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Chris Evans Debuts Trailer For New (Fake) Biopic 'Dennis'!

Chris Evans is ready to score his very first Oscar… kind of.

While making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (March 3) in Los Angeles, the 35-year-old actor debuted the trailer for his new “gritty oscar caliber biopic where you really kind of lose yourself in the character,” simply titled Dennis!

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The hilarious fake trailer has Oscar bait written all over it, and has lots of overlays praising his performance.

Chris also talked to Jimmy about getting pranked by his parents on April Fools, his love for Tom Brady and The Patriots, and promoted his (real) brand new film Gifted.

Chris Evans Debuts Trailer for New Movie ‘DENNIS’

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These Stills of Chris Evans in 'Gifted' Prove He'd Be a Great Dad

Chris Evans is starring in the upcoming movie Gifted and we have a great gallery of exclusive photos from the film!

The 35-year-old actor plays a single man raising a child prodigy – his spirited young niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) – in a coastal town in Florida. Frank’s plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the seven-year-old’s mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank’s formidable mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) whose plans for her granddaughter threaten to separate Frank and Mary.

The photos of Chris and Mckenna interacting totally prove to us how Chris is going to make a great father one day when he decides to have kids!

Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate are also featured in the new stills. Gifted hits theaters in limited release on April 7 and everywhere April 21.

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Is Chris Evans Done Playing Captain America? He Speaks to Rumors

Chris Evans makes an appearance on The Ellen Show, airing on Monday (April 3).

While on the show, Ellen asked about the rumors that he may be stepping away from the role of Captain America.

Ellen asked if the Avengers films are going to be the last time he’s Captain America, and he replied, “My contract is up…that is the end of my contract.”

Later, ChrisGifted co-star Mckenna Grace came out to join him for the interview.

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Chris Evans Surprises Kids at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Chris Evans poses for a photo with a patient during a visit to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to close out the month-long fundraising campaign, Make March Matter, on Friday (March 31) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor was joined by his Gifted co-star Mckenna Grace to give the kids a special advanced screening of their film.

They also went room to room to spend time with the kids, sign movie posters, take photos, and hand out bracelets that Mckenna had handmade for patients.

The month-long Make March Matter initiative aligned the hospital with local businesses across Los Angeles and the Coachella Valley to rally community participation to support children’s health.

Chris is often making visits to children’s hospitals and has even visited kids while dressed as his Marvel character Captain America!

chris evans surprises kids childrens hospital

Chris Evans Has the Sweetest Things to Say About Ex Jenny Slate

Chris Evans only has nice things to say about his ex girlfriend Jenny Slate.

“She’s my favorite human. She’s the best. I’ve never ever ever met someone in my life who has a mastery of the English language the way she does. She’ll give you one sentence and there’s no fat to it. You’re like, ‘You just chose such an unbelievable collection of words that beautifully articulate what you say,’” Chris told People of his ex.

“It’s like an art form talking with her, because the visuals associated with her expression are just so colorful. She’s so vulnerable, so honest, so interested in other people more than herself, she’s incredibly compassionate, there’s just nothing to not love about her,” he continued.

If you missed it, Jenny spoke very candidly about her relationship with Chris earlier this month. Jenny and Chris met on the set of their film Gifted, and split earlier this year after about a year together.

Exes Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Reunite at 'Gifted' Press Event

Chris Evans attends a photo call for his upcoming film Gifted on Thursday (March 23) at the Four Season in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor was joined at the press event by his co-star and former girlfriend Jenny Slate – who looked pretty in a pale pink dress.

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Chris and Jenny split back in February after dating for less than a year.

recently opened up about their split where she said that she was worried that she wasn’t his type while fearing that their relationship was “an experiment.”

is set to hit theaters April 12.

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Jenny Slate Speaks Candidly About Chris Evans Relationship & Breakup

Jenny Slate spoke extensively about her relationship with Chris Evans and their subsequent breakup in the new issue of New York Magazine.

Here’s what the 34-year-old actress said about her time with the 35-year-old actor:

On the breakup: “We’re not on bad terms, but we haven’t really seen each other, spoken a lot. I think it’s probably best. I’d love to be his friend one day, but we threw down pretty hard. No regrets, though. Ever.”

On the beginning of their relationship: “To be quite honest, I didn’t think I was his type. Eventually, when it was like, Oh, you have these feelings for me?, I was looking around like, Is this a prank? I mean, I understand why I think I’m beautiful, but if you’ve had a certain lifestyle and I’m a very, very different type of person — I don’t want to be an experiment.”

On the last year dating Chris: “I don’t mind talking about him at all. He’s a lovely person. I don’t know. It feels like such a huge thing. Last year was a giant, big year for my heart. I’ve never, ever thought to keep anything private because that’s not really what I’m like, and now I’m learning those things, and they’re weird, kind of demented lessons to learn.”

On the first time they had dinner: “I remember him saying to me, ‘You’re going to be one of my closest friends.’ I was just like, ‘Man, I fucking hope this isn’t a lie, because I’m going to be devastated if this guy isn’t my friend.’[I told Chris we're splitting the bill and he didn't want to.] If you take away my preferences, you take away my freedom,…Then I was like, Oh, man, is this dude going to be like, ‘Ugh, this bra-burner.’ Instead, he was like, ‘Tell me more.’ ”