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Spidey Love Sparks

New York, NY :: Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire got into character as Mary Jane and Peter Parker to shoot a scene for Spider-Man 3 in Central Park yesterday afternoon. (Peter gives MJ a beautiful bouqet of flowers.) Director Sam Raimi was also on hand... in an admiral's costume of some sort.  Is that how he normally dresses on set?  Maybe he's featured in the movie? Spider-Man 3 opens in theaters nationwide on May 4, 2007. More pictures in the gallery!
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst01
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst02
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst03
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst04
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst05
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst06
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst07
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst08
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst09
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst10
spider man set kirsten dunst spider-man-set-kirsten-dunst11


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Sweet! First to post. I can't wait for Spiderman 3!

I'm so looking forward to this movie! I can't wait to see it!

I was an extra on the Spiderman-3 set in Central Park, Sam Raimi is dressed like an Admiral for a joke. It's a nickname some of the crew has given him over the course of the shoot.

i am glad to see that m.j. looks sexy unlike in spidey 2 when her hair was ugly.

I can understand that they call him the Admiral but he is wearing the service dress blues of a Naval Captain. What can I say, I am very anal when it comes to things of this nature.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what street that Spiderman is filming next? Do they film over the weekend or just during the week?I have an obsessed 5 year old that would love to catch a glimpse of Spidey!

Man, Kirsten Dunst looks just like my friend Darren from high school. Good guy and all but damn he was ugly with that big square head.

Kiki's tits look like two leeches sliding off her chest.

Kiki makes me want to shower.

Spiderman is suppose to be filming in Times square on June 17th as there are Yellow no parking signs scattered all over the area.

I love Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire! SPIDER-MAN 3 will be the sexiest movie in the world because the scenes Kirsten and Tobey do together are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! GOD BLESS THEM BOTH!!!!!

It's not an admiral, it's a captain. But I doubt anyone cares about the specifics

well well well that is sam rami for ya always origional and MJ is looking as hot as always ;P

Kirsten is a snaggletoothed troll. How that fugly, self-absorbed chick got this roll, I'll never understand. She totally ruins the movie series for me. She is the Queen of the hard-on killers!

Only thing why I'm watching SM-1 and 2 again and again is KIKI.

Wonderful woman, angel on earth.


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