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VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Votes on Election Day with Husband Bill

Hillary Clinton casts her vote on Election Day (November 8) at Douglas Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, New York.

The 69-year-old politician has been campaigning for president for over a year now, and arrived at the polls with her husband Bill to vote for herself bright and early!

Hillary is going up against Donald Trump for President and it looks like it may be a tight race! Be sure to get out and vote!

Watch the video below of Hillary Clinton casting her vote…

hillary clinton casts vote new york 01
hillary clinton casts vote new york 02
hillary clinton casts vote new york 03
hillary clinton casts vote new york 04
hillary clinton casts vote new york 05

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Does Mannequin Challenge with Jon Bon Jovi & Her Campaign Staff

Hillary Clinton had a little fun with her campaign staff on her airplane back to New York City by doing the Mannequin Challenge!

The whole team was in Raleigh, North Carolina for a concert event attended by Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga. The video features Jon, Bill Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and Clinton‘s top aide Huma Abedin.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hillary Clinton

The message of the video is to get out and vote! Be sure to vote today!

Chelsea Clinton & Ivanka Trump Attend Final Presidential Debate

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump arrive for the the third and final U.S. presidential debate at the Thomas & Mack Center on Wednesday (October 19) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The ladies stepped out to support their parents, candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, respectively.

Hillary‘s husband Bill Clinton was also in attendance, as were Donald‘s wife Melania and sons Donald Jr. and Eric.

Other notable people there included Rudy Guiliani, Ben Carson, Jesse Jackson, Mark Cuban, Ted Danson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Scott Baio.

45+ pcitures inside of all the attendees at the debate…More Here! »

chelsea clinton ivanka trump 2016 debate 01
chelsea clinton ivanka trump 2016 debate 02
chelsea clinton ivanka trump 2016 debate 03
chelsea clinton ivanka trump 2016 debate 04
chelsea clinton ivanka trump 2016 debate 05

Bill Clinton & Melania Trump Avoid Each Other at Final Presidential Debate, Clintons Fear Another Trump 'Stunt'

Former President Bill Clinton and Melania Trump did not shake hands before the Final Presidential Debate on Wednesday night (October 19) in Las Vegas.

The spouses of the presidential candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – have shaken hands and greeted each other at the past two debates.

According to the New York Times, Hillary‘s campaign was not impressed with Donald‘s plan to bring out three women who accused the former president of sexual assault and rape and force him to shake their hands during the previous debate on October 9.

The Commission of Presidential Debates intervened and did not allow the women to come in contact with Bill.

For tonight’s final debate, a new setup had the presidential candidates’ families enter the hall closer to their seats – without crossing paths – to avoid any potential confrontations or “dramatic stunts” from the Trump campaign.

When Hillary and Donald entered the stage for tonight’s debate, they walked straight to their podiums, without shaking hands.

Also pictured inside, Melania and Bill taking their seats before the debate.

bill melania arriving at debatemytext01mytext
bill melania arriving at debatemytext02mytext
bill melania arriving at debatemytext03mytext
bill melania arriving at debatemytext04mytext
bill melania arriving at debatemytext05mytext

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump's Families Step Out to Support at Debate

Melania Trump and Bill Clinton shake hands while in attendance at the town hall debate at Washington University on Sunday (October 9) in St Louis, Missouri.

Donald Trump‘s family – Melania and his kids Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric – as well as Hillary Clinton‘s family – husband Bill, daughter Chelsea, and son in law Mark Mezvinsky – stepped out to support the respective candidates.

If you missed it, here’s what Hillary had to say about Donald‘s leaked lewd audio during the debate.

The 2016 Presidential Election is set to take place on November 8. Be sure to get out and vote for your respective candidate!

hillary clinton donald trumps families support at debate 2016 01
hillary clinton donald trumps families support at debate 2016 02
hillary clinton donald trumps families support at debate 2016 03
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hillary clinton donald trumps families support at debate 2016 05

Donald Trump Slams Bill Clinton During Leaked Audio Question: 'His Was Far Worse'

Donald Trump took on Bill Clinton during his debate with Hillary Clinton on Sunday (October 9) ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election.

While Donald was discussing his lewd leaked audio and explaining himself, he brought up the former President.

“That was locker room talk, as I told you. That was locker room talk. I’m not proud of it. I am a person who has great respect for people, for my family, and the people of this country. And certainly, I’m not proud of it. But that was something that happened. If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse — mine are words, his was action. His was far worse — what he’s done to women, there’s never been anyone in the history of politics in this nation who has been so abusive to women so. So you could say anyway you want to say it, but Bill Clinton was abusive to women. Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously,” Donald said. “Four of them here tonight. One of the women who was a wonderful woman, 12 years old, was raped — at twelve. Her client — she represented, got him off. And she’s seen laughing on two separate occasions, laughing at the girl who was raped. Kathy Shelton, that young woman is here with us tonight…So don’t tell me about words. I am absolutely I apologize for those words. But it is things that people say. But what President Clinton did — he was impeached. He lost his license to practice law. He had to pay an $850,000 to one of the women, Paula Jones, who is also here tonight. And I will tell you that when Hillary brings up a point like that you talk about words that I said eleven years ago, I think it’s disgraceful. And I think you should be ashamed of herself, if you want to know the truth.”

Click inside for Hillary Clinton’s response…More Here! »

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Hillary Clinton's Campaign Responds to Donald Trump's Impromptu Press Conference

Hillary Clinton‘s campaign just responded to Donald Trump‘s impromptu press conference with Bill Clinton accusers just hours before the second debate.

“We’re not surprised to see Donald Trump continue his destructive race to the bottom. Hillary Clinton understands the opportunity in this town hall is to talk to voters on stage and in the audience about issues that matter to them,” campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri said.

You can watch the debate here, which starts in just a few minutes.

Read the entire statement below…