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Dancing with the Devil

Taylor Hicks occasionally rips his own performances, especially his rendition of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads." "I saw that clip and thought to myself, 'Man you are flat all the way through that song." Though he admits that he sometimes spent Tuesday night after the show at Burger King voting for himself, he also cast a few for his competitors. "I'd vote on the performance as opposed to who I liked as an artist," he says. "I voted for Elliot, for Chris a couple of times, for Katharine. It was funny because we'd be in the apartment or somewhere and I'm like, 'I'm voting for you, you know.' And they're like, 'What?'"
Download (right-click save as) and listen to the mp3 podcast below where Taylor Hicks confesses that competiing in American Idol was like dancing with the devil! $$$$$oul Patrol!!!!!

DOWNLOAD :: Taylor Hicks Rolling Stone podcast [mp3]
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Colin Farrell Married?

A throwback to a healthier looking Nicole Richie
when she hilariously spoofed Kelly Ripa's
Pantene Pro-V commercials on MADtv.

Britney's Pretty Porsche

Singer Britney Spears, 24, was photographed whizzing around her new Porsche yesterday -- with no baby on board! -- accompanied by a supposed "teacher" giving her driving lessons. Britney's definitely got the "I'm a rockstar" look on her face. And why not?  She is one. More pictures in the gallery!

Britney was accompanied in her Porsche by a mystery male that...
strangely enough, looks like K-fed.  Long lost brother, perhaps?
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Bubblicious Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is featured in the June 2006 issue of InStyle -- Witty and pretty Anne Hathaway models the season's devil-may-care dresses -- all of them frothy confections with pin tucks, ruffles and tiers in cream, pink and fuchsia. 

Anne Hathaway could never be accused of living in a bubble.  Intellectually acute, vocationally adventurous and culturally informed, she is one of the most thoughtful actresses of her generation.  Like a star from a more elegant era, Hathaway, 24, has poise, and lots of it.  She was best known as the tiara-wearing tween queen from both Princess Diaries movies, but an affecting turn in last year's Brokeback Mountain, as a frisky filly turned cold businesswoman (with a sensational collection of wigs), burst that bubblegum image forever.  This season she triumphs yet again in The Devil Wears Prada as the beleaguered minion who gets to flaunt a multitude of haute labels.  Based on the best-selling book, the film cheekily lampoons life at a fictional fashion magazine.  As the hapless assisstant to Meryl Streep's merciless editrix, Hathaway is admonished for her "lumpy blue sweaters" and her sartorial deficiency, prompting her character to envelop herself in a protective carapace of Chanel, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. 

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The Fabulous Life of Shiloh

Don't forget that “The Fabulous Life: Brad & Angelina’s Baby” premieres this Sunday, June 4 @ 8:30PM ET on VH1.  You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at all the companies sending Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt truckloads of free swag.  From closets full of designer baby duds to the most pricey baby bedding to her very own one-of-a-kind 17K gold and diamond studded pacifier.  Don't miss it!

UPDATE :: Scans of People, inTouch and Life & Style have been added to the gallery compliments of SoulieJolie!

The coming week's tabloid covers with Angelina on the cover:
People, US Weekly, InTouch, Life & Style, and Star.
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Jennifer Aniston's Last 'Break'

Tomorrow is shaping up as a pivotal day in Jennifer Aniston's movie career. If you don't already know, she's opening in "The Break-Up" with unofficial real-life boyfriend Vince Vaughn. The reviews are scathing; the movie is said to be terrible. If Aniston's built-in audience doesn't show up tomorrow night, there's going to be trouble.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Aniston has a couple more comedies and a thriller on the horizon. Unfortunately, the material doesn't look terrific and except for George Hickenlooper, the directors attached to the projects aren't very promising.

It's hard to say what's gone wrong here: in person Aniston is a friendly, generous soul who so far has not played the diva card. She's accessible and amiable.

If "The Break-Up" is really as shrill and annoying as the advance notices indicate, Aniston may really have trouble attracting audiences in the future. She really should take a page from the playbooks of Goldie Hawn and other actresses who needed custom-made material to get out of ruts. And fast!
Aniston fans gotta band together this weekend! After the jump is Jennifer Aniston leaving the Tracie Martyn Salon earlier today, which is located at 59 5th Avenue (bet 12th and 13th St.)  British import Tracie Martyn is known as the go-to girl for age-defying facials -- "The Facialist to the Stars". More pictures in the gallery!
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The Gyllenhaals Gobble Down

New York, NY :: Expecting mommy Maggie Gyllenhaal had lunch with fiance Peter Sarsqaard and brother Jake Gyllenhaal yesterday afternoon at a little take-out shop in Greenwich Village -- Bonsignour Café, located at 35 Jane Street, bet 8th Ave and Hudson.  No double date, unfortunately.  Maggie, 28, announced back in April that she and Peter, 35, were on their way to becoming pround parents.  More pictures in the gallery!

Jake Gyllenhaal plays it casual in shorts and an Art Alive t-shirt.

Brother-sister team Jake and Maggie look picture perfect!
They're both looking and walking in exactly the same way!
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Eternal TomKat of the Spotless Mind

New daddy Tom Cruise, wearing a New York Yankees cap, took fiancée Katie Holmes to fellow actor Jim Carrey's house for a Memorial Day party sans baby Suri Cruise (almost two months). On Saturday, Golden Globe-winning actor Jim Carrey, 44, will receive the MTV Generation Award for his memorable movie performances -- The Mask, The Truman Show and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, to name a few. Tom Cruise, 43, was the first recipient of the MTV Generation Award during last year's Movie Awards show.  The 2006 MTV Movie Awards will air next Thursday, June 8 on MTV. More pictures in the gallery!
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Reese Out Of Baby Bump Race?

Brentwood, CA :: Did Reese Witherspoon just drop out of the baby bump watch race?  Just yesterday, Reese, 30, was spotted walking around her hometown in a slim-cut sparkly tank-top, possibly dispelling all rumors that she's pregnant with her third child. Reese brought along two-year-old son Deacon and of course, Starbucks grub!  The Biography Channel has a 30-minute special on Reese tonight @ 11PM ET, so don't forget to tune in.  More pictures in the gallery!
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Christina Aguilera Leaks

An HQ quality version of Christina Aguilera's lead single "Ain't No Other Man" has finally been leaked.  It hails from her upcoming album "Back To Basics," in stores August 15th.  Christina will also be performing at the MTV Movie Awards too, so be sure to check that out. Links and more pictures in the gallery!
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Kate Beckinsale's Coinslot

Quick, get your Namibia is for Lovers t-shirt while they're smokin' hot!  It's an easy way to celebrate the advent of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, the 7-pound genetically blessed spawn of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. BAMZS FANZS, this one's for you!  You can pick up your limited edition Namibia is for Lovers t-shirt from Goldenfiddle.
I already ordered mine!  w00t!

The above video is the never completed Britney Spears music video "Outrageous" featuring Snoop Dogg.  It's one of my fave Brit songs of all time, so it's a shame Brit injured her knee on set before filming finished.  Some say that this injury was the beginning of her downfall... Sob, sob, sob.

Go, Go, Factory Girl, Go!

New stills from the upcoming Factory Girl, in which Guy Pearce plays iconoclast Andy Warhol opposite Sienna Miller as doomed model Edie Sedgwick and Hayden Christensen as singer/songwriter Billy Quinn (Bob Dylan).  Factory Girl is directed by  George Hickenlooper and opens September 2006.  More pictures in the gallery!
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