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Academy Reveals Why Cameron Boyce & Luke Perry Were Left Out of In Memoriam at Oscars 2020

The Academy is responding to backlash over the omission of Cameron Boyce and Luke Perry from the In Memoriam segment at the 2020 Oscars.

“The Academy receives hundreds of requests to include loved ones and industry colleagues in the Oscars In Memoriam segment,” The Academy said in a statement to E! News. “An executive committee representing every branch considers the list and makes selections for the telecast based on limited available time. All the submissions are included on and will remain on the site throughout the year. Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce are remembered in the gallery.”

See which actors and Hollywood industry professionals were included in the In Memoriam.

Cameron Boyce Foundation Announces Late Actor's Final Project: Wielding Peace

Cameron Boyce‘s final project was just announced.

Revealed through his namesake Cameron Boyce Foundation, and his parents Victor and Libby, the project will be called “Wielding Peace”.

In his own words, Cameron says that Wielding Peace is a “collection of images that feature people from all walks of life (celebrities, victims of gun violence, common supporters) wielding ‘guns.’ The catch is, the ‘guns’ that we’re using as props will be items that signify unity and peace.”

He added, via Refinery29, “Household items such as musical instruments, cameras, food, sporting equipment, beauty products, articles of clothing…anything that might inspire someone creatively as well as make a strong statement with the sentiment that we need to choose a different weapon.”

The project will see Cameron‘s BFFs and roommates Karan Brar and Sophie Reynolds as the ambassadors.

The Cameron Boyce Foundation provides “young people artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity and uses resources and philanthropy for positive change in the world.

Victor & Libby Boyce Say They Feel Like 'Life Is Backwards' Following Cameron Boyce's Passing

Cameron Boyce‘s parents – Victor and Libby Boyce – are opening up about life a month after their son’s unexpected death.

The two chatted with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America about the legacy of their son and explained how Cameron‘s epilepsy didn’t present until his mid-teens.

Cameron had his first seizure at 16, “and then until he had his second one, he wasn’t considered as having epilepsy, and that was when he was 17, going on 18,” Libby shared. “He only ever had five seizures, and the fifth one is what — is the one that he died from.”

Victor added that physicians tried to solve what was causing his seizures, too. However, nothing ever showed.

“They tried to induce him to seize with strobe and different methods. Never seized. And he only ever had seizures while he slept,” he says.

Victor added that he feels like life is just backwards right now.

“I’m not supposed to outlive my son. I’m not supposed to be undoing his estate,” he said, with Libby adding that it’s “heartbreaking.”

“It’s like my mind is like a video replay machine just replaying his birth, replaying his steps — his first steps, riding a bike — plays and shows,” Victor said.

Watch their full interview below:

Cameron Boyce's Parents Open Up About His Unexpected Passing In 'GMA' Interview

The parents of late actor Cameron Boyce, Victor and Libby Boyce, sat down for their first interview about their son with Good Morning America.

Speaking with Robin Roberts, Cameron‘s parents opened up about spending time with him just hours before his passing.

“The night he passed away, we were out to dinner with him just hours before,” Victor shared. “It was a completely normal, beautiful family night out to dinner.”

He added, “There was no indication that anything was wrong. I mean there was no way to know in hours my son would be dead. Like, it was just staggeringly crazy and horrible. And we were texting that night.”

Libby and Victor also shared that his epilepsy, which was determined to be the cause of his death, didn’t define him.

“It didn’t define him,” Victor shared. “He wasn’t scared. He never complained about anything.”

Libby added, “He loved life. This is, for me, the hardest thing. He was in a place where he was truly happy. I mean, Cameron was always happy. Never a negative thing came out of his mouth.”

You can see more of their interview on Good Morning America on Thursday, August 15th.

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'Descendants 3' End Credits Pays Tribute to Cameron Boyce - Watch Now

Descendants 3 paid tribute to its late star Cameron Boyce during the film’s ending credits.

In the final moments of the Disney Channel film, a two-minute video showed clips of Cameron throughout the years – from his days on Jessie to all three Descendants movies.

Cameron could be seen with co-star Debby Ryan, laughing with Michelle Obama and hugging director Kenny Ortega.

“Everything you are. Every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched. You mean everything to us,” the screen read during the tribute.

Earlier in the day, Dove Cameron also shared a touching tribute from the cast.

Watch the entire video tribute to Cameron Boyce below…

'Descendants' Stars Sent Texts to Cameron Boyce Today, Minutes Before Movie Premiere

Descendants 3 is airing on Disney Channel TONIGHT and minutes before the movie was set to premiere, the cast sent text messages to their late co-star Cameron Boyce.

Dove Cameron shared a screencap from her group text chain with Cameron, Sofia Carson, and Boo Boo Stewart.

“I love you so much,” Sofia and Dove both wrote. Boo Boo added, “I love you so much too.”

Dove recently told Seventeen how the group chat is still very active.

“It’s hard when there are no adequate words to express the pain we are all feeling, but the usual text is ‘love you.’ Or ‘are you eating?’ Or ‘how are we all today?’” she said. “I think something like this horrible loss makes you realize how important you are all to each other. I am grateful for my chosen family at a time like this.”

descendants cast text to cameron boyce 01
descendants cast text to cameron boyce 02
descendants cast text to cameron boyce 03
descendants cast text to cameron boyce 04
descendants cast text to cameron boyce 05

Dove Cameron & Kenny Ortega Reflect on Losing Cameron Boyce In GMA Interview

The cast of Descendants 3 are still mourning the loss of Cameron Boyce and it was evident in their interview with Good Morning America.

Dove Cameron, Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson and Kenny Ortega opened up about the light that Cameron, who passed away last month, brought to their own lives.

“If you could bottle up happiness, that was Cam,” Sofia shared. “He was pure happiness and pure joy, and I feel like none of us will ever be able to express exactly the kind of heart that Cameron was.”

Kenny adds of hearing of Cameron‘s passing: “This was as tough as it gets. I didn’t realize that I had as deep a place for pain to come from, that the shock and awe of this unfathomable idea of losing this beautiful soul, with such promise to this world, could possibly be real.”

Dove also spoke of keeping Cameron‘s memory and legacy alive through their fans.

“I think that as absolutely heartbreaking as this one is, it is a personal loss for so many young people who watch Disney,” Dove shared. “I truly think the best thing we can do for them is to remember Cameron exactly as he was in — in the most positive light — but not to avoid it.”

Descendants 3 premieres TOMORROW, August 2nd on Disney Channel.

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