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Did '365 DNI' Star Anna Maria Sieklucka Get Married? Here's The Truth Behind Those Wedding Photos On Instagram

Anna Maria Sieklucka shocked quite a few fans when she shared a handful of images on social media this week of her wearing a wedding dress – and getting married to her 365 DNI co-star Otar Saralidze!

But, don’t freak out just yet – Anna Maria and Otar did NOT get married in real life.

The two actors actually participated in a new project for Ania Żukowska and designer Marta Trojanowska, according to this report.

The project was coordinated in an effort to help the wedding industry during the coronavirus pandemic. The ladies organized four wedding sessions to photograph and promote to aid the industry.

“We wanted to do a session that would finally be alive! In which there will be emotions!” Anna Maria shared (in a quote that was translated). “Each artist was able to survive artistically, food on the tables were real, and the young couples will not pose alone.”

Each of the four weddings had a specific theme and over 70 people were involved in it.

You can see the photos on Anna Maria‘s Instagram now!

If you missed it, you can get some information on just who Anna Maria is actually dating here!

'365 DNI' Movie Ending Explained - Did Laura Die in the Tunnel? (Spoilers)

The new movie 365 DNI (365 Days) has been the number one movie on Netflix for most of this week and the film ends in cliffhanger moment that has fans wanting more.

So, what exactly happened in those final moments?

The rest of this post will contain spoilers, so beware of reading any further!

365 DNI follows a mafia boss named Massimo (Michele Morrone) who has a near-death experience and sees the image of a young woman named Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) while he’s close to dying. Years later, he runs into that woman by chance, kidnaps her, and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

To quickly fast forward to the end, yes, she does fall in love with him and they set a wedding date. We find out that Laura is pregnant, though Massimo still doesn’t know.

Click inside to find out what happens in the final moments of the movie… More Here! »

'365 DNI' on Netflix: Is There a Sequel in the Works?

The movie 365 DNI (365 Days) has been dominating the charts on Netflix and its has been the number one movie on the streaming service nearly all week. So, is another movie on the way?

The film is based on the first novel in a trilogy, which was written by author Blanka Lipińska. The second book is title Ten Dzien (This Day) and the third book is called Kolejne 365 DNI (Another 365 Days).

While the books are available in Polish, it does not appear that they have been released in English just yet.

A film adaptation of the sequel, Ten Dzien, has not yet been confirmed, but some reports say that producers have already begun working on the movie. Production is said to have been delayed due to the pandemic, but hopefully we’ll get an update soon!

With the success of the movie on Netflix, it seems like a sequel is definitely going to happen.

The film’s cinematographer has revealed how they made the erotic scenes look so real.

Get to Know Anna Maria Sieklucka, the Star of '365 DNI'!

Anna Maria Sieklucka is the newcomer who is winning over fans around the world with her performance as Laura in the new movie 365 DNI (365 Days).

While the movie was released in theaters around Europe earlier this year, the film just hit Netflix last week and it has become a global phenomenon in the days since.

Just like her character in the movie, the 28-year-old actress is from Poland. She was born in Lublin.

365 DNI marks Sieklucka‘s first major movie role and this is only the second credit on her IMDb page. She previously appeared in an episode of the television series Na dobre i na zle.

Before people start coming up with rumors that Anna Maria is dating her co-star Michele Morrone, take a look at what she posted on Instagram a couple months ago. She shared the below photo with a handsome man and captioned it “Jedno. Prywatne. I więcej nie będzie. Peace and love.” This roughly translates to, “One. Private. And there will be no more. Peace and love.” See the post below!

One of the filmmakers behind the movie 365 DNI has opened up about how they made the erotic scenes in the film look so real.

Click through the gallery to see some recent selfies that Anna Maria Sieklucka shared on Instagram…

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Here's How the '365 DNI' Sex Scenes Looked So Real

The new movie 365 DNI (translated to 365 Days in English) has been at the top of the charts on Netflix for the past week and it’s drawing comparisons to Fifty Shades of Grey due to the erotic scenes.

The movie follows a mafia boss named Massimo (Michele Morrone) who has a near-death experience and sees the image of a young woman (Anna Maria Sieklucka) while he’s close to dying. Years later, he runs into that woman by chance, kidnaps her, and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Bartek Cierlica, the film’s cinematographer, is opening up about how he filmed the sex scenes to make them look so real.

“Each sex scene in this movie is different,” he told Variety. “The relationship evolves. It starts with fear of the unknown and temptation. It evolves through pure sex with BDSM and ends with love. The main idea was to create the rising tension between the two heroes starting from their first meeting. We wanted the viewer to participate in playing the game that Laura tries to play with Massimo and discover her sexuality and sensuality with her.”

“We wanted the camera to be as much invisible as possible, to let them act, so indeed the takes were very, very long,” he added. “We created the most intimate atmosphere we could for the actors. We reduced the on-set crew to an absolute minimum. As it was handheld I was following their action, and trying to show their passion in a natural but beautiful way. We wanted this sex to be pretty authentic. We wanted the viewer to hear their whispers, heavy breaths and we wanted to show the sweat, passion. Be natural, authentic, but not to cross the border of pornography.”