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Amanda Kloots Reveals Why She Documented Nick Cordero's Coronavirus Battle

If you remember, Amanda Kloots documented her husband Nick Cordero‘s over 90 day hospital battle with Coronavirus before his tragic death on July 5.

She’s now explaining why she provided so many updates on his time in the hospital, including his leg needing to be amputated and how he wasn’t a candidate for a lung transplant later on in his stay.

Nick was sick and in our home for a good week, and I wasn’t saying anything,” Amanda told the New York Times. “And then when he went into the hospital, I thought it was important to share: My husband, who is 41 and has no pre-existing conditions, is now in the ICU after just being tired. Also, my business was online, and I was trying to make money for our family, and I thought if I don’t go public, I’ll be living a lie.”

“He was getting better,” Amanda added about his final days. “They were almost going to take him off the vent. And then he got a terrible infection in his lungs and his fever spiked, his blood pressure dropped, his heart stopped and he died for two minutes, and that was the start of the spiral down. It just felt like he could never catch a break.”

“But it was a different time, and Nick just got trapped,” she added. “I think it would be different if he went to the hospital now.”

Our continued thoughts are with Amanda and their one-year-old son Elvis.

Amanda Kloots Honors Late Husband Nick Cordero on What Would Have Been His 42nd Birthday

Amanda Kloots is thinking of her late love, Nick Cordero.

The wife of the late Broadway actor, who sadly died amid coronavirus complications at the age of 41 back in July, spoke out on what would have been his 42nd birthday on Thursday (September 17).

“My angel in heaven is celebrating his birthday today. Happy 42nd Birthday baby 🎊 I bet you’re having quite the celebration up there, probably singing to everyone. Elvis and I will be singing here on earth to you ❤️,” she wrote.

“These pics and videos were from our party last year at our friends home in Laurel Canyon. It could not have been a more perfect party for him. He was at his favorite bar with his favorite friends in Laurel Canyon, his dream come true. Right after he blew out his candles I remember him saying, ‘Come on! I’m so blessed!’ I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday 😘”

If you didn’t see, Amanda sings with Nick on a song that she finished for him after his death.

We are thinking of Nick‘s loved ones at this difficult time.

Amanda Kloots Pays Tribute To Husband Nick Cordero Before Public Memorial Stream: 'There Isn’t a Day I Haven’t Missed You'

Amanda Kloots is remembering her late husband Nick Cordero in a tribute on Instagram, posted just a few hours before his public memorial which is streaming tonight.

The 38-year-old fitness instructor wrote a touching message on her feed about Nick, who passed away in July from complications due to coronavirus at just 41.

“You’ve been gone two months today. There isn’t a day I haven’t missed you, cried for you and wished I could go back in time,” Amanda shared. “…There has been so much love going into making this memorial as special as Nick was. Thank you to any and all who gave their time and talent so graciously.”

The tribute for Nick will air TONIGHT, September 6 at 7/6c on

If you didn’t see, Amanda turned one of Nick‘s final songs into a duet by singing on it with him. Learn more here…

Amanda Kloots Sings with Nick Cordero on 'Not Far Away,' His Song That She Finished After His Death

After her late husband Nick Cordero‘s death, Amanda Kloots decided to finish his song “Not Far Away” and record it as a duet between them.

On her Instagram account, Amanda revealed that Nick started the song and wrote it about losing his father.

“I finished the lyrics and am singing about losing him. I recorded it last week, singing a duet with Nick for the first time,” Amanda said. “The process of writing, singing and recording Not Far Away has been incredibly therapeutic for me. Listening it to has made me feel closer to him, giving me a lot of comfort these last few days. I hope that if you’ve experienced loss it will help you too.”

Amanda released the song on Thursday (September 3), which would have been their third wedding anniversary.

“The song is playing in this video. Nick loves writing, recording and releasing music. He always got so nervous on the day ‘it was now available to download.’ I fully understand why now having released the song today. It’s your heart and soul for the world to hear. Please enjoy our duet, Not Far Way, now available for download,” Amanda captioned the below video on Instagram.

Listen to the song in the below video!

Amanda Kloots Helps Finish Song Late Husband Nick Cordero Previously Recorded

Amanda Kloots is lending her voice for a song previously recorded by her late husband Nick Cordero.

The 39-year-old fitness instructor revealed on Instagram earlier this week that she teamed up with music producer and composer Rickey Minor to help finish her late husband’s song titled “Not Far Away.”

“Tonight I got to work with musical legend Rickey Minor on a very special song, a Nick Cordero original,” Amanda started. “Rickey has been my great friend for years and I’ve watched him win Emmy’s, conduct the Oscars and work with every famous artist like Whitney Houston and Rhianna. Tonight, he said YES to working with me.”

“Nick wrote a song about his losing and missing his father, called Not Far Away. He posted it on Instagram, but only wrote one verse and chorus,” Amanda wrote. “Our friend Maddox had the idea for me to write the second verse and then sing a duet with Nick. Rickey and @lennywee helped me, added our voices together, mixed and arranged it, then added beautiful strings and chimes to create this new duet.”

“This was one special night… I got to sing with Nick!” Amanda concluded. “It was hard living up to my husbands vocals but I closed my eyes and pretended we were onstage singing this song together. I cried a lot, but Rickey guided me through it every step of the way. I’m so grateful that I’ll have this song always and that Elvis will too. Thank you so much @rickeyminor and @lennywee for taking the time tonight to make me feel like a rockstar.”

Nick passed away earlier this summer from coronavirus complications. Next month, a tribute concert will be held in honor of what would have been Nick‘s 42nd birthday.

Amanda Kloots Says Picking Up Nick Cordero's Ashes Was 'Beyond Surreal & Horrible'

Amanda Kloots is opening up about how the past few weeks have been “really hard” for her after the death of her husband Nick Cordero, who passed away at 41 from coronavirus complications.

The 39-year-old fitness instructor shared an emotional update with fans on Saturday (August 8) about what hows she’s been feeling lately.

“I’ve literally felt like I can’t even function. Where I’m just kind of in a fog and I don’t even know what I’m doing or what I’m saying,” Amanda shared on her Instagram Story. “Thank God for my brother and sister-in-law because they’ve rescued me and [1-year-old son] Elvis a lot.”

Amanda then detailed how she was feeling after picking up Nick‘s ashes.

“It was beyond surreal and horrible. But they’re in my possession and a good friend of mine said some beautiful advice: look at it as you have him with you now,” Amanda said. “Which is really a nice way of looking at it, which is true.”

Amanda shared some of the things that have helped her through this grieving process.

“The first thing is the friends and family support system is wonderful,” Amanda said. “You know, even people that just drop a text that say ‘thinking of you,’ or ‘love you,’ or ‘you’re not alone,’ or something.”

Amanda also recently said that taking up tennis has helped her mourn.

Something special is happening in honor of Nick Cordero‘s birthday next month.

Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Kloots Is Finding Tennis Is Helping Her Through Mourning

Amanda Kloots is finding healthy activities that are helping her mourn the loss of her husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero.

The 38-year-old fitness instructor opened up about what she’s doing following the tragic death of her husband, who passed away due to coronavirus complications at the age of 41.

“I just got home from my tennis lesson and I have to tell you, I am just loving it so much. I love that I get to leave the house, move my body, sweat, focus and think about something completely new and different. It’s really, really helping me,” she revealed to her followers on Instagram Story on Thursday (August 6).

“I had a really hard time lately — the last two weeks especially. These little things do seem to be helping here and there, and this new hobby is a great thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who is grieving or going through a loss to dive into something completely new,” she went on to say.

Something special is happening in honor of Nick Cordero‘s birthday.