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Dan Levy Left Sweet Note for Regina King After He Hosted 'SNL' Last Week!

Dan Levy is sending his love to Regina King!

After hosting Saturday Night Live last week, the 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek actor and co-creator left a super sweet message for the 50-year-old Oscar-winning actress, who is hosting the show this week.

“Regina! You got this! Much love, Dan” reads the Post-it note that Dan left for Regina on her dressing room mirror.

Regina shared a photo of the message on her Instagram Story, while adding, “Awww. You’re the best @instadanjlevy You crushed it! #snl”

Dan then shared Regina‘s post on his Story, adding, “Can’t wait to watch you know it out the park this weekend. @iamreginking!”

Regina King is hosting Saturday Night Live TONIGHT with musical guest Nathaniel Rateliff.

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Watch Dan Levy’s Funny M&M’s Commercial for Super Bowl 2021 (Video)

Dan Levy tries to apologize to Ms. Brown and Ms. Green in M&M’s 2021 Super Bowl Commercial.

The Schitt’s Creek star and recent SNL host joined many others in apologizing to people all while gifting them a pack of M&M’s to make up for their faults.

“I promise I will not eat any more of your friends,” he tells Ms. Green and Ms. Brown, who made their debut in a commercial together for the first time.

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However, it doesn’t seem Dan is being truthful about his promise, as Red screams and pounds on the window from Dan‘s car in the background.

Dan first teased the commercial just a few weeks ago, saying, “I think it’s such a hopeful little spot. It is funny and sweet, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Watch the full commercial below now!

Dan Levy & Aidy Bryant Highlight COVID-19 Safety Protocols During 'Saturday Night Live' Monologue - Watch Now!

Dan Levy is making his Saturday Night Live hosting debut!

The 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek actor and co-creator hosted the sketch show on Saturday (February 6).

During his opening monologue, Dan decided to show off the coronavirus safety protocols the show has put in place to keep the cast, crew, and audience members safe.

Dan left the stage to chat with an audience member, when safety guru Dorene (aka Aidy Bryant) came out to make sure Dan was six-feet away from the fan.

“When you wanna get chummy just pout a noodle in your tummy,” Dorene said while holding up a pool noodle between Dan and the audience member to measure the distance.

Dan then went to give a tour of Studio 8H, which includes anti-viral mist, socially-distanced dressing rooms, and staff members in hazmat suits.

Dan then bumped into his dad Eugene Levy, who was locked in a box, since he took a flight from Los Angeles to New York City to watch his son host the show.

“I flew in to wish you luck tonight but because I traveled, I’m in this isolation box,” the 74-year-old actor said.

Eugene then asked a staff member to move the box so he could get a better view of his son on stage.

Before the episode, Dan‘s mom (and Eugene‘s wife) sent out a message to all of Dan‘s childhood bullies.

Dan Levy's Mom Calls Out His Childhood Bullies Ahead of His 'SNL' Hosting Debut

Moms are the best!

Hours ahead of Dan Levy‘s debut as host of Saturday Night Live, his mom Deborah Divine took to Twitter on Saturday (February 6) to share a message to all of his childhood bullies.

“This goes out to the bully punks at Camp WTF who made life miserable for a certain cabin-mate back in the the summer of ‘96 – just because he was different. Well, after all these years I have just 7 words to say to you: ‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!’” Deb tweeted.

The 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek actor and co-creator retweeted his mom’s message while adding “Moms” and the red heart emoji.

If you didn’t know, Deborah has been married to Dan‘s dad Eugene Levy since 1977. They are also parents to daughter Sarah Levy, who appeared as Twyla on Schitt’s Creek.

Make sure you tune in to watch Dan Levy host SNL tonight with musical guest Phoebe Bridgers!

Dan Levy & Phoebe Bridgers Tease Their Upcoming Episode of 'Saturday Night Live' - Watch Now!

Dan Levy and Phoebe Bridgers are ready to take on Saturday Night Live!

The sketch show released two new promos for this week’s episode, which the 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek actor will be hosting while the 26-year-old singer will be performing as the musical guest.

Joining Dan and Phoebe in the promos was SNL cast member Aidy Bryant.

“Hi I’m Dan Levy and I’m hosting SNL with Phoebe Bridgers!” Dan starts.

Aidy then chimes in, “Yeah, and this one better be funny guys. Dan, I want to see big commitment out of you. And Phoebe, I expect your songs to be hilarious – Weird Al level.”

“They’re not,” Dan responds as Aidy yells, “Then what the hell are we going to do?!” before running off camera.

In another promo, Dan asks Phoebe to write a song about him, since they’ve become close during rehearsals this week.

“I think I’m good,” Phoebe responds to a disappointed Dan before Aidy says that she will write one about him – but it’s just her singing a quick tune.

Also this weekend, Dan will also be appearing in this company’s Super Bowl commercial.

Make sure you to catch SNL with Dan Levy hosting and Phoebe Bridgers performing this Saturday night (February 6) on NBC!

Dan Levy Teases M&M's Super Bowl 2021 Commercial!

Dan Levy will be starring in his first Super Bowl commercial!

The 37-year-old Schitt’s Creek actor will be appearing in M&M’s new commercial set to air during the 2021 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 7).

“I’ve always really admired the M&M’s commercials. They’ve always been self-aware and funny and bright,” Dan shared with People. “I was walked through what this spot would be and I was in, I was hooked. It’s a very rare opportunity that you read something and you’re like, ‘I have no hesitation, reservation—thank you very much, the answer is yes.’”

Dan couldn’t share any plot details about the commercial, but M&M’s did release a trailer, which hints at a gender reveal gathering gone wrong.

“The goal of the spot is just about connecting people and finding ways to bring people together, especially coming out of a pretty strange and tumultuous year,” Dan teased. “I think it’s such a hopeful little spot. It is funny and sweet, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

It was recently revealed that this company will not be releasing a Super Bowl commercial this year for the first time in 37 years.

John Krasinski, Dan Levy & Regina King to Host First 'SNL' Episodes of 2021!

There are some amazing names attached to the upcoming episodes of Saturday Night Live!

John Krasinski, Dan Levy and Regina King will all host the first episodes of 2021 of the long-running sketch comedy series, NBC announced Friday (January 22).

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John will host on January 30, with musical guest Machine Gun Kelly. Dan will host on February 6, with musical guest Phoebe Bridgers. And Regina will host on February 13, with musical guest Nathaniel Rateliff.

Just before the New Year, Kristen Wiig brought the laughs to the show, reprising some of her fan-favorite characters for a few sketches as a guest host. She even reprised her character of Sue – the woman who absolutely LOVES surprises, but has an extremely hard time not spilling the beans.

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