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Gallant & Jhene Aiko Drop 'Skipping Stones' Video - Watch Now

Gallant and Jhene Aiko have released the music video for their song “Skipping Stones” via Red Bull Sound Select and you can watch it here!

“I’m really into the whole one shot thing. Even just the way that I write, I really like living into a moment,” Gallant said in a statement about the video. “Digging into all the subtext that that moment kind of carries. I thought that this particular scene would just very naturally, in a very subtly complex way, kind of just illustrate exactly all of the fiery emotions that are coming through lyrically in the song from both perspectives.”

The song is featured on Gallant‘s debut album Ology.

Jhene will soon perform at Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days in LA. Catch her show on November 21 at Avalon and make sure to take a look at Gallant‘s tour dates.

We have exclusive behind the scenes photos from the video shoot, which you can see in our photo gallery!

Gallant – Skipping Stones feat. Jhené Aiko (Official Video)
jhene aiko gallant skipping stones video 01
jhene aiko gallant skipping stones video 02.
jhene aiko gallant skipping stones video 03
jhene aiko gallant skipping stones video 04

Gallant Teams Up With Seal for 'Weight In Gold' Duet (Video)

Gallant sings his breakthrough single “Weight In Gold” with Seal in this new installment of his In The Room series.

The 23-year-old singer’s ongoing feature is a collaborative effort with artists who have inspired and shaped him musically.

Seal was the guy that made it okay to straddle genres– he just absolutely refused to conform,” Gallant said. “Hearing his lyrics as a kid completely transformed my idea of being an artist, being honest in what you write, being black… all of it… and to be even standing in the same room as him let alone singing a song I wrote with the dude was utterly unreal.”

Gallant‘s debut album Ology will be released via Mind Of A Genius on April 6.

Gallant & Seal “Weight in Gold” Duet
gallant seal duet into the room 01