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Graceland's Vanessa Ferlito Talks Charlie's Ongoing Guilt & Rocky Relationship with Briggs

Tonight marks the season two premiere of Graceland and JJ‘s keeping the scoop coming!

This time we caught up with Vanessa Ferlito as Charlie, the fast-talking, badass FBI agent who has a lot of guilt from last season that carries over into this year’s story.

After befriending someone who turned out to be the enemy, she’s a little gun shy when it comes to going undercover. Not to mention, she and Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) have a lot to work out. Vanessa opened up about what we can expect. Check it:

Graceland returns TONIGHT, June 11 @ 10PM on USA! How does this season compare to the first?

Vanessa Ferlito: Last season was really heavy. I mean, I was on heroin, it was hardcore. It’s different this season. I feel like in the beginning, you think it’s kind of light…Charlie’s really messed up. Really messed up from last season. She doesn’t know if Briggs is Odin. I mean, she’s hoping and assuming that maybe he’s just not, because how could he be? How could he be such a bad person? I don’t think he’s thinking about all the stuff that happened. A lot comes to light. It’s a little quiet. You think everything’s alright, and then the worst sh-t that you could ever think of happens to Charlie. Not like in a physical way, I feel like in a more mental and emotional way. So I’m really screwed up.

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Chris Pine's 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Now on DVD, Just in Time for Father's Day (Exclusive Pics)

Chris Pine shows off his absolutely gorgeous smile in this new set picture from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, provided exclusively to

Also featured in the images from the action film’s set include Kevin Costner and director Kenneth Branagh.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was just released on DVD and Blu-ray today, just in time for Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday!

The film follows Jack Ryan (Pine), as a young covert CIA analyst, who uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.

Be sure to grab a copy for your dad today!

FYI: Chris is wearing Levi’s jeans.

chris pines jack ryan shadow recruit perfect fathers day gift 01
chris pines jack ryan shadow recruit perfect fathers day gift 02
chris pines jack ryan shadow recruit perfect fathers day gift 03

Keke Palmer Channels 'Animal' Instincts For JJ Spotlight Series (Behind the Scenes Photos)

Keke Palmer gets the finishing touches in this exclusive behind the scenes pic for the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight photo series.

The 20-year-old actress stars in the upcoming horror flick Animal, in theaters and available on Video on Demand on June 17. The movie co-stars Jeremy Sumpter, Elizabeth Gillies, Parker Young, Amaury Nolasco, and Paul Iacono.

Keke is also lending her vocals to the movie – she sings the title song from the flick. Check out the Brett Simmons directed music video below!

Be sure to check back with us on Thursday for our full exclusive Keke Palmer photo shoot and interview!

Keke Palmer – “Animal” Music Video

10+ pictures inside from Keke Palmer‘s exclusive Just Jared Spotlight photo shoot… More Here! »

keke palmer jj spotlight behind the scenes pics 01
keke palmer jj spotlight behind the scenes pics 02
keke palmer jj spotlight behind the scenes pics 03
keke palmer jj spotlight behind the scenes pics 04
keke palmer jj spotlight behind the scenes pics 05

Graceland's Serinda Swan Sheds Light on Paige & Mike's Second Season Relationship!

Check out this season two Graceland scoop from the lovely Serinda Swan!

The 29-year-old beauty plays a badass DEA agent named Paige who resides at Graceland with a group of undercover agents. We caught up with Serinda during a recent visit to the set in Fort Lauderdale.

Not only will we see some major romance for Paige this season – cough cough Mike (Aaron Tveit) cough cough – but she’ll get her own case that involves sex trafficking – a fight Serinda is very passionate about herself.

Graceland returns on Wednesday, June 11 @ 10PM on USA! First things first, how would you characterize the second season compared from the first?

Serinda Swan: It definitely has some of the ties from the last season, like you definitely find out a little bit more about the tape and things like that. The wonderful thing is because there are so many characters in the house and its very character-driven, it’s not just dun-dun-dun the tape! There are many different storylines that we follow, there are lots of different love interests coming in and lots of different things like that. It’s dark, it’s definitely dark.

You get to see a lot more of who Paige is, which is tons of fun for me. The first five episodes last season were an introduction to bring the USA viewers in and be like, “Now it’s going to get dark, people are going to do heroin, maybe an arm or two is going to get cut off, but we’re going to ease you in, it’s going to be OK and you know by the end it’s mayhem.” But we figure we have a solid group now that understands what our show is about and how dark we get, so they really gave us the liberties to have some fun, it’s great.

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Graceland's Daniel Sunjata Dishes on Briggs' Road to Redemption in Season Two!

We continue our week-long scoop leading up to the Graceland second season premiere with this new Daniel Sunjata interview!

The 42-year-old actor stars as Paul Briggs, a senior FBI agent who made some morally ambiguous decisions last year as he tried to protect some damning secrets and do his job at the same time.

We recently caught up with Daniel on set in Fort Lauderdale where he opened up about Briggs’ journey this season, including his relationship with Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito), his back-and-forth friendship with Mike (Aaron Tveit), and of course, a certain tape recording that’s still floating around. Check it:

Graceland returns on Wednesday, June 11 @ 10PM on USA! Where do we find Briggs at the start of season two?

Daniel Sunjata: What’s great about season two is that it does kind of exist as a piece. So you could come into season two and just watch it not ever having seen the first season, actually, because it’s kind of its own story. But where we find Briggs at the beginning of season two is in a place where he’s kind of looking for some redemption. He did some bad things for, maybe justifiable reasons, understandable reasons, and he’s trying to not continue living in such a dark place, in such a morally-ambiguous place, although the job does have certain demands, and so, of course, I guess the curveball in season two is that every time Briggs tries to get out, they call him back in. I mean, somebody in the house needs him, needs a piece of the old Briggs or needed something done that only the old Briggs would do or know how to do. So there’s that tension for him.

We also find within, I think, the first five minutes of this season’s premiere episode, that Briggs and Charlie are back together. Their love life is kind of put out into the forefront a little bit, or at least the fact that they are rekindling. I’d say around the middle of this particular season, there’s a plot twist there as well, because the relationship goes in a direction that might be a little bit unexpected for our audience.

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Jena Malone Performs New Single 'Indian Giver' for JJ Spotlight! (Exclusive Video)

We have already debuted two of our exclusive acoustic performances with Jena Malone and her band The Shoe and now we have our third and final clip!

The 29-year-old actress/musician performed her new single “Indian Giver” for her Just Jared Spotlight Series feature and we love the song.

PHOTOS: Check out the full spotlight shoot with Jena Malone

“It’s hard to kind of build a character and pursue music, so right now it’s been really nice because I’ve been able to just work and concentrate on the record and the creative vision of how to bring it out and what the tours are, and how to make it very special,” Jena told us in our exclusive interview.

Jena Malone & The Shoe – “Indian Giver” Acoustic Performance

Jena Malone Performs Freestyle Song for JJ Spotlight Series!

Jena Malone is taking over the JJ Spotlight Series this week and we have another amazing acoustic performance to share!

The 29-year-old actress/musician, who just released her debut album I’m Okay with her band The Shoe, performed a freestyle song that she made up entirely on the spot.

PHOTOS: Check out the full spotlight shoot with Jena Malone

“So I was wondering if you guys could give me words – and just shout out – words that remind you of your last breakup that you’ve been through,” Jena asked our tiny audience in the studio.

The three words that Jena used are “messy,” “magnificent,” and “relief.” Check out the result of her freestyle session in the video below!

Jena Malone & The Shoe – “Freestyle” Acoustic Performance
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