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Star-striking Angelina

Even more star-striking St. John ads featuring Angelina Jolie have sufaced, which will appear in the upcoming issue of Vogue amongst other magazines this month.  Check out the gallery for the rest of the advertising campaign!  And just because it's interesting, below is a video of Jon Voight shedding a few tears over his daughter and Angelina addressing the relationship with her father.

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Jude Jokes Around

Jude Law and his personal assistant Ben Jackson of five (?) years share a few laughs on the est of My Blueberry Nights. More pictures in the gallery from filming this past week including Norah Jones inone scene and Jude wearing a wifebeater in another!
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Vroom, Vroom, Vince

Reports have been swirling about a supposed real-life break-up between Jennifer Aniston and "not yet confirmed boyfriend" Vince Vaughn.  Recent pictures from this past Wednesday would confirm otherwise with Vince arriving at Jen's Malibu house.  The pictures of Jen are of her at her home this past Thursday.
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Britney's Burping Powers

Below is the clip of Britney Spears that everyone is saying is new and/or leaked but is not -- it's almost a year old from the bonus features of the Britney & Kevin: Chaotic DVD.  Above is eight months pregnant (already!) Britney shopping with her family -- mommy Lynne Spears, 15-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie's boyfriend Casey, and 10-month-old son Sean Preston Federline Looks like Britney's in mid-burp!  *burp*burp*burp* And Perry the manny's back too!  More pictures in the gallery!

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Half Rachel, Half Ryan

Rachel McAdams was spotted listening to her iPod (center) in Vancouver, B.C. this past Thursday.  She waited for a cab to take her to lunch with an older man (bottom center) and hopped on the bus to go home. Since Rachel is a Canadian native, she was able to help a pair of Asian tourists (top center) figure out which bus they needed to take. Rachel is currently in Vancouver filming her upcoming film Marriage with co-star Pierce Brosnan.

To the right is boyfriend Ryan Gosling and his sister Mandi Gosling at the premiere of his upcoming film Half Nelson at Tribeca Cinemas this past Wednesday in New York City.  Half Nelson hits theaters nationwide this Friday.  Ryan, 25, and Rachel, 29, met on the set of The Notebook and have been dating for over two years. More pictures in the gallery!
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