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'The Crash' Poster Features All-Star Cast (Exclusive Debut!)

Check out the new poster for the upcoming film The Crash, debuting exclusively on Just Jared!

The film features an all-star cast including Frank Grillo, Minnie Driver, Dianna Agron, John Leguizamo, AnnaSophia Robb, Maggie Q, and Ed Westwick. The film takes place in the “not-so distant future,” where a team of white collar criminals are enlisted by the Federal government to thwart a cyber-attack that threatens to bankrupt the United States of America.

Look out for The Crash, in theaters on January 13, 2017.

See the poster below, as well as stills from the movie…

the crash exclusive poster debut 01
the crash exclusive poster debut 02
the crash exclusive poster debut 03
the crash exclusive poster debut 04
the crash exclusive poster debut 05

Hairspray's Ephraim Sykes Says 'Hamilton' Changed His Life

Nobody could have predicted the cultural phenomenon that Hamilton has become — not even the stars of the original installment themselves.

If you ask any of the cast members, they’ll surely tell you that show has forever impacted their lives. That is definitely the case for Hairspray Live! star Ephraim Sykes, who was a part of the hit ensemble cast.

“It’s changed my life because I get a million requests everyday for tickets,” he joked with “It’s insane!”

The 31-year-old actor, who is set to play who plays Seaweed J. Stubbs in Hairspray Live!, told us that people from all walks of his life came out of the woodwork to ask him for free admission to the show.

“I would have people I haven’t spoke to since the fifth grade — haven’t spoken to since the 5th grade and is literally not asking for themselves but asking for a friend or their cousin. Or hey ‘Hey I met you back then. And guess what, congratulations and I love you. But it’s my mom’s birthday so could you?’”

While he would have loved to have helped out everyone in his circle, Ephraim told us that being on the cast taught him to master the ability to say ‘No,’ adding, “I had to learn how to ignore a lot of people. I became good at it.”

The budding Broadway star also explained that he still hasn’t fully processed what a vibrant part of pop culture his latest job has become.

“I feel like I’m going to have to get another five years removed to understand truly the effect that Hamilton has had on the world,” he said.

He added that it’s become so popular that he was only able to get his mother in twice.

“I could not get a ticket for my dang self right now. I’m like sneaking in the back ‘Hand me my costume again. I’m here.’”

Hairspray Live! airs on Wednesday, December 7 @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC.

Be sure to stream and download the full soundtrack now!

– Reporting by Nicole Pajer

hairspray live cast gets official portraits 01
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 02
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 03
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 04
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 05

Ariana Grande Calls 'Hairspray Live!' Role a 'Dream Come True'

The cast of Hairspray Live! is thrilled to be assuming their roles live in front of national television. But no one is as excited as Ariana Grande.

“It’s such a dream!” she tells “I saw the original Hairspray on Broadway and instantly fell in love with Penny. That was my go-to part when me and my friends would sing in the car. I’ve always loved her. It’s just a dream come true!”

To prep for the role, Ariana briefly spoke with former Penny Pingleton, Kerry Butler, and gushed over the film version’s Amanda Bynes; however the pop star says she plans to do her best to make the part her own.

“I feel like I’m going to sit in the nice medium world and put my own little thing on it and draw inspiration from everywhere and just let Penny come out as she comes out,” she admits. “I’m going to try to just feel the right feelings and whatever happens happens.”

Ariana says she loves Penny because she’s always been attracted to “quirkier nerdier characters.”

“The thing that is so beautiful about Penny is that she’s a little bit ahead of her time. Her mom is a nightmare. And she has this beautiful brain, this beautiful, loving, embracing brain. I just love everything about her!” she says.

Though her costars have hailed her as a pop goddess, Ariana admits that she, herself is fairy dorky. “I’d like to think that I’m a little cooler than Penny but realistically I’m not,” she reveals, with a giggle.

Hairspray Live! airs on Wednesday, December 7 @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC.

– Reporting by Nicole Pajer

hairspray live cast gets official portraits 01
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 02
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 03
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 04
hairspray live cast gets official portraits 05

How 'Top Chef' Remains the Top Culinary Competition on Television 10 Years Later

Ten years deep, Top Chef is still one of the most prestigious cooking competition shows on television – and we’re not being hyperbolic here.

The show continuously brings in the top executive and sous chefs in the country to compete – of course, with some talented line cooks, pastry chefs, and self-taught cooks in the mix as well.

Talking to judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons over the phone, they told that early on, they were skeptical about how the industry would perceive the show.

“I remember in our very first season being really nervous, Tom and I talking about what if the industry laughs at us? What is this doesn’t work?” Gail said. “And the exact opposite happened. They saw that we were a show about real restaurant chefs, chefs who do this every day. Because we set that standard…it made the industry take notice.”

Tom told us, “I always said I wanted a show I could be proud of and that my peers want to come on. And I knew right away when I started getting calls from chefs like Daniel Boulud saying, ‘Can I come on?’ That’s when you know you have something.”

To-date, the show has 25 Emmy nominations under its belt with two wins – one for Outstanding Picture Editing For Reality Programming in 2008 and one for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program in 2010, the latter beating out The Amazing Race and ending its seven-year winning streak in the category.

“I don’t think there’s any other competition show out there that can quantify the number of successful contestants,” Gail said. “How people have become household names and opened restaurant empires from coast to coast.”

She’s of course referring to people like Richard Blais, Stephanie Izard, Michael and Bryan Voltaggio, Mike Isabella, Fabio Viviani, and countless more, all of whom have opened successful restaurants across the country.

Not to mention, season five and eight’s Carla Hall is one of the co-hosts on ABC’s The Chew.

“What I like about it is that every season is different. We’re always trying something different, so every season is new,” Tom said. “And for other personal reasons, it’s like going to summer camp. We shoot for about six weeks, tops. For ten years, it’s a lot of the same people on the team…It’s sort of like seeing old friends that you see once a year. It’s a lot of hard work, but we have a lot of fun together afterward – a lot of the team are musicians and I play guitar and sing, so we get together and play.”

But that’s not the only thing that keeps him coming back to judges’ table.

“Knowing you can make a difference in someone’s life…that’s the kind of stuff that you look back on,” Tom told us. “You don’t think about it so much until someone tells you what the show means to them. That’s something you can’t throw away and take for granted. To look back over 10 years and 14 seasons, those are the moments I’ll remember.”

Top Chef premieres TONIGHT, December 1 @ 10/9c on Bravo.

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Dylan Jagger Lee Goes Shirtless in New Black & White Shoot

Dylan Jagger Lee is showing off his incredibly toned body in a new black and white photo shoot by photographer Damon Baker.

The 18-year-old model and musician son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee showed off his rock star side in the photos, which were styled by Mark Holmes.

Dylan is the first model to take part in Damon‘s new photo series which aims to highlight the youth, freedom and power of our generation.

JustJared recently caught up with Dylan to talk about his musical aspirations, holiday plans and what he looks for in a girl!

JJ: You’ve been in the studio a lot recording. When will you be releasing music officially?
Yeah I’ve been in there a lot actually and just making a lot of music getting better and better everyday. Finding my sound and I think I’m on to something. Hopefully the will come out early next year! So excited!

JJ: Earlier this year, you described your music as a “James Bay, Ed Sheeran kind of sound.” Is that still the case?
Hahah! Completely changed. I’m headed into the dance scene. I produce and write my all my music and I want to end up DJ’ing dance festivals. Sound no, isn’t the case any more. More along the lines of Flume, Major Lazer, The Chainsmokers.

JJ: What’s the first thing you look for in a girl?
Personality wise…I would say they have have to be outgoing and fun. Looks…I love brown eyes.

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dylan lee jagger goes shirtless in new photo shoot 01
dylan lee jagger goes shirtless in new photo shoot 02
dylan lee jagger goes shirtless in new photo shoot 03
dylan lee jagger goes shirtless in new photo shoot 04
dylan lee jagger goes shirtless in new photo shoot 05

Ashley Benson Is Giving Back This Holiday Season! (Exclusive)

Ashley Benson is ready to spread holiday cheer and give back to the causes closest to her heart!

The 26-year-old Pretty Little Liars star teamed up with PayPal to celebrate #GivingTuesday, an annual day of giving following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

JustJared chatted with Ashley about her favorite charities, how fans can get involved and her life in New York City.

JJ: Which charities do you love to give back to and why?
One of my favorite charities is Wags & Walks. I’m a HUGE dog lover and found out about Wags & Walks through a close friend who adopted his pit bull through the organization and told me about founder Lesley Brog’s mission.

JJ: What is your favorite thing about Wags & Walks?
One of the things I love most about Wags & Walks is that they don’t care about a dog’s size, age or breed – what really matters is matching the perfect dog to the perfect family. Thanks to a new partnership between PayPal and GoFundMe, you can fundraise on behalf of your favorite charity so I’ve started a campaign to raise money for Wags & Walks. There are so many ways you can give back this holiday season!

JJ: How’s life in New York City? What are some of your favorite hang-outs?
It’s great – I’ve been wanting to move to New York for a long time and I’m so excited to finally be here! I’m really into fashion so I spend a lot of time in SoHo and I love how easy it is to catch a show on Broadway.

JJ: Why did you decide to partner up with PayPal for #GivingTuesday?
Giving back has always been important to me and I’m a firm believer that small acts of kindness can make a world of difference – especially during the holiday season. Starting today and throughout the holiday season, PayPal is matching all donations by 1% at ensuring that 101% of your gift goes to your chosen charity. Whether you’re passionate about animal welfare, education, the environment or a cause right in your own backyard, there are thousands of causes to choose from and now is the best time of year to give a little cheer.

To find out what Ashley‘s got planned for the holiday season, head over to

Meet Jane Zhang, The Recently Married Chinese Pop Star On The Verge Of Global Takeover!

It’s time to get familiar with Jane Zhang!

The 32-year-old Chinese pop star, who first rose to fame after competing in 2005′s massively popular all-girl TV singing competition Super Girl, is on the verge of global takeover thanks to the release of her debut US single “Dust Off My Shoulders,” which was produced by hit-maker Timbaland.

Jane also recently tied the knot to Michael Feng Ke, the CEO of Show City Times – her management company – at a castle in Italy on Wednesday (November 9).

JustJared caught up with Jane to talk about the gorgeous wedding, the rising success of her English debut, and what we can expect from her in 2017.

JJ: Congratulations on recently tying the knot. Did you go anywhere for your honeymoon? Were there any mishaps on your wedding day?

Thank you! I had previous engagements in both China and the United States, so we have to delay our honeymoon probably until next year. Everything went well during the wedding. It was perfect. If I must nitpick something from my wedding though, it would be the weight of the [Tony Ward] wedding dress, but I wouldn’t mind wearing it for the rest of my life because it was an absolutely gorgeous dress.

JJ: Your song “Dust My Shoulders Off” has started to take off in the US. How did this collaboration with Timbaland come about?

I was working with J-Roc on a track in L.A., and Timbaland‘s manager was also there in the same studio. After hearing my music, he really liked it. And because Timbaland was also in town at the time, his manager was able to set up a meeting where I got a chance to show Timbaland the song I was working on. That’s how we connected.

Jane Zhang – ‘Dust My Shoulders Off’ (Official Video)

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meet jane zhang the recenly married chinese pop star on the verge of gobal takeover 01
meet jane zhang the recenly married chinese pop star on the verge of gobal takeover 02
meet jane zhang the recenly married chinese pop star on the verge of gobal takeover 03

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