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2017 Love Advent Latest News, Photos, and Videos

Kendall Jenner Plays Both Rocky Balboa & Adrian in 'Love' Advent Video

Kendall Jenner plays the part of boxer Rocky Balboa in the video for day four of the 2017 Love Advent calendar.

Not only does the 22-year-old model play Sylvester Stallone‘s classic movie role, she also plays the part of Rocky’s girlfriend Adrian in the clip.

Kendall reportedly even drank the raw eggs like Rocky does in the movie!

“When you get asked to shoot the advent calendar, it’s highly flattering. It’s a chance to have fun and embrace a strong self and always a good time,” Kendall said in a statement about her video.

DAY 4: Kendall Jenner by Phil Poynter #LOVEADVENT2017

Ashley Graham Pulls a Sled in Her Lingerie for Love Advent 2017

Ashley Graham braves the cold and runs down the street in lingerie while pulling a sled for Day 2 of the Love Advent calendar for 2017!

The 30-year-old body-positive model puts her figure on display and slaps herself with powder as she prepares for the run.

“Shooting the Advent calendar is a true expression of self love and empowers women to embrace their own sexuality. This year we’re reminding women to #StayStrong because we are powerful, we are resilient, and we run the world,” Ashley said in a statement.

Watch below!

DAY 2: Ashley Graham by Phil Poynter #LOVEADVENT2017