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Meet 'Little Voice' Star Brittany O'Grady with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Brittany O’Grady is the star of the new Apple TV+ series Little Voice and we caught up with her to learn some things that fans might not know!

Little Voice follows Bess King (O’Grady), a uniquely talented performer struggling to fulfill her dreams while navigating rejection, love and complicated family issues. The new series features original music written by Grammy winner Sara Bareilles, who co-created the show with her Waitress collaborator Jessie Nelson.

Brittany, 24, is best known to fans for her work on the Fox series Star and for her role in last year’s horror movie Black Christmas.

Check out 10 Fun Facts about her below:

  • 1. I got attacked by a cat in high school on my left leg right before a school trip to Costa Rica. I had to go on antibiotics, apply cream to the bite wounds 3 times a day, and couldn’t shave my leg. I’m pretty terrified of cats to this day.
  • 2. I went to basketball camp as a kid and cried the whole week because the only way I could shoot a basket was over my head backwards.
  • 3. I hate mayonnaise.
  • 4. I started growing gray hairs at 16.
  • 5. I have horrible test anxiety.

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Meet 'Warrior Nun' Actor Emilio Sakraya with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

The new Netflix series Warrior Nun has become a huge hit for the streaming service and we caught up with one of the show’s stars to learn more about him!

Emilio Sakraya is the 24-year-old German actor who plays the role of JC, the leader of a group of criminals and also a love interest for Ava (Alba Baptista).

Not only is Emilio an actor, he is also an artist with an album on the way and he even has another Netflix series in the works. Check out 10 Fun Facts about him:

  • 1. I am afraid of heights, but I will soon make my first parachute jump.
  • 2. I’ve been in front of the camera since I was nine years old.
  • 3. During the Corona-isolation I dyed my hair blonde, because I just wanted to go for it.
  • 4. Surprise – I love sports. Boxing and running are part of my daily sports routine.
  • 5. Since 2020 I have my own label Sakraya and there I am responsible for the designs.

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Here Are Soko's Top Ten Movies She Cries During & the Perfect Treats to Boot

Soko wears a face mask and she steps out to grab some smoothies at vegan juice bar Naturewell on Sunday, July 5 in Los Angeles.

The French singer-songwriter wore Feel Feelings merch ahead of her forthcoming album, out this Friday. She also wore yellow Kappa sandals.

Soko just shared her top ten movies that she cries during and the perfect treats to eat while watching said movies.

“All treats must be vegan and gluten free and no refined sugar please!” she told us. “Health is wealth!”

Roasted cauliflower “wings”

Acai bowl with strawberries and granola

Gluten-free avocado toast with dukkah

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Get to Know 'Up All Night' Singer Baker Grace With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Baker Grace is one of the rising music acts we’ve got our eyes on, and we want Just Jared readers to get to know her better!

The 19-year-old New York City-based singer-songwriter just released her latest single, “Up All Night,” on Wednesday (July 1), which was produced by Cautious Clay.

“’Up All Night’ is about how too often we judge people or a group of people without getting the chance to know them. Everybody has a story and I think it’s important to take the time to understand each other and become more compassionate, so we can learn, grow, and heal together,” she says.

The song, along with previous releases “Pops” and “Bottle of Wine,” will appear on Grace‘s forthcoming Yourz Truly EP, due out on August 28, following her 2019 debut, the Girl, I Know EP.

“Each song is a letter to myself or to somebody else, because writing letters has always been one of the best ways for me to be completely truthful. It allows me to get down to the core of what I want to say, which is the main goal in all my music: to be as raw and honest as possible,” she says of the upcoming release.

Listen to “Up All Night” and find out more about Baker Grace with these 10 Fun Facts

  • 1. The first song I ever wrote was when I was 3 years old, it was called “Cookie Dough” and it went like this: “Cookie Dough, oh Cookie Dough, I thank god for Cookie Dough.”
  • 2. One of my ancestors fell off the Mayflower but was able to get and make it to America.
  • 3. I used to have a pet iguana and one time my aunt picked it up by its tail and its tail came off, luckily it grew back.
  • 4. I didn’t sleep by myself until I was ten years old because I didn’t think it was fair that my parents got to sleep with each other while I was by myself.
  • 5. I used to have such a bad fear of pigeons and was living in New York City. I would cross the street to avoid them if I had to.

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Watch Soko Perform 'Are You A Magician?' in a Virtual House (Exclusive)

Soko is sharing an exciting, live performance of her new song “Are You A Magician?” exclusively for Just Jared readers.

“I’ve never actually played “Are you a Magician?” live with my band,” shared the French singer/songwriter. “And because of quarantine, we couldn’t actually record all together online because of bad internet connections, so we had to figure out a way to each play individually in our house, in different rooms. I was singing in my baby’s toy karaoke mic! So the video is all of us playing in different room of a little doll house, in reference to the official music video for the song directed by Gia Coppola.”

Soko also recently released her first song ever in French with her newest track “Blasphémie”. Listen to the erotic, dramatic, and poetic song here!

Out July 10th, Soko‘s upcoming third album, Feel Feelings, explores the complexities of life while tapping into the remarkable accessibility to emotion that she has shown throughout her career.

Watch Soko perform “Are You A Magician?” live below in a cute virtual house!

SOKO :: Are You A Magician? (Live From Home)

Brec Bassinger & ‘Stargirl’ Cast Take Self-Portraits & Interview Each Other (Exclusive!)

Stargirl is a brand new DC Universe drama series airing right now on The CW and we caught up with the cast to learn more about them!

Brec Bassinger, who previously starred in the Nickelodeon series Bella and the Bulldogs, plays high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore as she inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past. The new drama reimagines Stargirl and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in an unpredictable series.

Instead of us asking the questions, we decided to have the show’s four stars – Brec, Anjelika Washington (Dr. Mid-nite), Cameron Gellman (Hourman), and Yvette Monreal (Wildcat) – interview each other.

The first five episodes of the series, in which we finally meet all of the heroes, are streaming now on The CW’s digital platforms. New episodes air on Tuesday nights at 8/7c all summer long!

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Get to Know 'Levitate' Indie-Pop Singer Julietta With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Julietta is one of the acts on the rise we’ve our eyes on, and we want Just Jared readers to get to know her better!

The indie-pop singer just dropped her new song, “Levitate,” on Wednesday (June 17), which is also the title track from her forthcoming EP.

“‘Levitate’ means the world to me. I wrote it with Jordan Topf and Sean Silverman when I moved to Los Angeles and began to shed the layers I had been carrying for my whole life,” she explains.

“I left everything and everyone I knew behind in New York to start over. At times it was very lonely and other times exhilarating. ‘Levitate’ is a song about choosing your own story and choosing what to tell people vs. what they think they know about you. And above it all, understanding that at the end I’ll always be left with me myself and I – so let go of all the bulls–t and hold yourself up.”

The Levitate EP follows her 2018 debut, Smooth Sailing. Julietta‘s already impressively racked up over 6 million streams, as well as being featured on Spotify’s Viral 50 and Indie Pop playlists, among others.

Listen to “Levitate” and check out 10 Fun Facts

  • 1. I have a phobia of some fruits, the strongest one is my phobia of bananas. They legit make me uncomfortable, and I have a hard time touching them. I’ve never really held one for longer than a couple of seconds, and I’ve never had a bite. I know how they taste because I’ve accidentally had them in smoothies. Don’t know why but I turn into a 4 year old that refuses to eat their veggies when someone tries to get me to take a bite!
  • 2. I have another weird phobia. Phobia of beer. I have never tried one. I feel like I’ve smelled it off of people enough to know I’m not into it. I’m a wine lover, that’s enough for me.
  • 3. My whole family is Sicilian, which also means there hasn’t been one divorce in the family…like ever. When you commit to la famiglia – you commit!
  • 4. I didn’t speak English till I was 5, Italian is my first language. My neighbors thought my parents were very strange as I was born and raised in New York City but didn’t speak a word of their language. My family wanted to make sure I was truly Italian before turning into a New Yorker!
  • 5. My grandparents on both sides had arranged marriages.

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