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Chris Pine: Hike with Dane Cook!

Chris Pine goes on a hike through Runyon Canyon on Wednesday (June 22) with pal Dane Cook in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actor has been friends with Dane for quite some time now – check out this picture from Twitter of Dane and Chris at the VMAs!

Earlier in the month, Chris sported a scruffy beard as he checked out the premiere of Super 8 with his Star Trek director, J.J. Abrams!

Chris will hit the big screen in several projects next year, including This Means War, Welcome to People, and Rise of the Guardians, where he’ll voice a character.

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Dane Cook Finds Missing Dog Thanks to Twitter

Christina Aguilera: Lakers Win!

Christina Aguilera sings an encore performance of the National Anthem before Game Seven of the 2010 NBA Finals at Staples Center between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday (June 17) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Bionic singer wore a Herve Leger dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

The Lakers won the deciding game with a score of 83-79.

Hollywood came out in droves for the exciting event. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Seacrest, Ellen Pompeo, Maria Menounos (Go Celtics!), Courteney Cox and Kim Kardashian were among the celebs at the event.

Christina Aguilera – National Anthem at NBA Finals Game Seven

50+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera singing the National Anthem with tons of celebrities cheering on the NBA finals… More Here! »

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Dane Cook to Vanessa Hudgens: Keep Your Clothes On!

Dane Cook presents the Choice Hottie Awards to Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

Before handing off the surfboards, the 37-year-old comedian made a wise crack about the second round of Vanessa Hudgens nude photos that hit the Internet earlier this week.

Dane joked, “Vanessa Hudgens! Girl you got to keep your clothes on!”

In support of Vanessa, the audience booed and hissed at Dane.

Not sure if the joke will make the cut but the TCAs will air TOMORROW, August 10 @ 8-10PM ET/PT on FOX.

Dane Cook: 10 Reason Why I Hate My Movie's Poster

Comedian/actor Dane Cook hates his latest movie’s poster and he’s not ashamed to admit it! Here’s are the top ten complaints he has with it, just posted on his MySpace blog:

“Dear Diary, Before the downpour let me just say that my new movie, My Best Friends Girl, is the best / funniest film I’ve done yet. It’s got a terrific cast. Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin, Jason Biggs, and myself [sic] really kicked the funny around. This movie showcases our talents accordingly as it expands on them. It’s a fun R-rated flick. An edgy comedy with a dash of romance.

That being said, let me address the fact that although I’m not a marketing major, I have a bit of a trusted reputation after 18 years self-promoting. I’d like to inform you I had no say in this marketing campaign, but if I did, things would be different since it is obvious that this poster is boring / odd and has zero to do with the movie I performed in. Here are a few things that truly blow about my upcoming movie poster to promote the release of the film opening on September 19th:

1. Graphics: Whoever photoshopped our poster must have done so at taser point with 3 minutes to fulfill their hostage takers deranged obligations. They should have called Donnie Hoyle and had him give a tutorial using “You Suck at Photoshop” templates. This is so glossy it makes Entertainment Weekly look wooden.

2. My head: The left side of my face seems to be melting off of my skull. I guess I am looking directly into the Ark of the Covenant? Are they going for the bells palsy thing here? My left side looks like Brittany Spears’ [sic] (VJJ).

3. The Stare: My character apparently has fallen in love with a strand of Kate Hudson‘s hair. Kate‘s mannequin is desperately in love with the inside of my right ear while Jason is half-stunned, half-corsage.

4. Lips: It looks like I’m wearing Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds Liquid Lipstick. My character’s name is now Winter Solstice and I’m a hooker with a heart of gold. Jason is my floral carrying pimp, while Kate is my first trick!

5. Fashion: My character is sporting a very high collar I mean damn they should be snow capped at that altitude. It’s going for the vampire lurking in the castle basement vibe. An Olympic pole vaulter would have a tough go clearing that collar. I’m also able to turn my head comfortably 180 degrees, because I was raised in an abandoned barn by a family of owls.

6. Flesh: It’s no secret that I’m more rugged facially due to a drunken visit by the teen acne fairy, but according to this poster I’ve got perfect porcelain flesh. I look like the f—in’ bathroom floor at Caesars Palace. One of Marie Osmond’s dolls would look at me and say “s— … that guys got flawless skin!”

7. Hair: It’s actually a close up shot of Tom Selleck‘s Magnum P.I. mustache they photo-slapped on my noggin’.

8. The set: Pick one. This entire film takes place:

A. on Gattaca
B. at the Fortress of Solitude
C. inside a crystal wind chime

9. The cast: Alec Baldwin is so f—ing funny in this movie! Is he on the poster? I think so. He plays the wise talking plant Jason is clutching.

10. Final thoughts: I set out to make a movie like the contemporary men and women, that you and I respect, are making. My generation of comedians, actors, directors and producers that I wish to collaborate with as I build a solid body of work.

Granted, one poster stinking up the joint isn’t the end of the world. Yet it sends the wrong message about our movie and I just wanted you to know, that I feel the pain. I really love the film and I know from past missteps marketing wise that the wrong poster sends the wrong audience into the theater.

Thanks again for all of your support. If you have not seen the red band trailer (which is excellent and represents the flick accordingly) click on the link at the top of this page.

PS – “Its funny what love can make you do.” I just threw up all over this awful poster. Wow, wait … it looks better.

Hey … I love my new movie. Jeez … it IS funny what love can make you do.”