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We've All Been Pronouncing 'Emily in Paris' Wrong & Fans Are Shook After Learning the Correct Way

Emily in Paris has been a huge hit for Netflix and fans just learned that they have been pronouncing the show’s title wrong this whole time.

After news dropped that the show is getting a second season, Netflix’s Twitter account tweeted about how to correctly say the title.

“Friendly reminder Emily in Paris is supposed to be pronounced with a French accent so ‘Emily’ and ‘Paris’ rhyme,” the official account said.

A couple days later, a TikTok video from user Maralee Bell started going viral on that platform after she hysterically reacted to the revelation.

“HOW DID NONE OF US REALIZE THIS SOONER i- 🤡,” she captioned the video, which you can see below.

ARE YOU EXCITED for a second season of Emily in Paris? And were you saying it correctly?

Watch the video below.

'Emily in Paris' Renewed for Season Two at Netflix!

Emily in Paris is returning for season two at Netflix!

The show premiered just a few weeks ago on the streaming service. Here’s a synopsis: Emily (Lily Collins), an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago, unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing company — and she is tasked with revamping their social media strategy. Emily’s new life in Paris is filled with intoxicating adventures and surprising challenges as she juggles winning over her work colleagues, making friends, and navigating new romances.

THR reports that the show will begin filming in the Spring in Paris.

Netflix just renewed another fan favorite show just yesterday! Find out what else will be returning for another season.

Lily Collins Admits She Was Wrong About Emily's Age in 'Emily in Paris'

Lily Collins is walking back the comments she made about her character Emily’s age in the new Netflix series Emily in Paris.

The 31-year-old actress, who was 30 when the show was being filmed last year, said in a new interview that her character was never given a specific number for her age.

“I believe that she’s pretty fresh out of college,” Lily told British Vogue. “Maybe this is her first year after graduation. I want to say she’s like, 22-ish.”

The comments went viral after fans couldn’t believe that Emily was actually that young, considering that she has a pretty high-profile job.

Lily took to social media on Friday (October 16) and shared a GIF of her character Emily giving some side-eye shade. She captioned the post, “Emily looking at me when I get her age wrong. Sorry girl. You might not be 22, but I gotta say – you do act like it sometimes!!”

Everyone expected a threesome to happen in Emily in Paris and one of the stars just revealed if he’s had one in real life.

lily collins emily in paris age 01
lily collins emily in paris age 02
lily collins emily in paris age 03
lily collins emily in paris age 04
lily collins emily in paris age 05

'Emily in Paris' Star Lucas Bravo Reveals Whether He's Had a Threesome

Lucas Bravo is opening up about his sex life.

The 32-year-old Emily in Paris star called into SiriusXM’s The Michelle Collins Show to talk about his hit Netflix show on Friday (October 16).

During the chat, he spoke about France’s relationship with threesomes.

“I’ve never experienced one, but I guess it’s a reality and it’s not even in France. I think it’s everywhere. It depends on connections and the situation, you know, anything can happen sometimes, you know, your life can do a 180 in just one second, one hour and anything’s possible,” he said.

He also talked about toxic masculinity.

“This saying, ‘be a man, be a man.’ You hear that all the time growing up and it’s wrong because you don’t even know what it means…that you need to like avoid being in touch with your sensitive side and your emotions and stuff like that, which is really bad because you swallow all that stuff and then you try to digest it and you’re just miserable most of the time. And you have to be true to yourself. We’re all part woman and part men. And we need to embrace the two of them. It’s like a dance,” he said.

You might be surprised how old Emily is supposed to be in the show!

Lucas Bravo Clarifies France’s Relationship with Ménage À Trois

Lucas Bravo Shares His Thoughts on Toxic Masculinity

'Emily in Paris' Star Lily Collins Reveals Emily's Age & You Might Be Surprised!

Lily Collins was 30 when she was filming the Netflix series Emily in Paris, but her character is a lot younger than she is in real life.

The actress, who is now 31, opened up about Emily’s actual age in a new interview with British Vogue.

“I don’t believe we’ve ever given her a specific ‘number’ for her age, but I believe that she’s pretty fresh out of college. Maybe this is her first year after graduation. I want to say she’s like, 22-ish,” Lily said.

Fans might be surprised to find out that she’s so young as Emily appears to be very experienced in her job and she gets a huge promotion right at the start of the series.

“She’s had enough experience at her company in Chicago to have earned the respect of her boss,” Lily said. “She’s a smart cookie and really innovative – and this is not her first rodeo doing what she does. She’s gone to school for this, and she’s completed internships.”

Lily noted how Emily had never traveled while in college.

“However, she’s not the person who traveled during college,” she added. “She was really, really focused on her jobs in the Midwest, and I don’t think she’s been abroad.”

“Basically, she’s always kind of been a big fish in a small pond – and then suddenly in Paris she’s a fish out of water. If she had gone to a different company in Chicago, she would have been taken seriously – but in Paris, she’s not prepared for the cultural shift that she experiences at Savoir. Her only real experience of Europe is through movies and TV,” Lily said.

In the series, Lily‘s character dissed an actual Chicago restaurant and the owners of the restaurant are NOT happy.

lily collins emily in paris age 01
lily collins emily in paris age 02
lily collins emily in paris age 03
lily collins emily in paris age 04
lily collins emily in paris age 05

Emily in Paris' Lucas Bravo Reacts to the Armie Hammer Comparisons

Lucas Bravo, the breakout star of the Netflix series Emily in Paris, keeps getting compared to Armie Hammer and now he’s reacting to the comments!

The 32-year-old actor was interviewed by Vulture and the outlet told him that he looks like a “French version of Armie Hammer.”

Lucas replied, “I’ve heard that a couple of times. It’s really nice to say. I love him, he’s a great actor. It’s funny.”

Did you know that Lucas actually has previous experience from working in a restaurant?! On the series, he plays the the hot chef Gabriel, who is Emily’s downstairs neighbor.

“I was a sous-chef in a restaurant a few years ago, so I have some cooking skills. But you know, we did some kind of cook-off competition with me and Ashley [Park, who plays Emily’s friend Mindy] to promote the show, and I completely burned my omelet and cut my finger off, so I’m trying not to brag about my cooking skills anymore,” Lucas said.

Here’s what Lucas had to say in response to people criticizing the show.

Lucas Bravo Responds To Critics of Netflix's 'Emily in Paris'

Lucas Bravo, who stars as the hunky Gabriel on Netflix’s new show Emily in Paris, is opening up about the critical response to the show.

The actor spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine and addressed the backlash he’s noticed amongst French critics of the series, and admits he does agree with them, to a degree.

“I think they’re right, in a way,” Lucas says. “We’re portraying cliches and we’re portraying one single vision of Paris.”

He continued, “Paris is one of the most diverse cities in the world. We have so many ways of thinking, so many different nationalities, so many different neighborhoods. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to know everything that’s going on in Paris. It’s an entire world in a city.”

“At some point, if you want to tell a story about Paris, you have to choose an angle. You have to choose a vision.”

Lucas adds that “French critics, they didn’t understand the fact that it’s just one vision. They’re like, ‘Oh, this is not what Paris is.’ Of course. Paris is many things.”

Earlier this week, Lucas opened up about the possibility of a thruple situation happening in season two. See what he said here…