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See The First Look of 'Don't Call Me Angel' Music Video With Ariana, Miley & Lana!

The very first look at Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey‘s Charlie’s Angels collab is here!

Ariana dropped the very first look at the music video for “Don’t Call Me Angel” for the upcoming movie.

The song will be out on Friday, September 13th and you can pre-save the song on Spotify now!

If you missed it, Lana opened up about the track in a recent interview, saying that it’s “really cute. It’s really cool…a spicy little track.”

Check out the first look below!

Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande Confirm 'Charlie's Angels' Song's Release Date!

We’re less than four days away from the release of “Don’t Call Me Angel,” the new song from Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey!

Ari and Miley both took to social media this morning to confirm that the song, which will be featured on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, will drop at midnight on Friday (September 13).

A pre-save link for Spotify has already been set up.

“The song’s really cute. It’s really cool,” Lana recently said in an interview. “When I first heard it, obviously I wasn’t on it. It was just Ariana‘s parts. They wanted me to write something, so I wrote like a… I kind of cut her verse into a halftime bridge, and just saying some stuff over her courses as well, and then Miley jumped on. So, it’s just really very spicy. A spicy little track.”

WATCH NOW: The trailer for Charlie’s Angels features first listen of “Don’t Call Me Angel”

Ariana Grande Is Single & Not Dating Social House's Mikey Foster

Frankie Grande is retracting what he said earlier – that his sister Ariana Grande is dating Social House’s Mikey Foster.

On the red carpet, Frankie revealed that he had been on a double date with Ariana and Mikey, but now, Frankie is posting a retraction to Twitter.

“My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single,” Frankie posted on his Twitter account.

If you don’t remember, Ariana Grande actually made a big proclamation about her dating life in 2019 and beyond back in January.

Ariana Grande's Rumored Romance with Mikey Foster Seemingly Confirmed By Her Brother!

UPDATE: Multiple sources are actually telling us Ariana is single! Frankie also just clarified his statements.

It seems like Ariana Grande‘s Social House‘s rumored romance with Mikey Foster has been confirmed by someone close to her – her older brother Frankie!

It all started when Frankie was on the red carpet and said he and his boyfriend Hale Leon went on a double date with Ariana and Mikey, all but confirming the romance.

“It was really fun,” Frankie told Us Weekly. “Game night! Board games! So fun.”

Frankie added, “I love Mikey. I think he’s a really sweet guy. So talented. So kind and so caring. He’s a great guy.”

Things started heating up for Mikey Foster and Ariana Grande after he co-starred in this music video.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Farrah Moan Accuses Ariana Grande of Stealing Her Look

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Farrah Moan is calling out Ariana Grande.

After news surfaced that the “No More Tears Left to Cry” singer is suing Forever 21 for allegedly using her likeness to promote their items, the 25-year-old drag star called out Ariana for doing the same.

Ariana should give me a cut of that 10M since her team literally sent a pic of me to the designer and paid them to copy my look from as4 [RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4]. (Finally met the designer and got told the Tea) I guess stealing from queer artists for profit is fine tho 🤷🏼‍♀️,” Farrah wrote.

“Last thing ima say on this; the main ppl at fault here are her team. If that queen didnt recreate it, they woulda found someone who would. When ur team makes a mistake, it falls on u. Idc what the lawsuit is really about, her legal team is accusing theft of likeness, image, w/e – But the point is her team also stole. U can attack me all day but it’s not gonna change anything. I can admit I was petty with that gif I posted& I’ll apologize for that but at the end of the day they did what they did. Idc about suing anyone, just needed to put this out there.”

See the tweets inside…

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Ariana Grande Sues Forever 21 For Using Her Image Without Permission

Ariana Grande is taking action against Forever 21, after using her likeness in many items to promote their items.

Reuters reports that the 26-year-old singer is using the brand who have been using her name and likeness without permission to sell new merchandise.

In the paperwork filed, Ariana claims that the brand, and the Riley Rose cosmetics company, used at least 30 unauthorized, Grande-related pictures and videos in its marketing campaign.

The items feature her name, music and likeness that can lead her fans to believe she supported the products. Ariana also claims the company used a model who looked “strikingly similar” to her and used music and lyrics from her hit Thank U, Next single “7 Rings.”

Ariana is seeking $10 million in damages for copyright and trademark infringement, false endorsement, and violating her right of publicity.