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G.R.L. Breaks Up Months After Tragic Death of Simone Battle

The all-female singing group G.R.L, – consisting of Lauren Bennett, Emmalyn Estrada, Natasha Slayton and Paula van Oppen – has broken up.

“Nearly 9 months following the tragic death of band member Simone Battle, girl group G.R.L. announces today that they are disbanding,” Kemosabe Records, RCA Records, Larry Rudolph and Robin Antin wrote in a statement (via Billboard). “We wish them continued success in each of their next creative endeavors.”

Tragedy struck the group last year when one of their members, Simone Battle, committed suicide at the young age of 25.

G.R.L. Premiere New Music Video for 'Lighthouse' In Loving Memory of Simone Battle - Watch Here!

G.R.L. have just unleashed their brand new music video for their latest single “Lighthouse“!

The ladies – Lauren Bennett, Paula Van Oppen, Natasha Slayton, and Emmalyn Estrada – dedicated the visual in loving memory of their former bandmate Simone Battle, who died of a reported suicide at age 25 earlier this year.

“We rehearsed the other day without her, and it’s just weird. But she was so passionate about singing and this group, and I feel like we’re keeping her memory alive by being together,” Emmalyn, 22, told People. “But right now we’re focused on the song and the positive message overall, about being together in hard times. We’re taking everything else one day at a time.”

“We learned so much from her,” Lauren, 25, continued. “In the video you can see her passion for performance, and you can see her strumming along to the music in the beginning. It’s us showing that she’s still part of the group. She’ll always be part of this group.”

G.R.L. – ‘Lighthouse’ Music Video

GRL's Simone Battle Pictured on Final Mag Cover (Exclusive)

Before her shocking death last week, Simone Battle and her GRL groupmates posed for the cover of Galore in what would become her final magazine photo shoot and interview.

The cover and interview quotes have been exclusively provided to Here is what the girls had to share with the mag:

Simone on her beauty regiment: “1. Wash and exfoliate with one of those little face brushes you get from Sephora. 2. Use a little toner on a cotton pad to get those pores all cleaned out. 3. Moisturize 4. Paint on some brows! Haha I’m obsessed with brows. Even when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, good thick brows are a must for me!”

Natasha on her favorite song from their album: “It’s hard to choose but I am pretty obsessed with Rewind because of the overall 90s R&B vibe. It’s such a fun song to dance to but at the same time is also really a SINGER’S song!”

The girls on their favorite tour story: “We were performing at a show and one of our patrons gave Simone a two dollar tip. hay!”

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G.R.L.'s Simone Battle's Death Officially Ruled a Suicide

G.R.L. member Simone Battle tragically passed away over the weekend at the young age of 25, and the death was suspected to be a suicide.

A Los Angeles County coroner’s spokesman confirmed on Monday (September 8) that Simone‘s death was in fact a suicide, CNN reports. An autopsy was conducted over the weekend to confirm the findings.

Simone hanged herself in her apartment and was last seen by her boyfriend at 3:45 a.m on Friday evening. He found her hanging in the closet about four hours later.

Our thoughts continue to go out to Simone‘s family and friends during this time.

G.R.L. Members React to Simone Battle's Death in Emotional Statements

Lauren Bennett and Natasha Slayton took to Instagram to mourn the death of their G.R.L. band member Simone Battle‘s death.

“I really don’t know how to form thoughts and words rights now. I am inexplicably heartbroken and overcome with sadness over the loss of our best friend and sister, Simone Battle. I am so grateful to have shared some of the best experiences of my life with her, and I will forever be thankful to every ounce of strength, courage and determination she taught me. She was one of the most talented and brilliantly beautiful people (inside and out) I have ever met. Simone, I will never understand why you left the way you did, but I will forever love you. Thank you for sharing your endless talents and beautiful, glowing heart with us all. I love you so much,” Natasha, 26, shared.

Lauren added, “We were supposed to conquer together… we were a team, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. We all worked so hard together, united like family for this dream we all shared. Things will never be the same without her. The thought of her no longer being here is devastating and shocking for myself and all her loved ones. Please show her love, appreciation and celebrate her life the way she deserves. I love you Simone, thank you for sharing your moment in time with mine.

We continue to send out our prayers to Simone‘s loved ones during this difficult time.

G.R.L. Girls Release Statement on Simone Battle's Death

The ladies of G.R.L. have tweeted out their first statement following the death of their group member Simone Battle.

“Words cannot express the depth of our loss. Simone‘s incredible talent was only surpassed by the size of her heart,” the ladies said in a joint statement. “We will carry her memory with us in everything we do.”

Simone died of a reported suicide at age 25. She was found dead hanging in her closet on Friday morning (September 5) in her Los Angeles home.

We continue to send out our prayers to Simone‘s loved ones during this difficult time.