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Alexander Skarsgard Steps Out With a Pal in New York City

Alexander Skarsgard is looking handsome in NYC!

The 40-year-old actor was spotted headed out and about on Monday (July 10) in New York City.

Alexander was joined by a friend as they headed about their day.

It was recently revealed that Alexander has a secret Instagram account and fans may have discovered it!

In an interview, Alexander admitted to having a non-traditional celebrity account, where he wasn’t looking for followers but wanted to share the beautiful things he saw.

The account fans discovered lined up with the places Alexander been recently and even featured a photo of him at the Met Gala!

Get all the deets on his account here!

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Is This Alexander Skarsgard's Secret Instagram Account?

It looks like fans have uncovered Alexander Skarsgard‘s secret, but public, Instagram account!

The 40-year-old actor recently opened up in Vanity Fair Italia about having an account on the social media app. He said he doesn’t use it to post photos of himself, rather of things he sees in the world.

The only photo that features Alex is one taken on the night of the 2017 Met Gala, in which he shows off the diamond Cartier brooch he wore on his tuxedo.

The other photos seem to line up with where Alex has been spotted recently, including Italy last month and an Elton John concert in Sweden this week.

“I have an Instagram account, but it is not a traditional celebrity account, I put a few things on it and I do not look for followers,” Alexander told Vanity Fair Italia (via “[Social media] numbers measure success for the Kardashians, not for an actor. An actor must keep a certain distance from the public. If you post fourteen selfies a day, if I tell you what I ate at breakfast, then why should you come see my movies? Too much personal information questions the credibility of the interpreter. Frankly, I do not really like the narcissistic aspect of social media. I love it when people photograph and share what they see, not when they only post photos in which they look good.”

Go follow Alex now at @RexDanger. “Danger is my maiden name,” he wrote in the bio.

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Celebrities Sing Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' in Amazing New Video - Watch Now!

It’s not every day we get to hear the Spice Girls‘ 1996 hit “Wannabe,” interpreted by some of your favorite actors!

Nicole Kidman, Millie Bobby Brown, Milo Ventimiglia, Alexander Skarsgard, James Franco, Riz Ahmed, Keri Russell, Claire Foy, Jodie Comer, Rupert Friend, Johnny Flynn, Sanaa Lathan, and Brit Marling all took part in the re-imagination of the song with the help of W magazine.

And in case you were wondering, Nicole admitted her favorite Spice Girl was Victoria Beckham and Alexander admitted his favorite was Baby Spice (Emma Bunton!)

Alexander Skarsgard Shares His Crazy Idea for 'Big Little Lies' Season 2

Alexander Skarsgard won’t be appearing in a second season of Big Little Lies if HBO picks up the show for more episodes, but he has an idea for the storyline!

SPOILER ALERT – The 40-year-old actor played the abusive husband of Nicole Kidman‘s character and he is killed at the end of the first season while trying to abuse his wife.

Alex shared his idea for season two with Variety‘s Remote Controlled podcast.

“Perry’s got a twin sister called Terry and she shows up and she’s pissed off that they all killed her brother,” Alex jokingly said. “So, it’s basically a badass revenge story about this six foot four woman named Terry who’s there to avenge the death of her brother.”

WOULD YOU WANT to watch a Big Little Lies season two with this idea?

Nicole Kidman Would Not Hesitate to Eat These Gross Bugs: 'I Could Go on Survivor'

Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Riz Ahmed, and Milo Ventimiglia are just some of the TV stars featured in W magazine’s August 2017 issue.

Here’s what they shared with the mag…

Milo, on his first kiss: “It was at my friend’s house. I think this beautiful girl, her name was Michelle. And I remember she walked up and just grabbed me, and pulled me in and kissed me. And I couldn’t leave the couch after that. I was shocked and terrified and in love and feeling something I’d never really felt before. And it was amazing and I wanted it again, but that was my friend Roger’s girl that he was kind of dating. Yeah, I think that one definitely put me on my ass. . . It lasted a long time, the memory of it. You don’t think about those things, and then the question is asked, and you’re right back there in that moment. It’s, Oh, man, I remember everything.”

Nicole, on being very adventurous with food: “I’m one of those people. I could go on Survivor and I wouldn’t be good at the climbing and all of the physical stuff, but I could eat anything. Just so you know. That’s my secret skill. Give me a cockroach, I’ll eat it! Spider, I’ll eat it! You name it, I’ve tried it. I’m adventurous.”

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