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Wentworth Miller is Furry

Here are some outtakes of Prison Break's Wentworth Miller from People Magazine's Most Sexiest Men Alive 2005 issue where he revealed, "My last meaningful relationship was about a year ago and lasted only a few months, but it was hot and heavy -- those are the best kind.  In another interview about relationships, 33-year-old Wentworth Miller, also mentioned, "My rule is you want someone who's got both feet on the ground. An ideal girlfriend might be someone who works in the business and can understand what you're going through but is not an actor themselves - is willing to run lines with you but when you start acting crazy, they throw up their hands and take you for what you are and be accepting."  And did you know that actor/producer Seth Green has a Wentworth Miller doll in his office? And it has a chest tattoo too!  More pictures in the gallery!
wentworth miller pictures wentworth-miller-pictures01
wentworth miller pictures wentworth-miller-pictures02
wentworth miller pictures wentworth-miller-pictures03
wentworth miller pictures wentworth-miller-pictures04
wentworth miller pictures wentworth-miller-pictures05
wentworth miller pictures wentworth-miller-pictures06
wentworth miller pictures wentworth-miller-pictures07


35 Comments Have Already Been Posted

WOW. How can you not love him!!

hot hot hot

theres a wentworth doll? and seth green has it? ..im sorry but if is ideal gf is the only part that stuck out to you...no comment

I guess the doll is for Seth Green's showwhere he makes fun of things.

I guess the doll is for Seth Green's showwhere he makes fun of things.

Ok, ok, ok... he is starting to grow on me... I'd hit it...

Damn he's so hot. I really like hiw outfit in those fense pictures. Thanks Jared.

why are there so many stories on this guy? i mean, does anyone watch this show or even care? i dont get it, why is jared wasting our time with prison break or even wentworth...i really truly do not get it!!

Come on people! Get on the Prison Break train already. It is a great show and WM is great in it. I don't know what to make though of the whole WM doll in SG office though Jared--that is well...
Thanks for all the pics once again Jared :)

I think he's very good looking but I would like to see him with his hair grown out again. I think he looks better when it's grown out.

Ha. Girlfriend. Whatever.

Keep the Went news coming! Time is never wasted when posting things about Went or PB. Mmk?

Holy schneikies! My love for Seth Green--which was already quite formidable--just like, OCTUPLED. Thanks for that link!

If you don't like him why do you waste your time to post a useless comment?!

Thank you so much for the pics Jared. He is so HOT. I love him!

Ummm... I never can get me too much Wentworth. LOL. Thanks so much JJ!

For fucks's sake, haters. This is JARED'S SITE and he can put whatever the hell he wants on it. When YOU pay for a domain and get advertisers and scour the tabloids and the internet for content, then YOU can put whatever the hell YOU want on YOUR SITE. And we'll be sure to stop by and leave useless, snotty comments about your choice of material!

Ignore all of the haters Jared!! Please keep the Wentworth information and pictures flowing, there are people like me out here who can't get enough of him. Yummy!!

Jared, thanks so much for the pictures! I love this man so much you don't even know. It's so refreshing to see a very attractive man whose also incredibly down to earth, smart and talented.

Jared, thanks so much for the pictures! I love this man so much you don't even know. It's so refreshing to see a very attractive man whose also incredibly down to earth, smart and talented. ..and WORD Mink!

I totally saw Wentworth on an old ass (maybe season one or two) Buffy the Vampire Slayer this morning on FX. He was on the HS swim team and turned into a monster from the black lagoon type thing,

"Curosity kills the cat". I found this site few months ago, when I got addicted to PB. I never visited any blogs before. I apprecitaed all the PB and WM posting, and it helped me not miss both of them while PB on hiatus. I used to get upset initially when only few people used to post comments. But now things too about turn CONT.

All the spoiler link ruined my PB addiction. And all the rumors about WM is deeply upsetting.
So, I will leave this site with the following message-I don't know what world we are living in, why almost always a man' sexuality is questioned when he is in his 30s and single, specially, if he is extremely good looking and a sophistacated gentle man ?
Tx Jard. Adios, this place is not for me.

love him and j-rhys-meyer too! they are going to air Prison Break in my country (better late than never.hah!) but i don't mind all the spoilers...

Louveciennes my post wasn't adressed to you but the hater who said that Jared was wasting our time with PB and Wentworth.
I totally agree with you i can't get enough of him.

Hey 21, you shouldn't feel you have to leave this site and all it's Went-goodness just because a few people post negative stuff. It's always outnumbered by the many of us who LOVE Wentworth. It's obvious to anyone who knows anything about him how totally fabulous he is, so just have a laugh at all the idiots who don't get it! :)

Goodness Gracious. He is so gorgeous and hot. Made my freaking day.

Are these pictures all in the magazine? Damn, I should have bought that mag when I had the chance!!!

No worries Sun, I know you weren't directing that at me. I totally agree that leaving stupid comments about stuff you don't care about is a huge, annoying waste of time. I mean I couldn't care less about Brangelina or American Idol, so you know what I do when I see posts about them? I take a second to scroll past and look for something that I *am* interested in! It's not hard!!

so beautiful. thanks jared :) this is my favoriteeeeee SITE!!!!!!!!!! :)

Anyone know when this issue will be out?

i love wentworth miller so all you out there who thinks that you have a chance with him u can forget it. nobody comes between me and my pookie woogie bear.

ewww he looks like my history teacher:| EWW i can just picture him explaining the war of 1812!!

Wentworth is GAY, GAY, GAY!

wow he isss soo buff
i mean 100% i think that every one must be crazy 4 him

he is sooo buff i mean 100%
no one deservers him
he is too hot


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