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'Cats' Will Miss Deadlines for Golden Globes & More Awards

Don’t expect to see the cast of the movie Cats at the 2020 Golden Globes because the film is going to miss the eligibility deadline.

Indiewire reports that the movie will not be screened for awards voters until mid-December, which means it will miss the deadlines for several prestigious awards.

The final screening for the Golden Globes voters can be held on December 4. Other awards that the movie will miss including the SAG Awards, which close nominations on December 8, and the National Board of Review Awards, which announce their winners on December 3.

The New York Film Critics have even been told that they should not expect to see the movie before they vote on December 4.

Cats will be released in time for Oscars consideration, but the release date of December 20 won’t give voters that much time to see the film as voting for nominations closes on January 7.

Taylor Swift will be eligible for Best Original Song as she has co-written a new song for the movie with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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Taylor Swift Didn't Have to Audition for Her Role in 'Cats' Movie

Taylor Swift is opening up about her work in the upcoming movie musical Cats and how she previously met director Tom Hooper.

Tom also directed the movie Les Miserables and Taylor auditioned for the role of Eponine in that film.

“I had actually done screen tests for Les Miz and had met (Hooper) through that process, like 2012,” Taylor said in a new interview with Variety. “I didn’t get it, but it was such an amazing experience just doing the screen test. And I was obviously like, ‘I’m not going to get this,’ because the other girl was amazing and was on the West End — Samantha Barks; she’s incredible and she fully killed the role and was amazing. … I just had a good time doing the screen tests.”

Taylor didn’t have to audition this time around though. She said, “When I was approached this time, it was a straight-up offer.”

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Listen to Taylor Swift Sing New Song 'Beautiful Ghosts' for 'Cats'

News just broke that Taylor Swift has co-written a new song for the upcoming Cats movie and now the singer has released a preview of the song “Beautiful Ghosts.”

Universal Pictures dropped a featurette about the making of the song and it includes a clip of Taylor recording it in the studio.

“Beautiful Ghosts” will be performed by Francesca Hayward in the movie and Taylor has recorded her own version for the film’s end credits.

“When I first read the screenplay, the first thing I said was, ‘We have to have a song for Victoria,’” composer Andrew Lloyd Webber said. “Beautiful Ghosts [is now ] an incredibly important and central part of the whole film.”

“What I couldn’t believe was the extraordinary beauty of these lyrics that Taylor had written,” director Tom Hooper said. “It was as if someone had come into the film I was in the middle of making and … had reflected back to me a profound understanding of what we are trying to do with the movie. It was utterly thrilling.”

Taylor added, “You can’t write a modern lyric for Cats. So if you can’t get T.S. Eliot, get T.S… I’m here for you.”

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Rebel Wilson 'Loves' the Reaction to the 'Cats' Trailer

Rebel Wilson stars in the upcoming Cats movie, which has been the subject of some teasing and criticism after the premiere of its debut trailer.

The 39-year-old actress was asked about the backlash in an interview with Cosmopolitan – and she loves it!

“When the trailer came out, the response was pretty massive. There’s some people who were like ‘Oh my god’ because it is brand-new technology that’s CGI. I think people get confused because it’s essentially a dance movie in a lot of ways. So it really is all our own bodies. And yes, they’re covered in fur. I think some people found it a bit creepy ’cause we’re people but we look a bit like cats dancing around,” she explained.

“I loved the reaction. I think it was a bit polarizing and people will be super curious to see the finished product. What you got in that trailer was just some small samples of it, but it’s going to be such a big movie. And the cast is obviously incredible.”

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Idris Elba Reacts to How He Looked in Viral 'Cats' Trailer

Idris Elba plays the role of Macavity in the upcoming Tom Hooper Cats movie, and the trailer for the movie-musical was just recently released.

The trailer quickly went viral for how the cats look in the film.

Well, Idris Elba was asked about his feline appearance in the film during an interview!

“When you saw yourself as a CGI cat…clean shaven…what is your reaction to that?” ET Canada asked Idris.

“Rawwrrrr, that was my reaction,” Idris responded. “Movie making is incredible at the moment…The magic we can do.”

“I’m excited for people to see it!” he added.

Skip to 1:30 to watch Idris Elba talk about Cats. And be sure to check out the entire trailer for Cats!

'Cats' Movie Cast - See Side-By-Side Photos of Actors & Cats!

We finally have been given our first look at the Cats movie and now we know what the actors will look like as cats!

Ever since a film version of the classic Broadway musical was announced, fans have been wondering how director Tom Hooper would portray the cats on screen.

“We’ve used digital fur technology to create the most perfect covering of fur,” Tom has said.

Taylor Swift, James Corden, Idris Elba, and Jennifer Hudson lead the star-studded cast of actors and singers who are bringing the musical to life on the big screen.

Tom‘s pairing them with a level of technology which I don’t think has ever been used before,” James said. “These are people, but they’re cats, and this is kinda of blowing my mind. There is nothing else like it.

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