face is "how long do I have to look at this shoe like I care about it?" And where are her friends, her family? NONE of them would go shopping with her? Which makes me want to know where the hell are Katie's parents in all this? I can't believe Tom could have paid them off too. If they wanted to rescue Katie they could, but they don't seem to want to. Why? Why? Why?

Thought that would shut you up!! Yeah, you sound as convincing as Katie looks happy!! Have a great life.. or at least make the best of it!!


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