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Cynthia Nixon Responds to Criticism After Announcing Run for Governor of New York

Cynthia Nixon is speaking out in her first in-person interview since revealing that she’s running for Governor of New York.

Here’s what the actress and activist had to say…

On the biggest issue for New Yorkers: “When I’m speaking to people in low-income communities of color, there are a number of issues that keep popping up: protecting undocumented people, the subways, and a whole host of things. But, by far, the number one issue that keeps coming up is the lack of affordable housing and the tyranny of landlords. Our government, particularly in New York state, is so owned by the real estate lobby. Our rent laws have been shredded.”

On her qualifications being questioned she’s a celebrity:Andrew Cuomo is a celebrity politician because he was Mario Cuomo’s son. He is in a political celebrity family, and I am in a theatrical celebrity family. He was also a celebrity when he ran. But I don’t know. To me, celebrity seems like a distraction. It seems to me that the thing that is happening in the city and the state and this country is this vast gap. We have so much wealth here. You know, the thing I said last night that the top one percent of New Yorkers earn 45 times what the other 99 percent earn combined. I mean that is a staggering statistic.”

On why being “unqualified” is actually a strength: “We talk a lot about outsiders, but sometimes a little naïveté is exactly what is needed. With a jaded system everybody says, ‘Yeah, well, that’s the way it is.’ You need somebody to come and say, ‘Why? Why is that the way it is?’ Don’t try to tell me that I don’t have a right to stand here and say, ‘I want to be Governor, because I think you’re doing a lousy job. Nobody is talking about the things that you’re not doing, so I am going to do it.’”

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Kim Cattrall Reveals What She Thinks of Cynthia Nixon's Governor Run

Kim Cattrall has been the subject of some drama in recent months with regards to the Sex and the City cast, and now she’s responding to a question about Cynthia Nixon running for Governor of New York.

If you don’t know, Kim has been feuding with former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker. Kim made it clear that she had no beef with Cynthia during the feud.

On Thursday (March 22), a fan asked Kim, “Kim, what do you think of Cynthia running?!” to which Kim responded, “I support & respect any former colleague’s right to make their own career choices.”

If you missed it, Cynthia‘s other Sex and the City co-star Kristin Davis also supported her run for Governor.

Cynthia Nixon Gets Stuck on NYC Subway En Route to Talk About the Subways

Cynthia Nixon speaks to a crowd at the Bethesda Healing Center on Tuesday afternoon (March 20) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

This is the Emmy-winning actress’ first public event since announcing that she is running for Governor of New York.

En route to the event, where she talked about fixing the NYC Subway system, Cynthia got delayed due to a train that went out of service.

“That thing when you’re headed to talk about fixing the subways and your train goes out of service. #CuomosMTA,” political consultant Rebecca Katz tweeted.

Cynthia told the crowd, “I got here just in the nick of time. I allowed an hour and a half for what should have been a 30 minute ride.”

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cynthia nixon gets stuck on nyc subway 02
cynthia nixon gets stuck on nyc subway 03
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Kristin Davis Supports 'Sex & the City' Co-Star Cynthia Nixon's Run for NY Governor!

Cynthia Nixon has the support of one of her Sex and the City co-stars in her run for Governor!

Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte alongside Cynthia‘s Miranda throughout the show’s run, is supporting her friend.

“I am so proud of @CynthiaNixon , no one cares more than she does about EVERY person getting a fair change and a good education. I know that she would be an excellent Governor!,” Kristin tweeted out after Cynthia announced the news that she would be running for Governor of New York.

See Kristin’s series of tweets below…

Cynthia Nixon Running for Governor of New York

Cynthia Nixon has officially unveiled her candidacy for Governor of New York.

After rumors began swirling that the 51-year-old Sex and the City actress was going to run for office, she confirmed the news on her Twitter account.

Cynthia Nixon is a lifelong New Yorker and progressive activist who is running for governor to fight for a better, more equal New York,” her candidacy page reads. “Cynthia hasn’t been bought and paid for by special interests and won’t be accepting any corporate contributions in this campaign. Instead our campaign will be powered by the people.”