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Summer Glau is Young Hollywood

Terminator cutie Summer Glau and her hot boyfriend Daniel Wisler attend Hollywood Life magazine’s 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards at Avalon on Sunday in Hollywood. Costar Thomas Dekker (pictured below) was not far behind.

On the red carpet, both Summer and Thomas have a lot to share with EW about The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Glau said: “I hope they make sure to keep the action level high. I really enjoy it and I feel very comfortable jumping around and kicking butt. I don’t want to see it become — and I think the fans would agree — some sappy, depressing drama. I think we are safe, but I figured I’d put that out there. I feel like our storylines were just starting to really come together when the strike happened, and it is going to be hard to get fans back [on board] and to attract new fans. We were really building toward something, and then Bam, we had to stop. At least we had an episode filmed that was meant to be a middle episode, but it worked as a finale. So we didn’t leave people hanging in a bad spot, but you lose momentum and a level of comfort and it will be like starting all over again.”

Dekker said: “We are going back to shoot in June. It is a very complicated show with lots of effects and stunts, so it takes a while to do each episode. And, of course, we are hoping that once we do those 13 they will keep us on to finish out a whole season. [My character John Connor] undergoes a lot of changes in the coming episodes and season. It was intentional. Anyone who was afraid that my John was a little too weak will be pleasantly surprised in the second season. It was always the plan that I would go through a transformation and become a bad ass. I have to prove I am not a wimp and it’s going to be fun. We wanted it to start small and then make audiences go, ‘Oh s—.’”

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