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Ash Makes Her Soulful Debut With 'Lover Friend' - Listen Now! (Premiere)

Ash is ready to make her big debut!

The 22-year-old Hawaii-born singer released her soulful song “Lover Friend” on Friday (June 8), which you can listen to exclusively on

Ash previously competed as a semi-finalist on American Idol‘s final season before the recent ABC reboot, and was also crowned Miss Hawaii at the age of 17.

“On the purest side of the Lover is one that embarks on a journey of healing their heart through loving it’s self unconditionally; that is you being your greatest friend,” Ash says of her debut.

“In this story I then go on meeting reflections of myself, and had loved each one. Innocent and confusing, it was all healing and the coming to learning that our friendship will always be the most magical connection that I’ve truly desired. To end, it comes full circle. How the song starts and who it started with is now and will always be that one eternal, Lover friend.”

Listen to “Lover Friend” below!