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Does Ellen DeGeneres Want Out of Her Talk Show?

Rumors are swirling that Ellen DeGeneres may want out of her talk show amid all the rumors about the treatment of staff behind the scenes.

Now, a source is speaking out about the situation.

“She is pissed that people have come forward to share these negative stories about her and feels betrayed,” the insider told Us Weekly about the 62-year-old talk show host.

“She knows she can be tough at times,” the insider added, “but believes she works hard and is extremely creative and that it’s a privilege to work for her and be around her.”

Because of all of this, she apparently “wants out of the show.”

Ellen‘s big producer Andy Lassner spoke out about these rumors directly.

James Corden Is 'In Line' to Replace Ellen DeGeneres (Report)

James Corden could be the next in line to replace Ellen DeGeneres amid reports that she might be stepping away from her talk show in the wake of ongoing backlash and behind-the-scenes controversy.

The Late Late Show host is “in line” to replace the Ellen DeGeneres Show host, according to The Sun on Sunday (August 2).

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The outlet reported that James “could be the shock winner after dozens of employees accused the $50 million-a-year presenter of turning a blind eye to racism, bullying and sexual harassment on her hit daytime show,” and according to their alleged inside sources, James has been seen as a “long term successor” for a while.

That said, one of the executive producers on the Ellen show recently spoke out amid the allegations Ellen DeGeneres was quitting her show. Here’s what he said…

'Ellen' Producer Responds to Claims She's Quitting the Show

Andy Lassner, one of the executive producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is responding to reports that Ellen is ready to quit her talk show.

Amid all of the allegations that have surfaced about a toxic work environment at the show, there have been rumors that Ellen‘s show is going to be canceled or that she might not want to do it anymore.

Andy took to Twitter on Thursday (July 30) and shared the following meme: “Me: I really think 2020 is gonna turn around and start getting better. 2020: Lol, I’m gonna make your bed the epicenter.”

A fan replied to the tweet and said, “I seriously wish you well. If the Ellen show goes off the air due to all these allegations (I, personally, have stopped watching), I hope you find employment quickly.”

Andy replied and said, “Nobody is going off the air.”

See which celeb is defending Ellen amid all of the controversy.

Lea Thompson Speaks Up About The Claims of Ellen DeGeneres' Mistreatment of Guests: 'True Story'

Lea Thompson is weighing in on the report that Ellen DeGeneres had been mistreating her guests that came onto her show.

Earlier in the day, Brad Garrett, who had appeared on the talk show six times, tweeted that the mistreatment is “common knowledge”.

“Sorry but it comes from the top ⁦@TheEllenShow Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowledge,” Brad posted after Ellen wrote a letter apologizing to her staff about the toxic environment on the set that was exposed during the recent weeks.

After seeing Brad‘s tweet, Lea weighed in on the matter, saying “True story. It is”, referring to the common knowledge among actors and entertainers.

Ellen‘s letter to staff members read as an apology and ensured that change would come.

“To think that any one of you felt that way is awful to me,” Ellen stated. “It’s been way too long, but we’re finally having conversations about fairness and justice. We all have to be more mindful about the way our words and actions affect others, and I’m glad the issues at our show were brought to my attention. I promise to do my part in continuing to push myself and everyone around me to learn and grow. It’s important to me and to Warner Bros. that everyone who has something to say can speak up and feels safe doing so.”

After the allegations were made, WarnerMedia launched an investigation into what is happening at the show.

Brad Garrett on Ellen DeGeneres: It's 'Common Knowledge' That She's Treated People 'Horribly'

Everybody Loves Raymond actor Brad Garrett is speaking out amid the allegations surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and the “toxic” work culture at her talk show.

A lengthy report was released earlier this month that detailed the toxic workplace environment and it led to WarnerMedia launching an investigation into what was happening behind the scenes.

Ellen then wrote a letter to staff members to apologize and ensure change would come. Hours later, another report was released after dozens of former employees spoke out with allegations of sexual misconduct from the show’s top producers.

Now, Brad is calling out Ellen and says he knows several people who were treated “horribly” by her.

“Sorry but it comes from the top ⁦@TheEllenShow Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowledge,” he tweeted.

Amid everything going on, there’s also a celeb who is defending Ellen.

Scooter Braun Defends Ellen DeGeneres Amid Workplace Controversy: 'They Love to See People Fall'

Scooter Braun is defending Ellen DeGeneres.

The 39-year-old music manager of artists like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato defended the Ellen DeGeneres Show host amid investigations into toxic workplace environment reports and allegations of misconduct by employees in the office.

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“People love to take shots at people. They love to see people fall. How quickly so many forget. @TheEllenShow is a kind, thoughtful, courageous human being who stands for what is right and highlights on her show the best of us. She has helped change the views for equality…needed to say this as I know first hand how she helps so many when we are watching and when we are not. She isn’t about what is popular she is about what is right. Sending love to Ellen today,” he wrote.

Ellen addressed allegations in a letter to staff. Here’s what she wrote…

More 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Employees Come Forward with Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in the Office

Just hours after Ellen DeGeneres spoke out about recent allegations from former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, another article has been published with even more claims about what happened behind the scenes at the talk show.

The latest article from BuzzFeed was published after 36 former employees came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment from some of the show’s senior-level producers.

“According to dozens of men and women who work behind the scenes, the office is a place where sexual harassment and misconduct by top executive producers runs rampant,” BuzzFeed reports. The same outlet recently published an article about the alleged “toxic” work culture at the show.

The dozens of employees who spoke out, all under anonymity, range from longtime, senior-level employees to production assistants. They claimed that some of the senior producers would regular make sexually explicit comments in the office and many of the targets were “lower-level and younger employees who felt they lacked any power to speak up.”

Other employees claimed that inappropriate touching took place and it made many of them feel uncomfortable in the office. Many of these allegations were made against executive producer Ed Glavin and before this report was even published, it was already being reported that he will likely be let go from the show.

“We’re young people who were forming our careers and were unfortunately subjected to a toxic work environment as some of our first jobs out of college,” a former employee said. “And some of us were sexually harassed and that’s what was shaping our careers our first year out of school.”

Warner Bros. didn’t comment on these specific allegations, but they gave a new statement after launching an investigation into the show.

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