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VIDEO: Has Azealia Banks Been Sacrificing Chickens for Years?

Azealia Banks has allegedly been sacrificing chickens in her closet for three years and she took to Snapchat to share a video of herself cleaning out the gory mess.

In the clip, the 25-year-old rapper is seen in a closet covered in dried blood and feathers. While she never says in the clip that she has been sacrificing chickens, that is what is being alleged on social media.

“The amount of crap that is about to come off my floor right now guys, oh my god. Three years worth of brujeria. Yes, you know I got to scrape all this sh-t up. I got my sand-blaster and my googles. It’s about to go down,” Azealia says in the video.

“Real witches do real things,” she adds. In case you didn’t know, brujeria is the Spanish word for witchcraft.

Click inside to watch the video, but beware as it features sensitive material… More Here! »

Azealia Banks Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage

Azealia Banks just revealed that she has suffered a miscarriage.

“So I’ve just had a really major life event happen and I want to talk about it because this wouldn’t be an Azealia Banks page without loads of oversharing right? Anywho, I’ve just had a miscarriage and am pretty taken aback by it all and really confused and in shock and guilty and a bit depressed and like a failure and and very ashamed,” the 25-year-old rapper wrote on Facebook. “The self-loathing bit is a real struggle for me at the moment so share any words here They will be greatly appreciated.”

“I feel really stupid because I think I’m so big and bad an in control and In this situation I’m so powerless and when I first saw the embryo I felt this full spirit around me and was looking down at this little bean in horror/amazement and now I just can’t NOT have an awareness of this person and wont stop feeling like any and everything I’ve ever done in my life or want to do is pointless,” she added.

Our thoughts are with Azealia during this difficult time.

Russell Crowe Won't Be Charged in Azealia Banks Hotel Incident

Russell Crowe will not be charged after removing Azealia Banks from his Beverly Hills Hotel suite back in October. The district attorney said his actions were justified, TMZ reports.

It was reported at the time that Russell physically removed her from his hotel room after she made threats. Azealia also alleged that Russell made derogatory comments and choked her. It was later confirmed that Russell spit at Azealia during the incident.

The L.A. County D.A.’s Office interviewed people who witnessed the incident and they confirmed Azealia was hurling racial slurs and was aggressive. Russell was “justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks,” and the spitting was “incidental to preventing more serious threatened violence.”

Azealia Banks Is 'Proud as F-ck' of Donald Trump

Azealia Banks is thrilled that Donald Trump has won the presidential election.

“First off, I would like to apologize to Donald Trump for all the stupid jokes I made. (I was kidding). secondly, I would like to apologize for all the other times I was dumb enough to let the liberal media sway my opinion of you. Thirdly I’m f*cking proud as F*CK of you. One for being a gemini, two for being from NYC, three for winning the presidency and four for beating the media,” Azelia wrote on Instagram. “The last part is your biggest victory in my eyes and I must say that I am TRULY inspired by this and feel deep amounts of vindication. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not crazy (even though I fronted a few times) liberals run hollywood and it’s been a COLD WORLD OUT HERE FOR ME AS A TRUMP SUPPORTER 😹. Best of luck on everything and thanks again. Sincerely – AB #TRUMP2017″

Hillary Clinton had so much celebrity support in this election, while Donald Trump had a handful of endorsements.

Azealia Banks Tearfully Talks About Alleged Russell Crowe Assault (Video)

Azealia Banks broke down in tears while discussing her alleged assault by Russell Crowe in a new interview with Access Hollywood.

The 25-year-old rapper opened up about her side of the story of what happened when she was in hotel room with Russell and how her friend RZA didn’t defend her.

“Every time, every time something like this happens I’m always like being blamed for like wanting this kind of attention. Like who the f–k wants to tell somebody they got spat on? You know, that’s humiliating. And I’m just like really, really humiliated,” Azealia said.

Azealia says that Russell mocked her career during the six-hour dinner and that he choked her, picked her up, and threw her out of the room after she had an altercation with a woman at the party.

Azealia Banks Tells Her Side Of Alleged Russell Crowe Assault