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Max Irons Paints Samantha Barks' Portrait in New 'Bitter Harvest' Clip (Exclusive Video)

Max Irons and Samantha Barks star in the upcoming movie Bitter Harvest and we got our hands on a romantic clip from the film, premiering exclusively on

The 31-year-old actor paints a portrait of Samantha, 26, while she sits at the base of a tree with a gorgeous forest scene behind her.

Bitter Harvest, in theaters on February 24, is a powerful story of love, honor, rebellion and survival as seen through the eyes of two young lovers caught in the ravages of Joseph Stalin’s genocidal policies against Ukraine in the 1930s.

The movie was filmed on location in Ukraine and it also stars Barry Pepper, Tamer Hassan, and Terence Stamp.

Max Irons Paints Samantha Barks in ‘Bitter Harvest’ Clip

Leighton Meester Covers Her First Magazine in Years! (Exclusive)

Leighton Meester is getting back to work after becoming a mom and has an exclusive first look at her first magazine cover in years!

The 30-year-old actress is on the cover of Rogue magazine‘s new issue to promote her role in the upcoming Fox comedy series Making History. Here is what she shared with the mag:

On going back to work as a new mom: “When I went into [the show], and when I decided that I wanted to work consistently on something, I had criteria. I read other [scripts] too, but this was just the one. It was love at first sight.”

On her upcoming music: “I really have been missing writing, so I’ve been doing it on and off [for] the last year or so… I worked with awesome people when I released my first album in 2014. I’m hoping to do it again.”

On how she has changed throughout the past decade: “I think I’m different. I started Gossip Girl 10 years ago when I was 20, and I’m 30 now. I loved doing it, and now I’m doing something else that I love, and something new that’s a little bit more my taste as a 30 year old, something I’ve grown into… I feel so lucky that I can have such amazing fans and they either grew up with [the show] or they’re growing up with it now. I’ve also heard people say, ‘Oh we watch that as a throwback.’”

For more from Leighton, pick up the new issue of Rogue!

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See Selena Gomez & Nat Wolff in the James Franco-Directed 'In Dubious Battle' - (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Check out this exclusive clip of Selena Gomez and Nat Wolff in the upcoming movie In Dubious Battle, directed by and starring James Franco.

Selena and Nat are among a star-studded cast, which also includes Bryan Cranston, Ed Harris, Zach Braff, Robert Duval, Ashley Greene, Josh Hutcherson, Robert Duvall, Vincent D’Onofrio and Sam Shepard.

The movie is based on the first major work of Pulitzer Prize-winner author John Steinbeck, about 900 migratory workers who are organized to rise up against landowners after getting their wages shorted.

This isn’t the first time Selena and James have worked together. The two starred in 2012′s Spring Breakers, but this is definitely a side of Selena you’ve never seen before. This role lets her spread her dramatic acting wings.

In Dubious Battle opens in theaters and on VOD and digital HD on Friday, February 17.

In this exclusive clip, Selena‘s character, Lisa, and Nat‘s character, Jim, talk about their future.

Exclusive ‘In Dubious Battle’ Clip for JJJ

Watch John Legend Sing Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' in an Elevator! (Exclusive Video)

John Legend is one of 10 stars who have recorded their own versions of Stevie Wonder‘s hit song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” for a new EB Studios video series and has an exclusive first look at the teaser video!

The video series was created to celebrate Stevie as The Art of Elysium’s 10th Annual Heaven Gala Visionary Award recipient. John is receiving the award at next year’s gala!

John‘s video is titled “Creation” and is directed by Mike Rosenthal. Playing an upright Yamaha piano in a light-filled elevator shaft, John takes the song to his own ecstatic level of Stevie‘s Heaven.

Other videos that will come soon are from James Franco, Miranda Cosgrove, Matt Bomer, Juno Temple, Tony Hawk, and more. John‘s video can be watch in full by getting a donated-based subscription to the brand new streaming platform To see the whole video, you can support art and independence by donating to subscribe and taking the future into your hands. comes from Elysium Bandini Studios, the first ever philanthropic film studio founded by The Art of Elysium charity and James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions.

Watch John Legend Sing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ in an Elevator
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Meet 'iBoy' Star Bill Milner with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

The new movie iBoy has been getting a ton of buzz and it’s now available to stream on Netflix. We chatted with the film’s star Bill Milner to get to know him more and here are 10 Fun Facts about him!

The 21-year-old English actor has previously been seen in X-Men: First Class as a young Magneto and he appeared opposite Jamie Dornan in Anthropoid, another movie streaming on Netflix right now.

Here are some facts about Bill that most people probably don’t know. Check it out:

  • 1. When I was 12, I smoked a cigar with Michael Caine.
  • 2. My go to karaoke song is ‘Islands in the Stream’, but obviously it works better as a duet.
  • 3. I’ve built a boat from scratch, she is called Buoyoncé.
  • 4. I’m a massive West Ham fan.
  • 5. In my lifetime I’ve had as pets: dogs, rats, cats, chickens, ducks, snakes, a gecko, a hamster, ferrets, fishes and a tortoise.

Click inside to read five more facts about Bill Milner… More Here! »

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meet iboy star bill milner with these 10 fun facts 02

Bella Thorne Will Coach Fans at a Hip Hop Dance Class! (Exclusive)

Bella Thorne‘s fans have the chance to get up close and personal with her when she coaches a confidence hip hop master class next week, can exclusively reveal!

The class will be held at the Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 1) from 8:30pm until 10:00pm. Admission will be $20 and you can reserve your spot by downloading the official Millennium Dance Complex app, visiting their website, or by going to the studio in person.

“Come join my confidence class if you wanna learn how to dance at a party, or learn some rhythm with your friends, or perhaps get a great work out in before that slice of pizza later;)” Bella said in a statement. “Whatever it is show up be yourself and get ready to get confident. Bring your friends let’s have a ball! Dance our feet off to some ratchet music so you have some moves to show off this weekend :)”

We hope that some of our readers take the class!

Joey King's Horror Film 'Wish Upon' - First Look Photos! (Exclusive)

Check out Joey King and her co-stars Sydney Park and Shannon Purser in this exclusive first look from their upcoming movie Wish Upon!

Here’s a synopsis of the film: Twelve years after discovering her mother’s suicide, 17-year-old Clare Shannon (King) is bullied in high school, embarrassed by her manic, hoarder father Jonathan (Ryan Phillippe) and ignored by her longtime crush. All that changes when her father comes home with an old music box whose inscription promises to grant its owner seven wishes. While Clare is initially skeptical of this magic box, she can’t help but be seduced by its dark powers, and is thrilled as her life radically improves with each wish. Clare finally has the life she’s always wanted and everything seems perfect – until the people closest to her begin dying in violent and elaborate ways after each wish. Clare realizes that she must get rid of the box, but finds herself unable and unwilling to part with her new-and-improved life – leading her down a dark and dangerous path.

Alice Lee, Ki Hong Lee, Mitchell Slaggert, Kevin Hanchard, Sherilyn Fenn, and more star in the film, set to be released on June 30, 2017. Be sure to check out the horror film when it hits theaters!

See more exclusive stills from the film below!

joey king wish upon exclusive stills 01
joey king wish upon exclusive stills 02
joey king wish upon exclusive stills 03