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Parenthood's Sam Jaeger & Erika Christensen Reunite in Bootstraps' New Music Video!

Sam Jaeger and his former Parenthood co-star Erika Christensen have reunited on screen in a new music video!

The 42-year-old actor, who most recently starred in the CBS All Access series Why Women Kill, directed the new “Whenever You’re Around” video for Bootstraps and he also stars in it alongside Erika.

Sam also recruited his Why Women Kill co-star Alexandra Daddario for the video!

“Working with Erika on Parenthood was one of the best experiences I’ve had as an actor, and this video felt like the perfect chance to reunite,” Sam told about the reunion. “Not only was Bootstraps’s music originally featured on Parenthood, but the song has such a nostalgic feel to it. We thought it was a great way to pay homage to that show and to say thanks to the fans who’ve kept it alive.”

Watch the new video now!