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Bachelor's Hannah Godwin, One of Colton's Final Two, Reacts to Last Night's Bombshell Episode

There’s one Bachelor contestant we saw almost none of during the Monday night (March 4) explosive episode…Hannah Godwin.

Hannah was automatically placed in the final two when contestant Cassie sent herself home. Hannah and Tayshia Adams are now the two left vying for Colton‘s heart.

Hannah issued a response to last night’s episode, where Colton told Cassie he was going to pick her in the end before she self-eliminated herself.

“well since we’re on the topic of fences… I’d jump a fence to not watch that episode again,” Hannah G. posted on her Instagram.

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These 'Bachelor' Women Tell All Photos Are Very Interesting for One Big Reason

Spoilers ahead from last night’s episode!

The Bachelor‘s Women Tell All is set to air tonight and we have every photo that ABC has released from the big night, which was pre-taped a few weeks ago.

The photos feature most of the women who participated in the show and were eliminated throughout the season by Colton Underwood.

The pics show fan favorites Caelynn and Hannah B., as well as many other contestants. One who is noticeably absent…Cassie. Cassie went home on last night’s episode in a very dramatic fashion. Usually on the “Women Tell All,” the final two women do not participate. However, fans would expect Cassie to make an appearance on the tell-all, since she was eliminated before the final two.

It is possible that Cassie shows up and ABC did not release photos of her.

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Did Colton Lose His Virginity in 'Bachelor' Fantasy Suites?

It’s fantasy suites time on The Bachelor!

finally addressed the major subject of the season: is he going to lose his virginity in the suites?

First up: Tayshia

Over dinner, Tayshia opens up to Colton that she also waited to have sex until she was married. She then goes on to share that her first-husband cheated on her and that it has been very difficult for her to open up with anyone else.

Colton promises to always be truthful with her if they were to end up together.

Colton then invited Tayshia into a fantasy suite where they were sipping on champagne and getting intimate before he closed the door.

The following morning, we find out that Colton and Tayshia just talked then entire night.

“We didn’t have the physical intimacy I wanted,” Tayshia said in her interview.

The following day, Colton spent time with Cassie where he said he wanted to lose his virginity to some that he loves – and that he could see himself getting intimate with Cassie.

“Cass is the one,” Colton says. “My heart is complete when I think of Cassie.”

However, things didn’t go the way Colton had hoped and Cassie ended up leaving after telling Colton that she didn’t feel the same way about him.

Colton then hopped the fence and viewers were left with a “TO BE CONTINUED” until next week’s two-night finale and presumably more with Hannah G.

'The Bachelor' 2019: Top 2 for Colton's Season Revealed!

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on The Bachelor!

Things got complicated for Colton Underwood on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor.

With just three women remaining, the group headed to Portugal for the highly anticipated overnight dates.

Before completing all three dates, Colton decided he knew which woman he wanted to end up with and told her about his feelings.

The contestant was conflicted about her own opinions and decided it would be best for her to go home.

Meanwhile, the two remaining women didn’t know about what was going on and continued to wait on Colton to make his final decision.

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Why Did Colton Underwood Jump the Fence? Answer Revealed!

We finally know why Colton jumped the fence on The Bachelor!

After weeks of teasing, the 27-year-old Bachelor hopped the fence and stormed off after Cassie decided to she needed to leave because she didn’t feel the same way about him that he does about her.

During their day date, Colton tells Cassie that her dad didn’t give him his blessing to marry her because he felt that they were moving too fast.

After telling Cassie, she got visibly upset and it changed her mind on everything. Her dad then came to visit her in Portugal he told her to really think about her feelings and if she could spend the rest of her life with Colton.

During their night date, Cassie told Colton how she feels and that she needs to leave.

Colton tried to convince her to stay – telling her how much he loves her and that he would do anything to be with her.

Despite talking to him, Cassie tells Colton that she can’t do this anymore and leaves.

After she left, a very upset Colton said he was “done,” threw off his mic, hopped the fence and disappeared into the dark – and the crew has no idea where he is.

Who Went Home on 'The Bachelor' 2019? Week 9 Spoilers!

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on The Bachelor!

Things took a dramatic turn during tonight’s episode of The Bachelor!

Bachelor Colton Underwood and the three remaining women headed to Portugal for their highly anticipated overnight dates.

Before completing all three dates, Colton decided he knew which woman he wanted to end up with and told her about his feelings.

Things weren’t as clear for the woman he chose and after sharing her conflicted thoughts, she decided to head home.

With Colton‘s winner going home, he decided he wanted to go home as well and jumped the fence to leave.

Two women remain who don’t know about everything that has gone down.

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