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'TRL' Host Matt Rife Shares 10 Fun Facts About Himself (Exclusive)

Matt Rife is an up-and-coming comedy star who is giving MTV audiences a taste of his talents as a host on the new version of TRL.

We caught up with the 22-year-old comedian to learn 10 Fun Facts about him that fans probably don’t know. Here’s what he shared:

  • 1. I’m a huge animal lover. I’m the proud fur-father of two adopted kittens and a puppy.
  • 2. I am very into boxing, both watching and training.
  • 3. I’m from a very small town in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. My high school was surrounded by corn fields and a graduating class of about 100 people.
  • 4. In that school for “Spirit Week” when you’d have like a Twin Day, sports team day, etc… We had “Drive Your Tractor To School Day”.
  • 5. I have a few tattoos. All very important to me in meaning.

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Tommy Dorfman Gives Touching Acceptance Speech at GLAAD Gala (Exclusive)

Tommy Dorfman was just awarded with the first ever GLAAD Rising Star Award!

The 25-year-old 13 Reasons Why star gave a touching speech to accept the honor during the GLAAD Gala held on Tuesday (October 24) in Atlanta, GA.

Tommy, who received the award for using his growing platform to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance, opened up about coming out and his experience as a young gay man during his speech.

“This award goes to the LGBT community here. Y’all taught me everything. The community here embraced me and taught me what it means to be a gay person,” Tommy said about his hometown.

He later opened up about the importance of having gay people in the media, like his role in 13 Reasons Why.

“I look at my DMs consistently and I see messages from people around the world telling me my character…having one out, proud gay person on the show, has made people be able to come out to their parents, has made people feel less homophobic, made people come to terms with their own sexuality and that is just one show. Imagine if every show had the inclusion of the show, that I’m so fortunate to be on, had,” Tommy said.

Watch Tommy‘s entire acceptance speech below…

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Zach Gilford Shares 10 Fun Facts You Don't Know About Him! (Exclusive)

Zach Gilford is starring in the new YouTube Red original series Lifeline and he took some time to catch up with to share 10 Fun Facts about himself!

You likely are familiar with the 35-year-old actor thanks to his work in the series Friday Night Lights and The Family. Zach also starred in The Purge: Anarchy alongside his wife Kiele Sanchez.

Here is what he shared with us:

  • 1. I have been charged by a bear twice, each time coming within inches.
  • 2. My first “acting” job was a commercial shot in the Paris Airport when I was 7, and I happened to be walking by the toy shop the ad was for.
  • 3. I keep my hair short, because my “friends” called me “bushy head” as a kid.
  • 4. I’m a runner, so I have abnormally large thighs.
  • 5. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I refuse to wear shorts that don’t cover my knees.

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Meet Stranger Things 2's Sadie Sink with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Stranger Things 2 is premiering in just a matter of hours and you’ll soon be introduced to the show’s newcomer Sadie Sink, who plays the role of Max.

We caught up with the 15-year-old actress to learn about some things you probably don’t know about her. She has previously been seen in the NBC series American Odyssey and she appeared in the movie The Glass Castle, which was released this past summer.

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Sadie:

  • 1. I am a passionate Vegan. I actually was a vegetarian for about a year and when I was working on The Glass Castle with Woody Harrelson he and his family inspired me to become a Vegan.
  • 2. I would drop everything to go and see Beyonce. After seeing her in concert during the Formation World Tour my life was changed!
  • 3. I have 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister
  • 4. My brother Mitchell and I both made our Broadway debuts at the same time.
  • 5. My brother and I used to play at a park where all the kids on Broadway would go play at between shows, which is where I met Caleb and Gaten (who were both on Broadway at the time) long before Stranger Things.

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Faulkner Debuts Scorching New Single 'Hot Streak' - Listen Now! (Exclusive Premiere)

Faulkner is dropping a hot new single, appropriately called “Hot Streak,” exclusively premiering right here on today (October 26)!

The bi-coastal band’s upcoming debut album was recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La studio and EastWest Studios alongside co-producers RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), Mark Needham (The Killers) and J.P. Bowersock (The Strokes).

“The inspiration behind ‘Hot Streak’ is that magic moment of feeling untouchable like Nicky Barnes. Where for an hour the whole world falls into your hands and everything you touch turns to gold,” the band explained of their new track.

“‘Hot Streak’ defines our live show energy seamlessly following our collaborations with RZA and Royce Da 5’9″. This is the first song we started off as a production duo with an infinite abelian melody on top of a pulsating uptempo rhythm.”

Listen to “Hot Streak” below! You can also stream the song when it’s released on Friday (October 27).

Chlo Subia Dismisses a Bad Friend in '5 Minutes' - Listen Now! (Exclusive Premiere)

Chlo Subia doesn’t want to hear your apologies on her new single “5 Minutes,” which is premiering exclusively on today (October 20)!

The 16-year-old rising LA-based breakout pop act wrote the new track with Kinetics & One Love (B.o.B., Melanie Martinez) in New York City.

“I think the first assumption is that it is written about a boy, or even a breakup but it’s actually not. It’s a song about a best friend that ended up being an awful friend and pretty much turned on me and moved on, which made me learn so much about friendships, trust and loyalty,” Chlo says of the catchy kiss-off track.

“At my age friend breakups can be as common as romantic breakups. I am a big believer in loyal friends, and I don’t need tons I just need a few that get me and support me. I wrote the initial song with Kinetics & One Love in their studio in NYC. They were great. Instantly felt so comfortable with dat good vibe. We finished the track recently with a producer named Tushar who added influences and vibe in his Hollywood studio. He added an amazing element to the project.”

Listen to “5 Minutes” below!

The Gifted's Sean Teale Shares 10 Fun Facts You Don't Know About Him!

Sean Teale is the hot young star of the new Fox series The Gifted and he’s opening up to to help fans get to know him better!

The 25-year-old actor plays the role of Marcos Diaz/Eclipse in the show that takes place in Marvel’s X-Men universe. Sean previously starred in the Syfy series Incorporated and The CW series Reign.

Here are 10 Fun Facts that he shared with us:

  • 1. One of the most satisfying sounds is the opening of a Coke can.
  • 2. I once had a hamster called Jimmy. He met his end in the washing machine.
  • 3. I’m allergic to broccoli and cucumber. Genuinely.
  • 4. I’ve never been inside a yellow school bus. I’m not upset about it.
  • 5. If I could choose any super power, I would have the power of teleportation to make traveling less of a pain.

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