Just Jared

I bet Mary-Kate's in there.

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dammit second. haha. this is cute jared!

hey jj...you're early...it's monday now???....don't remind me please....btw....that bag is humungous...how can that tiny girl carry it around??....is she carryin her safe deposit box??? goodness....

holy crap! i'm a big fan of the huge purses but this is a little ridiculous. the bag is freaking half her size! how much could you possibly have to caray to need a bag that big!? i pack overnight bags smaller than that!


ahahahahhaaaa, i betcha she's trying 2 steal sumthing 2 put in that humongous bag, watcha think huh?

I love the bag. I want one.
AND - I love that she looks like the rest of us - just much much thinner. I'm not an Olsen lover - I just think people, even celebs who make their living on their looks, are entitled to be human, filthy rich, but human.

You're funny j@red! lmao.

honestly, why would anybody need a bag THAT big?

love this bag too. I can carry my whole house .
i think when she stuck in the traffic she will pull out her horse of the bag. he he he he

LOL funny jared, she need a bigger texas size hat to go with that saddlebag.

What the crap! It looks like she has something in it...what in the world could she need for a shopping trip that is THAT gimungous?

have you seen that she is carrying another bag in the lef bag ???. may be she is woking parttime porter he he he

have you seen that she is carrying another bag in the lef bag ---> sorry left hand???.

That's an really old picture, over two years old!!

I havent stopped laughing. Old photo or not, this is just plain funny! hahaha

HAHAHAHHAA. hilarious.

wonder what she's got in there. maybe some corpse. haha. it's certainly bulging!

i love mk and ash but i couldnt help but laugh at the caption, funny!

LOL the bags are getting bigger :D

Not only is that bag huge, but it's not big enough, she's got
another one in her other hand. And why does that skirt look like
one of my mother's old slips?

hahaha - i wouldn't be surprised if she was in there!

wow that is a ginormous bag - good caption J


this kid-skanks don't know what to do...ever!

That photo is like 2 years old.

Oh Jared. That's too funny.

She could fit the whole cast of Full House in that bag! WTF!

It is an old picture and she looks like she is in an airport so her
clothes are probably in the bag...i think it's a picture of when she
went on her trip following mk's checkin to rehab following high school
graduation, based on the yellow cowboy hat..

Everyone who's anyone knows SURI is in that bag!


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