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Meet 'Julie & The Phantoms' Star Madison Reyes with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Netflix has a brand new musical series called Julie and the Phantoms premiering this week and we caught up with the show’s star, Madison Reyes, to learn more about her!

The 16-year-old actress is making her acting debut in the project, which was produced by High School Musical director Kenny Ortega.

Here’s a synopsis: High schooler Julie (Reyes) lost her passion for music after her mom died last year. But when the ghosts of three dreamy musicians (Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, and Jeremy Shada) from 1995 suddenly appear in her mom’s old music studio, Julie feels her own inner spirit beginning to reawaken, and she’s inspired to start singing and writing songs again. As their friendship with Julie grows, the boys convince her to create a new band together: Julie and the Phantoms.

JJ got to know soon-to-be rising star Madison with our exclusive 10 Fun Facts feature. Check it out below!

  1. I’m a big anime fan. I’ve been watching anime since the 6th grade, and my love for it has only grown. The most recent anime I finished was DEMON SLAYER.
  2. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If you were to ask what my favorite crafty snack was on set, they would all say PB&J. Maria, the lovely lady in charge of crafty, would always put halves on my chair just before she put the sandwiches out for everyone else.
  3. I love reading. My favorite series at the moment are all the “Alex Cross” books by my favorite writer James Patterson.
  4. I played Princess Jasmine in my 7th grade school musical. Being a princess was something I constantly daydreamed about while growing up. When I heard that the school musical was Aladdin, I worked so hard to get the role. My favorite moment from playing her was on closing night. This little girl wanted to take a picture with me because I was a princess.
  5. I know I mentioned anime, but I’m also a really big DC Comic fan. My father and I are really into that stuff. He prefers Marvel but DC’s animated movies are just too good and never disappoint. I also just really love all the Robins and their individual backstories.

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Get to Know 'The Boys' Star Karen Fukuhara with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Karen Fukuhara stars as Kimiko/The Female on the hit Amazon Prime Video series The Boys and we caught up with her ahead of the premiere of season two!

The 28-year-old actress also starred in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad and is a voice-over star on Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Check out 10 Fun Facts about Karen below:

  1. I played basketball for 10 years.
  2. My second language is English.
  3. I don’t have a middle name.
  4. I had never eaten a pineapple until I ate it for catered lunch on Disney’s Movie Surfers set, and since then I haven’t looked back.
  5. I love ASMR.

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Get to Know 'A Huevo' International Superstar NK With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

NK is already a huge global star, and now she’s preparing to release new music – and we want our Just Jared readers to get to know her even better!

The Ukranian “Peligroso” superstar and mogul with over 5 million followers on Instagram, who was also a judge on Ukraine’s edition of X Factor, and has appeared on international editions of shows including Dancing With the Stars and The Voice, just dropped the video for “A huevo,” the first offering from her debut Spanish-language album, Ecléctica.

“As a real cosmopolitan girl, I enjoy the incredible symbiosis of such colorful cultures – Ukrainian and Mexican – whose bright mood is present in every track of my new album. Courage, passion, and fiery drive have merged. Music has no boundaries, as well as my love for new things in my work. It doesn’t matter where you were born, where you grew up – the language of music brings together even the most remote places of the planet,” NK says of the seven track collection.

Watch the music video for “A huevo,” and check out 10 Fun Facts about NK inside…

  • 1. I am a real cosmopolitan girl. At the age of 5 my parents sent me to France on holiday. After that I was living in Italy for 7 years. That is why I am really good at speaking English, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian and now in Spanish. Sometimes when I forget some words I just keep using words from another language.
  • 2. I have learned Spanish in 4 months. Once during my interview for American Spanish language morning TV show I was so worried that I forgot some phrases. So I started replacing them with Italian.
  • 3. During my first promotional tour of the song “Peligroso” in the USA I was surprised that people think I’m Brazilian. I guess it’s because of my appearance.
  • 4. I am a big fan of healthy living. So I try to go to bed at 9 pm everyday. So my friend and team always laugh that partying all night long is not my main talent.
  • 5. When I feel tired from time to time I go shopping. And then…nobody can stop me.

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Get to Know 'F2020' Viral TikTok Stars Avenue Beat With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Avenue Beat is taking over TikTok, and we want our readers to get a chance to know them even better!

The group’s “F2020″ (“lowkey f–k 2020″), written and self-produced by the band’s lead singer Savana, went incredibly viral on the platform, garnering over 14 million views – including a share on Instagram by Will Smith!

“F2020″ also shot to No. 2 on US Viral 50 Chart, and No. 6 on Global Viral chart on Spotify, and Scooter Braun named it “one of the biggest songs of this year.”

With their song still dominating on TikTok and beyond, we’re introducing each member of Avenue Beat with these 10 Fun Facts.

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Megan Fox Might Join Machine Gun Kelly for MTV VMAs 2020 Performance! (Exclusive)

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly might be uniting on stage!

The 34-year-old Jennifer’s Body actress was spotted with her 30-year-old “Bloody Valentine” boyfriend during the 2020 MTV VMAs pre-show rehearsals over the weekend, on-site staffers confirmed to Just Jared.

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Megan, who is currently dating MGK and appears in his hot music video for “Bloody Valentine” (which is also nominated at the evening’s ceremony), might be joining the entertainer onstage during his first VMAs performance.

Find out who else is performing at the VMAs!

Earlier in the month, Megan Fox shared a sultry photo of herself in a bikini with her shirtless boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly on her Instagram account – and her ex reacted with a shady post of his own! See what happened…

Meet 'Get Even' Star Bethany Antonia with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Get Even is one of Netflix’s hot new summer shows and we caught up with Bethany Antonia, one of the rising stars from the show.

The 22-year-old actress plays Margot Rivers in the thriller series, which is based on the popular book series “Don’t Get Mad” by Gretchen McNeil.

The show follows a group of four high school girls who form DGM (Don’t Get Mad), a group determined to expose bullies at their school. When one of their targets is suddenly murdered, the girls realize someone is trying to frame them and set out to uncover the truth. The full season is streaming now on Netflix!

Bethany has appeared in some British projects throughout the past few years, but this is her biggest role to date. Check out 10 Fun Facts about her below:

  1. Before I realized I wanted to be an actor, I used to watch television programs and mimic what the actors were doing. I would write out the scripts from all of my favorite shows and films out on paper and perform them back for my family. I thought that was what everyone was doing, but turns out it was the acting bug grabbing a hold of me!
  2. I am from Birmingham, in England, which is the second biggest city in the UK and around 2 hours away from London. People from Birmingham are known as ‘Brummies’ and we’re told that we have a really distinct accent (even though none of us can ever hear it)!
  3. I’m a Capricorn!! I cling to my Star Sign like a badge of honor and always get very protective when NASA announces new horoscope dates. Capricorns are very driven, loyal, incredibly stubborn, hardworking and career-minded.
  4. I believe in The Law Of Attraction. I have been practicing the law of attraction for a couple of years now, and have complete faith in manifestation. I manifest things every single day of my life and believe that with unwavering faith in your abilities you can achieve anything you set your mind to. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.
  5. I’m Vegan! I have been eating and living plant based since I was 16, so for the past 7 years. And I was vegetarian for 2 years before that. I initially went vegan because of my love for animals, and I have since learnt about the positive benefits that living a vegan lifestyle has on the planet, and on my body.

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Ryland James Drops Debut EP & 'Water' Music Video (Exclusive Premiere)

Rising star Ryland James just dropped his self-titled debut EP and he also filmed a music video for his new single “Water,” which is premiering exclusively on

The 21-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter has a sound that is a fusion of gospel roots, gritty soul, and anthemic pop. He has been compared to such artists as Sam Smith and Adele!

“The video we made for ‘Water’ really reflects the atmosphere and feel I wanted to create to complement the song. It has a fun and summery storyline with moody visuals throughout that embody exactly what the lyrics are about – a magnetic yet dangerous person you can’t get enough of,” Ryland told us in a statement.

You can download the new EP now on iTunes or stream everything below!

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