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Fox News Issues Statement Regarding Judge Jeanine Pirro's 'Technical Difficulties'

Judge Jeanine Pirro is facing a lot of questioning on social media.

The 68-year-old Justice with Judge Jeanine host faced accusations of being intoxicated during her show on Saturday night (March 28).

The show kicked off with a delay due to “technical difficulties” for nearly fifteen minutes. When she finally appeared, viewers commented on her seemingly “disheveled” appearance and slurred words.

“Just the other…day the president talked, or was hoping, about the possibility of reopening everything on Easter Sunday, uh, in a way where we could kind of come out of this quarantine, as loose as it may be, that we’re involved in,” she confusingly said at one point.

The host became a Twitter trending topic as many people weighed in on her appearance and delivery on the show.

Fox News later issued a statement in response: “Jeanine Pirro was broadcasting from her home for the first time when she encountered several technical difficulties which impacted the quality of her show, including the loss of a teleprompter. As we have previously said, we are operating with a reduced staff working remotely to ensure the health and safety of our employees in these unprecedented times,” a spokesperson said.

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Fox Nation Host Tyrus Under Fire After Sending Inappropriate Text Messages to Colleague

Tyrus – a contributor and host on Fox News’ subscription streaming service, Fox Nation – is under fire after sending lewd and inappropriate text messages to a coworker.

Fellow Fox News contributor Britt McHenry filed a complaint back in June that her former UN-PC co-host was sending her inappropriate text messages, which were not released until just recently, according to Huffington Post.

Between November 2018 and January 2019, Tyrus sent texts to Britt like “Just pull your boobs out now why don’t you. Just grin and bare it” and “keep being negative and I’ll send you another d–k pic.”

According to the reports, Britt would respond “Hahaha” to Tyrus‘ messages or tried to change the subject.

In June, The Daily Beast reported that Tyrus was removed from UN-PC in April and was given his own show NuffSaid after Britt complained to the network, which includes a claim of sexual harassment.

At the time, Fox News released a statement reading, “While we are not at liberty to discuss the details of any employee matter, we follow strict protocols when matters such as these are brought to our attention, and we make no exceptions. The process works because of the extensive systems and measures we have instituted. This situation was independently investigated and we consider the matter resolved. We respect the confidentiality of all involved.”

Fox News is now coming under fire for the way they treated the situation after multiple sources claim that Tyrus was not suspended while his conduct was investigated.

Fox’s statement reads, “As we have previously said, this matter was immediately and thoroughly investigated by an outside law firm that was charged with providing us with independent factual findings and recommendations for action based on all of the evidence. We have consistently done this in other employee matters of this nature. All protocols were followed and the recommendations we received were appropriate and promptly implemented. We respect the confidentiality of our employees and their involvement in any HR process and therefore will not comment on the results of the investigation.”