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Becca Kufrin & Rachel Lindsay Are Sending Clare Crawley A 'Bachelorette Bible'

Clare Crawley is getting a little gift from former Bachelorette stars Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin.

The 39-year-old reality star was a guest on the duo’s Bachelor Happy Hour podcast where they revealed to her that there’s a Bachelorette Bible that has been passed around through the recent title holders, expect Hannah Brown.

“I don’t know why we didn’t give it to [her],” Becca admitted, before realizing it had been in her mom’s basement for the past two years.

Becca shared that the “bible” is something that Rachel, Kaitlyn Bristowe and JoJo Fletcher made for her ahead of her own Bachelorette season.

“Right before you hopped on I did a little digging in a bunch of boxes in my apartment and I found the Bachelorette Bible that Rachel, Kaitlyn and JoJo made for me,” she shared. “I met them night one, before I met the guys and they gave me the Bachelorette Bible.”

She added, “They have some great things written in here. I think we need to add our own and write some more stuff in and then I’ll send it to you. This was so good to carry on and pass down.”

Clare will be starting to film her season of the show next month. Get the details about how it will be filmed here…

'Bachelorette' Clare Crawley Reveals She Was in an Abusive Relationship

Clare Crawley is getting candid about her love life.

The 39-year-old star of the upcoming season of The Bachelorette spoke out on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast on Tuesday (June 23).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Clare Crawley

During the podcast, she revealed that she wants the “man of my dreams to see the worst of me.”

“I had just gone through a really, really abusive relationship going into Juan Pablo‘s season,” she admitted.

“I want the man of my dreams to see the worst of me, to know the worst of me. Not to have maybe compassion or anything like that, but to maybe see it’s not always easy and confident and strong and empowered,” she continued.

“There’s a lot that I went through that I want them to know the hard, ugly, embarrassing struggles of my life to appreciate the woman that I am today, and I want a man to love me for that, and not just for the easy makeup and hair…anybody can love you for the easy fun times and the smiles and the laughs.”

“I want somebody to love me for all the hard stuff that I’ve been through. It’s been something that I’ve hidden for so many years, but until I’ve owned that part of my life and looked at the stuff I’ve been through as shame, but to look at it as my superpower, and these are the things that have made the woman that I am today.”

Click here to listen to the full episode.

Here’s how Clare‘s upcoming season is being described…

Clare Crawley's Upcoming 'Bachelorette' Season is Being Compared to 'Big Brother'

Clare Crawley is getting ready to film her upcoming season of The Bachelorette after production was stalled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Usually The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will film around the world with only the first few weeks taking place at the mansion in California.

Now, ABC is reportedly planning on staying in one location for the entire season due to the pandemic and some are comparing the upcoming season to Big Brother, which takes place in one house for the whole season.

The actual location where filming will happen has not yet been decided.

“The thinking right now is to quarantine the cast and crew in one specific location with no travel,” ABC president Karey Burke told THR. “And to use testing and some social distancing. They have a thoughtful plan they presented to the studio and the government that’s in the process of being vetted and approved. I’m hopeful, not certain — anyone who says they’re certain right now is not speaking the truth — barring a second spike or a second shutdown that we will be able to get these shows up and running.”

The producers of the show recently shared some insight into how they will film.

'The Bachelorette' Producers Reveal How Clare Crawley's Season Will Be Filming After Coronavirus

Producers have a plan about how things will be filmed for Clare Crawley‘s season of The Bachelorette.

Rob Mills, who oversees the Bachelor franchise, opened up in an interview with On Air With Ryan this week and revealed the plans that they’ve set in place to film amid a pandemic.

The first thing he explained was that everyone – contestant and crew – will be tested for coronavirus and then isolated before and during production.

The season is set to start shooting “in about a month,” he says, adding it will mostly be in one location.

“We’re going to be in one location and everyone will be tested the week before. Everyone who comes back negative, we shoot inside that bubble basically. Matt [James]‘s season, we’re hoping to start on time which would be the end of September and we’ll see where the world is,” Rob shared.

He went on, “Maybe there’s some travel, maybe it’s just domestic, maybe it’s by bus. We’ll see. If things aren’t that safe, we’ll shoot it the same way where everybody is safe, they’re tested, they’re quarantined and then you can having kissing and arguing and everything else.”

Rob also explained they previously had plans to go to Italy, however, everything will be taking place in Los Angeles for Clare.

“[Dates] won’t be at the Bachelor mansion. They’ll be at some sort of resort and we’ve scouted several of them,” he adds. “All of them have been scouted for good date locations and you know, it will not be as over the top as…we had incredible travel planned for Clare’s season, going to Italy, all these places that were going to be great. But they’ll be plenty of different date locations that will hopefully be as close to the Bachelorette as possible.”

Find out if Clare knew that Matt James, who was a formerly announced contestant for her own season, was going to be named The Bachelor.

Did Clare Crawley Know Her 'Bachelorette' Contestant Matt James Was Becoming 'The Bachelor'?

Clare Craweley is set to become Bachelor Nation’s next Bachelorette, but in an nontraditional move, ABC already announced who will be the next Bachelor: Matt James.

Matt was supposed to be a contestant on Clare‘s season, but instead, he will skip ahead to become the show’s next leading man.

Now, a source is speaking out that Clare did not know that Matt was going to be moving away from her season to be the focus of The Bachelor.

Clare didn’t know about Matt becoming the Bachelor until GMA announcement,” a source told Us Weekly. “Decisions are still being made when it comes to her cast.” The source added that Clare “wasn’t given any heads up.”

It looks like ABC wants to speed up the process to get The Bachelor up and running as soon as they can amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Clare Crawley's 'Bachelorette' Season Aims to Start Filming This Summer, Air in Fall

The Bachelorette season starring Clare Crawley was postponed amid the Coronavirus pandemic and now, we’re finding out when they may start filming.

ABC is eyeing a summer start for production, Variety reports. If production can happen in the summer, then the season could air in the fall.

The season will definitely look and feel different from other seasons. Usually, contestants would travel to foreign locations for dates in countries like Thailand, Greece, Australia, and more. Now, filming will take place in one location and contestants will be tested for the virus before effectively all quarantining together.

Bachelor in Paradise likely won’t continue, but is still up in the air. The franchise has put a hold on shows in the works including the Summer Games show and a show for seniors to find love.

On June 8, a new show – The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable – Ever! – will begin airing, showing the best moments from the franchise’s 18 year history.

If you missed it, Claire actually shaded one of the contestants who is supposed to compete on the season.

Clare Crawley Shades 'Bachelorette' Contestant Matt James, But Fans Are Defending Him

Clare Crawley appears to have an issue with one of her Bachelorette contestants, and the season hasn’t even started yet.

The 39-year-old hairstylist took to Twitter on Saturday (April 25) where she threw some shade at Matt James, who will be competing for her heart in the upcoming season, which has been postponed because of the health crisis.

“If you are doing interviews and creating Cameo accounts before you are even on my season… you are in it for the wrong reasons… #dontwasteyourtime,” Clare tweeted. Even though she didn’t call out Matt, 28, by name, fans were able to figure out who she was shading.

If you didn’t know, Matt is really good friends with Tyler Cameron, who starred on Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette and they’ve been quarantining together in Florida.

Earlier this week, Matt did an interview to promote a Fit-A-Thon live stream event that raised money for Operation Food Fight, which is providing meals for healthcare workers during the pandemic.

After Clare‘s tweet, fans responded back defending Matt.

“Simmer down,” one fan commented on Clare’s tweet. “He already has a fan base and uses his platform to promote his charity [ABC Food Tours]. Some people already have a life before the show, which he does.”

“Sounds like your [sic] scolding your son,” another wrote, while one fan suggested that “Matt is the only reason a lot of people care about your season.”

Despite the fan tweets, Clare didn’t hold back and sent out another tweet writing, “Respect the opportunity you’ve been given. Respect the rules. Respect me.”

This, once again, didn’t go over well with fans and they called out Clare again.

“These are unprecedented times and [Hannah, Tyler] and the whole quarantine Crew including Matt have been giving us love, laughter and HOPE!” another responded to her second tweet. “Perhaps ABC should recast your entire group of men. You are obviously following them on social media.”

Find out what Matt James recently said about meeting Clare Crawley soon here.