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13 Reasons Why's Brandon Flynn Gets Bloody For 'V' Mag

Alisha Boe and Tommy Dorfman lick the bloodied face of co-star Brandon Flynn in this new feature for V Magazine.

Here’s what the 13 Reasons Why star had to share with the mag:

Alisha on her favorite memory from filming: “My first day on set was with Katherine [Langford] and Miles [Heizer] doing our FML scenes. It’s probably my favorite memory because it was such a good introduction to filming 13 Reasons Why.”

Brandon on the importance of the story: “I think this story is ugly, and that makes people question it. But we live in an ugly story. What happens amongst these kids is something incredibly common at (I dare say) every high school. This is an important mirror we are holding up and not only for young people to look back at it, but for adults to reflect on as well. We have to know that the things we do can impact a lot of lives around us, and we have to do better things to impact people in better ways.”

Tommy on what he wants to see in season two: “I’d love to see what happens with the trial, Bryce’s fate, if Jessica gets justice, more about Tony and Ryan, and if Alex survives and how the school possibly learns from Hannah.”

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The '13 Reasons Why' Cast Presents Show of the Year at MTV Movie & TV Award 2017

The 13 Reasons Why cast yells the winner of Show of the Year winners at tonight’s 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards on stage in Los Angeles.

The entire cast hit the stage to present the Stranger Things cast with the golden popcorn award.

Hopefully, we’ll see 13 Reasons Why win it next year!

Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Tommy Dorfman, Brandon Flynn, Ross Butler, Sosie Bacon, Brandon Larracuente, Michele Selene Ang, Miles Heizer, Devin Druid, Justin Prentice, Ajiona Alexus, Hannah Payne and Steven Silver were all at the show tonight.

FYI: Katherine is wearing head-to-toe Givenchy with vintage Beladora earrings. Alisha is wearing Vivienne Westwood with Schutz shoes. Tommy wore a Vivienne Westwood look. Brandon wore YSL. Dylan wore Topman. Justin is wearing John Varvatos boots. Ross is wearing Aquatalia shoes. Brandon is wearing a Saint Laurent jacket.

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