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Chris Colfer & Alyson Hannigan: Course Of The Force Relay!

Chris Colfer sports a “I Love Wookies” t-shirt while attending the Star Wars themed Course Of The Force Relay at Skywalker Ranch on Tuesday (July 9) near Nicasio, Calif.

The 23-year-old Glee actor was joined by Alyson Hannigan and her husband Alexis Denisof, who brought their two adorable daughters Satyana and Keeva.

“I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was four when I saw it for the first time. It was life changing,” Chris shared to JJ.

Alexis, who donned a custom C3PO suit, added, “One of my friends is a costumer and she helped create the suit just for this!”‘s Jared Eng, Jaime King, Kyle Newman, and Adrianne Curry were also spotted attending the relay, which benefited Make A Wish Foundation.

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Jaime King & Kyle Newman: Course Of The Force Relay!

Jaime King dons a “Come On, Bro, It’s The Wars” t-shirt to support the film Fanboys while attending the Star Wars themed Course Of The Force Relay at Skywalker Ranch on Tuesday (July 9) near Nicasio, Calif.

The 34-year-old pregnant actress was seen posing with her husband Kyle Newman and America’s Next Top Model‘s original champ Adrianne Curry at the relay benefiting Make A Wish Foundation.

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“We met during the filming of his movie, Fanboys, which Kyle directed. It’s funny because we’re here at the Skywalker Ranch and the movie is about breaking into it!” Jaime shared to JJ.

Adrianne was seen sprinting in the name of the galaxy with boyfriend Todd Roy, while Kyle passed along the lightsaber to Jaime.

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Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight Split on 5th Anniversary

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight have split after five years of marriage.

“Actor Christopher Knight and his wife, model and television star Adrianne Curry have announced today on their five-year wedding anniversary that they are separating,” the couple’s manager told Hollyscoop.

Adrianne was the winner of the first cycle of America’s Next Top Model and met Christopher while starring together on the fourth season of VH1′s The Surreal Life.

The couple was married on May 29, 2006 in a gothic-themed wedding in Adrianne‘s hometown of Joliet, Ill.

Adrianne Curry: Ban Black History Month (Part Deux)

Former America’s Next Top Model Adrianne Curry is back for more after her very controversial “Ban Black History Month and BET” rant. Here is her “rebuttal” via her MySpace:

“Rebuttal to my Black History blog

Yep, I gotta try to clarify a few things here.

Firstly, I just want to apologize for how random my thoughts were in my last blog. I wrote what I did just minutes after a long heated discussion on the topic. I can hardly read the thing, it’s so damn random!

I think it is HORRIBLE that people misunderstood my message. Just because I wanted to stop separating races, doesn’t mean I want to STOP TEACHING HISTORY! Or schools need to teach MORE of ALL of it anyway! I was asking that we not name things to separate ourselves. I never claimed we shouldn’t learn our own history, or that of all the other countries on earth (which we as Americans are pretty bad at). I am very aware of all the amazing things hat black people have done for our country, and we should always be aware of it. However, separating our races sounds like racism to me. It just does. So go ahead, claim I am the one who is ignorant for wanting us all to be EQUAL! Can you believe that? How does that make a f***ing lick of sense? Honor your heritage, I know I do. Just make sure that by doing so, you do not seperate yourself from the rest of us! Black History to me would be everything that happened in AFRICA. I lived there for almost 5 months. Visted Robin Island, and saw the cell they held Nelson Mandela in. I witnesses first hand people calling these taxi vans “Black Taxis” and these nice taxi’s “white taxis”. Just vile.THAT is African(black if you will) history. African AMERICAN history is OUR history!

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Adrianne Curry: "Boycott Black History Month!"

The original America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry is speaking out against Black History Month and cable network BET (Black Entertainment Television) on her MySpace. The 25-year-old reality TV star is married to Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. Leave your thoughts on her rant in the comments section! Here’s Adrianne‘s post:

“This is gonna be hard guys. I LOVE the comedians on BET. I also LOVE the fact that they play my favorite show of all time, In Living Color. However, I do not believe in seperating ANY RACE in America. WE ARE AMERICANS! How dare we have Black History Month! In my eyes, the Native Americans deserve it MUCH more, seeing how we destroyed their ENTIRE SOCIETY. There are hardly any of them left! They also have been proven to have the WORST living conditions on their reservations. I want AN AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH. One where we learn about EVERY race, ALL OF OUR LEADERS, EVERYONE! I think by having a month dedicated to one race, and not one for any other, is RACIST. Every fund set up to only help people of one race is SICK and RACIST.

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Adiranne Curry Gets ROBBED!

Adrianne Curry, Cycle 1 winner of America’s Next Top Model, was robbed on Tuesday night! According to her blog, Adrianne, 25, had her car windows smashed into and navigation system stolen. Check it:

“So, I wake up this morning to get ready to go to the gym. I have a full plate today, and needed to unwind by pumping some iron beforehand. Then my doorbell rings. [Husband Christopher Knight of Brady Bunch fame] answered it, so I went on my merry little way getting dressed for the gym, and getting my stuff together so I could go straight from the gym to all my appointments later. I ran upstairs to grab a bottle of water and Chris followed me up. He gave me a BIG hug, told me how much he loved me, and that I needed to sit down. “WHAT???” I asked him. My car’s window had been smashed out, my navigation system stolen, and the possibility of other things missing is high. When I stepped outside to look at my car in my new home’s driveway, I was heartbroken! I get it, material things, yadda yadda yadda. However. I was raised to know the value of a dollar. I NEVER half *** work. I worked and work HARD for everything I have.

I feel violated. Chris always b****** at me for having weapons, wanting extra security, and not wanting to park my car outside of the garage. Now he’s learned. This crap happens all the time, everywhere. I have been robbed of my speakers from a car once, but it was at gunpoint, the speakers sucked…and my car and me came out just fine. (except for the speakers!) That felt better then having someone smash out my cars window so I can’t go anywhere I need to go today! Honestly, I am thinking about fixing my window, putting a bunch of valuables in my car, and sitting on my roof with some ball bearings and a wrist rocket! Anyone who can’t WORK to EARN something and decides to just ROB someone so they can have it are the most VILE scum to ever walk the planet. Talk about vain! These people think they are above anyone and everything, and deserve to have what is YOURS.

Needless to say, my entire day has been put on hold. I am stressing out because there are so many things I will be behind on, and my Grandma and my Mom are coming out to visit me this Saturday. At least there is a brightside to things. That navigation unit is from our friends at Avis rentacar. Avis changes the password on their units every 3 weeks. If you are not registered with them, you don’t get the password. Without the password, you have no navigation unit! Serves the worthless ****s right! I hope you scum bags enjoy your USELESS navigation system, and while your at it, shove it up your ***!

Well, the Police are here. I would have posted pics but I gotta jet and get this all taken care of.”