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Dan Reynolds Reveals the Text Message That Led to Reconciling With Wife Aja Volkman (Video)

Dan Reynolds is providing a glimpse into the text exchange that changed everything.

The Imagine Dragons vocalist shared a TikTok video on Thursday (March 11), in which he revealed the text message he got from wife Aja Volkman that helped to repair their relationship.

In the clip, he revealed that he and his wife “hadn’t talked in seven months” and he was “driving to the lawyer’s office to sign the divorce papers,” when he received a message from her “that turned my perspective upside down.”

“She said she didn’t need to own me to love me. She loved me without expectations.”

He said they then “ditched the lawyers and went to lunch.”

“It felt like the first date again. We called off the divorce,” he went on to say.

“Then this guy came around,” he added of son Valentine. The two are also parents to twin daughters, Gia James and Coco Rae, as well as daughter Arrow Eve.

“I wrote this song after I got that text,” he said, referring to the Imagine Dragons song “Follow You.”

“have you ever gotten a text that changed your life?” he captioned the post.

Late last year, he opened up about his medical diagnosis.


have you ever gotten a text that changed your life? #imaginedragons #followyou

♬ Follow You Teaser – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds' Daughter Tried to Turn Her Twin Sister Into Spider-Man (Video)

Dan Reynolds received a big surprise when he went upstairs to find one of his daughters covered in makeup as part of a failed makeover!

The 33-year-old singer, who is the frontman of Imagine Dragons, said that his three-year-old daughter Coco tried to turn her twin sister Gia into Spider-Man with some red lipstick.

“coco is obsessed with spider man. gia is obsessed with princesses. we came upstairs to find this little moment for the memory books. pretty sure gia wasn’t happy with cocos makeup skills,” Dan captioned the video.

When Dan asked Coco why she painted her sister, she said, “Because she looks pretty.” Gia did not agree though. She said, “I didn’t want it. It’s not pretty enough!”

Watch the adorable video below!

dan reynolds daughter paints her twin sister 01
dan reynolds daughter paints her twin sister 02
dan reynolds daughter paints her twin sister 03
dan reynolds daughter paints her twin sister 04
dan reynolds daughter paints her twin sister 05

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Re-Proposes to Wife Aja Volkman After Reconciling

Dan Reynolds re-proposed to his wife Aja Volkman after a tumultuous period that left them separated before getting back together.

“Well, the last two years have been transformative to say the least. I’ve never caused so much hurt or been so hurt by another human in my life. It took us a long time to really see each other. We weren’t reckless at all. In fact we were so careful that we didn’t do what we needed to do. We didn’t listen to who we were. We loved each other at the expense of everything. Two different backgrounds, and practically two different generations. It was a wild story that just kept getting more wild as time passed. We wrote love songs, and we got married,” Aja posted on her Instagram account.

She continued, “Then came children. We were both emotional and driven and also hard on ourselves. We went through a whirlwind of successes and failures and we held each other tight because it was scary. But we also suffocated each other. We didn’t know ourselves well enough to maintain the strength from within. And it all began to crumble. The world was harsh. There was so much love, but also criticism and ugliness. We weren’t prepared to be disliked or misunderstood. It hurt. We were distorted mirrors of each other. I missed the stage and he had too much of it. We fell apart.”

Aja then added, “Our oldest daughter was suffering. Her foundation fell away and all that she knew was destroyed. We hated ourselves. The night was long. 7 months long. Then one evening he came to my door. I looked at him timidly because of all that I had gone through. Endless days of hiding in my closet crying beneath my clothes. Deep soul searching accompanied by the darkest thoughts that would eventually turn to light. He stood there on my porch and all I could see was my most favorite person staring back at me. I understood it all. We didn’t need the words. We were both forgiven..but… I wouldn’t put my ring back on.”

About the reproposal, Aja added, Even when we decided to stay together. I just couldn’t go back to what we were. I told him that we would have to start again. He agreed. Tonight we put our kids to bed and began to clean up the mess of the day. I could see that he was nervous but I didn’t know why. He got on one knee and before he could open his mouth I began to cry. Loaded tears that held nearly 10 years of growth. The answer has always been yes. Even before we knew what that meant.”

In April of 2018, the couple announced their separation. In January of 2019, they announced they were back together.

Dan Reynolds & Wife Welcome Baby Boy Valentine - See His First Photo!

Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman have welcomed their fourth child!

“Born this morning on October 1st – ‬ ‪Valentine Reynolds‬,” Dan posted on Instagram. “The name Valentine means ‘strong.’ As today marks the 2nd anniversary of our most tragic day in Vegas, it now also represents the day that we celebrate the birth of new life. We are truly feeling #vegasstrong today‬.”

If you don’t know, two years ago, a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, killing dozens of innocent lives.

The couple also share twins Gia James and Coco Rae, 2, and big sister Arrow Eve, 7. Congrats to the couple on the wonderful new addition!

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds & Wife Aja Expecting Fourth Child 2 Months After Reconciliation

Imagine DragonsDan Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman are expanding their family!

The couple have announced they are expecting their fourth child together, just two months after they decided to reconcile.

“I’ve been on the road for a decade now. I’m looking to take a little bit of time off. I have three little girls, and well, I have one on the way,” the 31-year-old singer told Fox 5 during an appearance. “I actually haven’t told anybody that. There it is. The news is out. We just found out we’re having a boy [in] October.”

The couple share twins Gia James and Coco Rae, 2, amd big sister Arrow Eve, 6.

Back in April of 2018, Dan and his wife announced they were separating after seven years of marriage. Then, this past January, they announced they were reconciling.

dan reynolds wife expecting fourth child 01
dan reynolds wife expecting fourth child 02
dan reynolds wife expecting fourth child 03
dan reynolds wife expecting fourth child 04
dan reynolds wife expecting fourth child 05

Dan Reynolds & Wife Aja Volkman Couple Up for GLAAD Media Awards 2019

Dan Reynolds and wife Aja Volkman hit the blue carpet at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards on Thursday night (March 28) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

During the show, the 31-year-old Imagine Dragons frontman was joined on stage by The Good Place‘s Jameela Jamil as they presented an award together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Dan Reynolds

Other stars at the awards show included Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz, Star Trek: Discovery‘s Wilson Cruz, and The Walking Dead‘s Daniel Newman.

15+ pictures inside of the stars at the awards show…More Here! »

dan reynolds wife aja volkman couple up for glaad media awards 01
dan reynolds wife aja volkman couple up for glaad media awards 02
dan reynolds wife aja volkman couple up for glaad media awards 03
dan reynolds wife aja volkman couple up for glaad media awards 04
dan reynolds wife aja volkman couple up for glaad media awards 05

Dan Reynolds Surprised His Daughter with a Disneyland Trip & Her Reaction is Everything (Video)

Dan Reynolds gave his six-year-old daughter Arrow the ultimate surprise for a kid – a trip to Disneyland – and her reaction was adorable!

The 31-year-old Imagine Dragons singer picked his daughter up from school and didn’t tell her where they were going until they arrived.

When she saw the Disneyland signs, Arrow started to cry from happiness!

“picked arrow up from school yesterday and drove straight to @disneyland – she thought it was just a long drive home until she saw the #disneyland sign and this was her reaction. I can’t handle her little tender heart,” Dan captioned the video on his Instagram account.