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Clay Honeycutt on 'Big Brother' - Hottest Shirtless Pics So Far!

Big Brother‘s summer 2015 season is only a few days in and we already know that Clay Honeycutt is going to provide the best eye candy this year!

In just the first few days of the live feed, the 23-year-old Texas native has treated us to plenty of shirtless action and we’ve gathered all the hottest screencaps so far.

Clay is a former college football player for Texas A&M University and he is currently getting his masters in sports management at the same school.

“Aside from sports, I enjoy hunting and fishing immensely. I love the outdoors and the hill-country in Texas. It’s not really an activity but spending time with my family is always great to do,” Clay said in his bio about his favorite activities.

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'Big Brother' 2015 Gets First Celeb Surprise for BB Takeover!


The first big twist in the Big Brother game was announced on Thursday (June 25) as part of this season’s #BBTakeover.

Phil Keoghen, the host of The Amazing Race, made a surprise appearance on the stage during the second part of the season premiere to announce who the 15th and 16th contestants in the game are.

It was previously revealed that there would be only 14 contestants this season, but most fans had a feeling that someone else would be entering the game. They were right!

Make sure to read up on the other twists revealed on the show last night.

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Watch Audrey Middleton Tell Houseguests She's the First-Ever Transgender Contestant on 'Big Brother' (Video)

Big Brother‘s first transgender houseguest Audrey Middleton introduces herself to the rest of the house in this clip from the premiere!

“My name’s Audrey, I’m 25, I’m from a little charming town outside Atlanta…and something interesting about me is that I’m the first transgender person to be on Big Brother,” the 25-year-old digital media consultant said. “This is technically my first time admitting it in a public forum. Hello world!”

She added, “I completely transitioned about three years ago.”

After receiving a warm response, Audrey said in the diary room, “I’ve said my peace and everyone seems super cool.”

Watch Audrey‘s introduction below (around the 17:30 mark)!

Audrey Middleton Introduces Herself on BB17

Who is Audrey Middleton? Get to Know Big Brother's First-Ever Transgender Houseguest!

The season 17 premiere of Big Brother may have been filled with some major twists, but the most memorable moment was when we got to meet the first-ever transgender houseguest!

Her name is Audrey Middleton, she’s 25, and she’s a digital media consultant from Villa Rica, Georgia.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Audrey Middleton

“I think there’s a chance I could be a misunderstood hero,” Audrey told BB alum Jeff Schroeder during her pre-season interview. “But I’m going to be a hero.”

So what else do we know about her? Check out 5 more facts below!

1. She’s a big fan of the show.
“I’m a superfan. I’ve seen every season and every episode.”

2. She loves to take selfies.
“Basically, [my job is] a glamourous title for…I update the Facebook page and the social media. Even more simpler terms, I kind of sit on my Facebook all day and take selfies.”

3. She loves astrology
“I have some nerdy hobbies. One being I have taken a huge interest in astrology. I love to talk to my friends about the things that I’ve learned and drawing their charts for them.”

4. Beyonce is her idol.
“I love to get dressed up and go out. I like to put a lot of effort into my appearance. Not in a superficial way, but it’s one of the most fun forms of self-expression for me. Fabulous hair, lashes, makeup, I’m the Beyoncé of my life story.”

5. She loves the outdoors
“When I’m not nerding out on the computer, I love doing things outdoors. Camping, hiking, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, swimming, and the list goes on. I live for adventure!”

In case you missed it, re-watch her pre-season interview below!

Audrey Middleton Big Brother Interview
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'Big Brother 17' Reveals Twin Twist & Battle of the Block Return

Tonight marked the highly-anticipated return of CBS reality show Big Brother – and two more twists were revealed!

Not only will there be the previously announced “BB Takeover” every week, but the “Battle of the Block” competition will be back!

In case you don’t remember, two Heads of Household will be crowned every week, in addition to four total nominees for eviction. Then, the four nominees will compete to keep themselves off the block and dethrone the person who nominated them.

As for the final twist, host Julie Chen announced the “Twin Twist,” which is a throwback to season five. One contestant in the house has an identical twin, who will switch in and out of the game. If the pair can last to week five, they both get to enter the house together.

Watch how the “Twin Twist” (then called “Project DNA”) played out in season five below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of this season’s three big twists on Big Brother?

Big Brother – Project DNA Twin Reveal

Julie Chen Tears Up While Talking About Big Brother's First Transgender Contestant (Video)

Julie Chen gets choked up as she mentions Big Brother contestant Audrey Middleton in this clip from Wednesday’s (June 17) episode of The Talk.

The 45-year-old TV host opened up about Audrey, 25, being the show’s first transgender houseguest, which you can watch below.

“We did not expect for you to know what you are about to see and hear until premiere night, but the story was linked to TMZ,” Julie says.

“From me personally, to anyone watching, I just want to say, I hope you watch with compassion and an open mind to learn something about a community that you may not be familiar with,” Julie concluded. “This is Audrey‘s story to tell and I’m looking forward to hearing it next week.”

In case you missed it, meet the rest of the houseguests and find out more about this season’s big twist!

Julie Chen Talks About Audrey Middleton on The Talk 6/17/15

Big Brother 2015's Big Twist Has Been Revealed!

The big twist for the upcoming season of Big Brother has been revealed… and it’s basically that you should expect a new twist every week!

Here is what CBS said in a press release: This summer’s “BB Takeover” twist will feature a surprise guest each week who will appear on the show to announce a new twist into the game. Expecting the unexpected will be taken to new heights as Houseguests attempt to stay in the game amid the ever-changing twists that shake up life inside the house on a weekly basis.

PHOTOS: Meet the 14 new contestants for Big Brother 17

A special guest will appear on each night of the two-night premiere and reveal twists that could affect the cast and viewers. Tune in next week!

The Big Brother house this year will be the biggest one yet, with 155 square feet of additional living space. It is being described as a modern steel beach house where the ground floor represents the sea and the top floor represents the sky.

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