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Constance Wu Accused of Letting Pet Bunny Poop All Over NYC Apartment

Constance Wu is being accused of letting her pet bunny poop all over an apartment she rented in New York City.

The 37-year-old Fresh Off the Boat actress reportedly stayed in a $6.5 million penthouse apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood while filming her movie Hustlers for a few months.

Page Six reports that the owner of the apartment threatened to kick her out of the pad after the housekeeper reported rabbit poop “all over the place.”

Constance’s bunny totally destroyed the place, there was poop and pee everywhere, and the actress had done nothing to clean it up. The animal went all over the entrance way, the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom,” a source told the outlet.

Another source claims that there was even “poop in the bed.”

This report comes a week after Constance publicly expressed that she was upset her ABC series Fresh Off the Boat was renewed for another season.

We have reached out to Constance‘s rep for comment and will update if we hear back.

Would ABC Recast Constance Wu in 'Fresh Off the Boat' After Controversial Tweets? Network Responds

ABC will not be recasting Constance Wu in Fresh Off the Boat, despite the controversy surrounding her appearing to be displeased that the show was renewed.

“There’s been no thoughts of recasting Constance. We love what she does on the show, and we love the show,” Karey Burke, president of entertainment at ABC, said. “I did know that she had another opportunity that, had Fresh Off the Boat not gone forward, she would have pursued. But we never really considered not bringing the show back. It’s just too strong for us.”

“I’m going to choose to believe Constance’s most recent communication about the show that she’s happy to return and the cast and crew is happy to have her back,” Karey continued.

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Gemma Chan Clarifies That 'Liked' Tweet About Constance Wu Being 'Mean-Spirited'

Gemma Chan, who worked with Constance Wu on last summer’s smash hit film Crazy Rich Asians, “liked” a tweet from her personal Twitter account that said some unfavorable things about her former co-star.

The tweet (which has now been deleted) read, “Constance Wu’s conduct today comes as no surprise to anyone who has worked with her in recent years. She has a reputation for being rude, petty, mean-spirited, and ungrateful.”

Well, Gemma took to Twitter to clarify that she did not mean to “like” that tweet and it was a total accident.

“Just to clarify – it was an accidental ‘like’. Anyone looking for drama or beef, sorry to disappoint,” Gemma tweeted to her followers.

The “like” came right after Constance was forced to clarify some comments she made amid the renewal of her TV show Fresh Off the Boat.

Constance Wu Writes Lengthy Letter to Fans After 'Fresh Off the Boat' Tweets Cause Drama

Constance Wu is speaking out in a lengthy message to fans after her tweets about the renewal of Fresh Off the Boat caused tons of controversy.

The 37-year-old actress, who also starred in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, basically confirmed that her tweets were about the renewal of Fresh Off the Boat, but she still loves the show.

Constance was upset because the renewal of the series means she can’t participate in an upcoming project.

“I lore FOTB. I was temporarily upset yesterday riot be I hate the show but be its renewal meant I had to give up another project that I was really passionate about. So my dismayed social media replies were more about that other project and not about FOTB,” she wrote on Twitter on Saturday afternoon (May 11).

She added, “But I understand how that could feel interconnected and could get muddled. So here is me unmuddling it with my truth: FOTB is a great show that I’m proud of and that I enjoy. I’ve gotten to fully explore my character and I know her like the back of my hand.

“So playing Jessica is fun and easy and pleasant. I get to work with a kind and pleasant cast/crew. Which makes it all quite enjoyable—So obviously I don’t dislike doing a show that is fun and easy and pleasant. But in general, I’ve always sought artistic challenge over comfort and ease,” Constance continued. “I was disappointed in not being able to do that other project— Because that other project would have challenged me as an artist – that other project would have been really hard and not easy or pleasant at all. Sometimes even my closest friends are baffled at how I could value artistic challenges/difficulties over success/happiness. But I do. I know its weird.”

Click inside to read the rest of the letter… More Here! »

Gemma Chan 'Likes' Tweet Calling Constance Wu a 'Rude' Person

It seems there could be some tension between former Crazy Rich Asians co-stars Gemma Chan and Constance Wu.

Gemma “liked” a tweet on Twitter that called Constance a “rude” and “petty” person.

After Constance‘s rant on Twitter following the renewal of her ABC series Fresh Off the Boat, which she says was not actually about the show’s renewal, journalist Yashar Ali shared his thoughts on the actress.

Constance Wu’s conduct today comes as no surprise to anyone who has worked with her in recent years. She has a reputation for being rude, petty, mean-spirited, and ungrateful,” he wrote.

Gemma liked the tweet, but the tweet has since been deleted so it has disappeared from her liked posts. A screencap can be seen below.

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Constance Wu Apologizes For Angry Tweets, Expresses Gratitude For 'FOTB' Renewal

Constance Wu is apologizing after a series of upset tweets following Fresh Off The Boat‘s renewal.

The 37-year-old actress took to her Twitter to explain that she had been having a tough day and her messages were poorly timed with the renewal news.

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“Todays tweets were on the heels of rough day & were ill timed w/ the news of the show. Plz know, Im so grateful for FOTB renewal. I love the cast & crew. Im proud to be a part of it,” Constance wrote.

She continued, “For all the fans support, thank u & for all who support my casual use of the word f**k – thank u too 😘”

Check out Constance‘s tweets from earlier in the day.