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Nicole's Fun In The Sun

A slim-figured Nicole Richie was seen strolling around town in a grey and white one-piece and her signature large sunglasses. She was also romping and having some fun at the beach in a turquoise/light-bluish bikini. She seems to be liking her thin physique as she's been keeping herself right above skeletal status in appearance.

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 - Doobybrain

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nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini45
nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini46
nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini47
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nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini49
nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini50
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nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini54
nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini55
nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini56
nicole richie bikini nicole-richie-bikini57

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75 Comments Have Already Been Posted

why is she running?

That is some crack team of doctors she has from that article in Vanity Fair a couple of months ago if they still aren't sure if she's anorexic or not. They don't appear to actually be feeding her anything to help her out either.

Poor thing, it should be heavy carrying that big head.

oh my gosh- she looks sick! If I see one more picture of her bones I will throw up.

LMAO at Selma's brilliant comment. You go, girl.

If she were still doing drugs and battling that addiction, people would
be much more sympathetic. I think a lot of people are secretly jealous
they aren't thinner themselves and having the problem of putting ON
weight rather than taking it off.

ew look how baggy the bottoms of her bathing suit are on her, size xxs apparently isnt small enough

what is wrong with ya'll?? She looks FINE! Just because she's not a fat cow like most of YOU, leave her alone!! Us thin people are sick n tired of fat ppl claiming we have an eating disorder because you're JEALOUS... do we ask you if you don't know how to put the fork down? Leave Nicole alone, she looks FABULOUS!

^^^^^^^^^^^Remember the Truth, your comment is COMPLETELY off point.

I have grown up with a sister who is on and off anorexic and she looks exactly like Nicole does right now. We never knew from one week to the next if she would pass out or what. We were afraid to take her on trips because we feared she would get sick or pass out.

People who are alarmed by a grown woman this size with just skin and bones are just that - alarmed. How can you suggest anyone would be jealous of this figure?

Nicole needs help. And anyone who knows anyone that size needs help. And people have to try to intervene. Pretending this is not a problem is not the way to help. I learned this from the countless family support groups we went with my sister to.

No jealousy here. Anorexia is a matter of life and death...Nicole looks like she is on the verge. And needs help.

Anyone ignoring that fact is not helping her.

I never thought she was too skinny before, but it looks like she has lost even more weight. Look at her bones in her chest. YIKES! I like her but she needs some serious help already!

my god, give her something to eat!
Sky, what is wrong with you? we are so not jealous of her!now she's too kinny, but before she was fine!
ps: maybe this is gonna surprise you, but I'm not fat.

I AM that size, HAVE NEVER been able to gain weight and there is NOTHING wrong with me. Just because we are "thin" does not automatically mean we have an eating disorder, you people are so delusional if you think that. There is NOTHING wrong with how Nicole looks, just because she's too "thin" for you, GET OVER IT! Either lose some weight and go beyond your jealousy or STFU. And yes you are jealous Gala, all of you heifers who wish you could look as good as Nicole in a bikini. Fat ass bitches with nothing better to do than slam us skinny people.. go eat some more HO'HO's ya cow

Unless these photos are photoshopped, she looks like she has an issue. She looks like she weighs about 80-90lbs.

^^^^^^^^ Sky:having followed anorexia for years because my sister battles with it every day of her life ( she can barely engage in social activities sometimes) - I know there are physical symptoms of Anorexia.

Being thin should not result in protruding bones, for example. Again, these are all signs that families living with women of anorexia can use to detect the problem.

Protruding bones, Overly rapid weight loss. That gaunt look, etc. There are plenty of brochures and info at any doctor's office or if you go online.

Being thin is fine. Some people are born naturally thin. But being emaciated like the above photos is a sign of illness.

I cannot judge Nicole because we don't know her and don't know her story. But I use her as an example to people who don't know of what Anorexia looks like - any doctor can tell you this.

I have no problem with you, I just mean she hasn't been always like that, contary to you.
and I prefer being like I am than like her.

LAURE, I am sorry your sister was sick, but seriously quit using your sibling as a poster child for anyone that might be anorexic, you are so far off base its beyond pathetic now honey. I have protruding bones, I look gaunt .. there is NOTHING wrong with me OR Nicole. Why can't you people accept that? Just because someone is too thin by your criteria you automatically jump onto the eating disorder bandwagon and it's SAD! Those photos are NOT a sign of illness, if you saw photos of me you'd be jumping up and down on your Anorexia kick. I have never been anorexic, I have no eating problems - I am naturally thin - can eat my face full of chocolate and NEVER, EVER gain a pound. Again, sorry your sister was afflicted, but you need to realize not everybody who resembles your sister has the same mental problems that she does. Again, sorry she does.. but you need to get past it and past people who are "too thin" for you.

I will no longer argue with a bunch of uneducated, jealous prone heifers. LAY off Nicole. If you don't like how thin she is, don't look at her.. in fact, go look in your own mirror and make yourselves happy.. if you can. Or is that the problem?? You can't look yourself in the mirror? yeah... I thought so. Listen up people, NOT EVERYONE who is thin has an eating disorder. Why don't you worry about your own damned weight problems and leave her alone? I see no point in continuing to argue with a plethora of jealous snickety catty ass fat bitches... we ARE thin, we LOVE it, and we're TIRED of cows being pissed off about it.

^^^^ Sky: I was not attacking you and I am very glad that you are not sick. I wish that on everyone.

I just know my sister was weirdly jealous of me because I was always very curvy but in great shape because I played volleyball and danced. Meanwhile, she always felt she had to compete. And the way to compete was to not eat.

I encourage healthy eating and exercise for everyone. Being thin is not the issue but if you spend your weekends on the volleyball court like I do, trust me you will be healthy and look great.

Nicole does not look good. She looks awful. I don't use my sister as a crutch, by the way. I just always use my experience with her as a way to help anyone I can.

There are a really high number of women living with eating disorders. The statistics are alarming. To champion Nicole Ritchie as a poster child for looking good is dangerous.

I would much rather look like Scarlett Johanseen or Salma hayek than Nicole Ritchie. I just think women who are not born naturally curvy with sexy shapes think the way to attain it is to not eat.

Again, Sky, glad to hear you are not ill. But it is also wrong of you to think anyone who judges girls who are too thin are jealous!

HAHA.... Did you forget what she looked like before she got skinny, Sky? She hasnt ALWAYS been skinny.....

Hi Sky: I have a friend who is rail thin and can eat me under the table any time. If I ate the way she eats, they'd be using me as a float in the Macy's Day Parade! She had three kids -- all grown -- and is still rail thin. She was never heavy and she has always eaten anything she's ever wanted. I think the real concern, at least for me, is that Nicole was not this thin. She had a cute figure and had a bit of skin on the bones. IF she's gotten herself thin to 'impress' or to 'be it', then that's what worries me. If pictures make you 15/20 heavier, you can just imagine just how thin some who was not, she's gotten. I hope that, again, this is something she's not doing because all her friends are thin. She's a pretty girl, dresses really sharp, but HEALTH issues are MY concern. Remember, she started losing the weight when she was hanging around that idot Paris. Let's just all hope that this is something that is OK and that it isn't going to put her at risk health wise.

SKY, you may be naturally skinny, but Nicole is not. She never has been that thin before in her life, and it took her personal trainer to get that way. It's not healthy for people to have all of their bones visible without the aid of an x-ray machine, and there are legitimate concerns for her health and well-being. Even her own father (and she, herself) has said that she is too thin, so I don't know why you've decided to take it upon yourself to insult everyone who thinks she's too thin. If you look at her BMI, and april's weight assessment is correct, she is underweight and that IS unhealthy. And I'd rather be the size I am now than a borderline-anorexic bag of bones. Maybe you need to "get over it" and not be so hostile because you can't gain weight to look attractive to others [See, you didn't like that comment. What makes you think anyone else likes your comments?].

Sky: One more thing. I'm not thin and could lose some pounds, but I'm not jealous of thin people. We all come in all shapes and sizes and should respect one another for it.

well said Maria

better thin than unhealthy excess. Or even 'normal' weight

I am all T&A and I love it! Sky is an idiot because she things people are jealous of super thin girls. Honey please!!!!!! Men love me cause I am a bikini babe with D cups. Trust me: i am NOT jealous of this french fry with big feet!!

Well said Maria...Nicole has not always been thin...She probably thought she was a little on the plump side when she was BFF with Paris Hilton...and decided to lose some weight. These days THIN is in...but puleeze Sky being this THIN should NEVER be in. I have big boobs and a small waist and am very happy with that look...whether or not THIN is in...this is not the look we want our children to think is healthy...

Here is a deal, a man walks onto a beach and he sees:

A) Charlize Theron
B) Cindy Crawford
C) Nicole Rithcie
D) Halle Berry
E) Salma Hayek

Who do you think the man is going to look at?

The answer: Everyone except "C" Nicole "Bag of Bones" Ritchie.

That bitch is barfing in the bathroom, she is probably sad cause she is no Charlize Theron. She is disgusting looking.

Those of you who think this looks good are a bunch of losers.

Hi Dumb Dumb: I disagree. There are men who like think women, so there will be a man who will pick Nicole. Let's not be hateful.

Thin, Heavy, Plump, Fat -- what's the deal? We should not get on ANYONE because of what WE individually think they should look like. Be happy within yourselves and then everything falls into place. Sample: Same blouse comes in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 1X, 2X, 3X. What does that tell you? Every woman out there makes the world go round, so enjoy it, be happy and if you're happy with yourself, then everybody who has a problem with that , can go suck an egg!!!

I, again, worry about Nicole, because she was NEVER this thin. If she's in trouble, let's hope she addresses it.

Now, no more name calling. Remember, we come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and we should respect each other for it. You don't pick a 'best friend' because she's 'thin, fat, tall, short', you pick them because you love them.

Marilyn Monroe was a size 14!!!!! Yup! If none of you have seen 'Some Like It Hot', then please rent it. She was gorgeous -- AND SHE WAS A SIZE 14!!!


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