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Ashley Judd Reveals What She'd Say to Harvey Weinstein Today (Video)

Ashley Judd is giving her first interview since revealing she was one of the women harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

During her first sit-down interview, Ashley was asked questions by Diane Sawyer about if there’s hope for him.

“I believe there is hope and help for everyone. It has to be the appropriate help. And there has to be a real profound understanding on the part of the sexual predator,” Ashley said.

She then was asked by Diane what she would say to Harvey right now.

“Her answer surprised us,” Diane‘s voice could be heard in voice over. “But she wants to make it clear that she’ll never forgive what he did to women. But something else comes from her deep faith.”

“What I would say to Harvey is, ‘I love you and understand you are sick and suffering. And there is help for a guy like you, too. And it’s entirely up to you to get that help,’” Ashley said. When Diane commented on the surprising nature of that answer, Ashley responded, “It’s just who I am…It’s an easier way to roll through the air than the alternative.”

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Brit Marling Says Harvey Weinstein Suggested They Shower Together

Brit Marling is opening up about her own experience with Harvey Weinstein, in which she was asked to take a shower with him in his hotel room.

The actress, who created and starred in the Netflix series The OA, opened up about her 2014 experience with Weinstein in an essay for The Atlantic.

“I, too, went to the meeting thinking that perhaps my entire life was about to change for the better,” she wrote in the piece. “I, too, was asked to meet him in a hotel bar. I, too, met a young, female assistant there who said the meeting had been moved upstairs to his suite because he was a very busy man. I, too, felt my guard go up but was calmed by the presence of another woman my age beside me. I, too, felt terror in the pit of my stomach when that young woman left the room and I was suddenly alone with him. I, too, was asked if I wanted a massage, champagne, strawberries. I, too, sat in that chair paralyzed by mounting fear when he suggested we shower together. What could I do? How not to offend this man, this gatekeeper, who could anoint or destroy me?”

“It was clear that there was only one direction he wanted this encounter to go in, and that was sex or some version of an erotic exchange,” she added. “I was able to gather myself together — a bundle of firing nerves, hands trembling, voice lost in my throat — and leave the room. I later sat in my hotel room alone and wept. I wept because I had gone up the elevator when I knew better. I wept because I had let him touch my shoulders. I wept because at other times in my life, under other circumstances, I had not been able to leave.”

Brit says that because she had already written other projects, she felt the freedom to leave the room without worrying about Weinstein trying to ruin her career.

“Consent is a function of power. You have to have a modicum of power to give it,” she wrote. “I think for me, I was able to leave Weinstein’s hotel room that day because I had entered as an actor but also as a writer/creator. Of those dual personas in me — actor and writer — it was the writer who stood up and walked out. Because the writer knew that even if this very powerful man never gave her a job in any of his films, even if he blacklisted her from other films, she could make her own work on her own terms and thus keep a roof over her head.”

Matt Damon Knew Gwyneth Paltrow Was Sexually Harassed By Harvey Weinstein

Matt Damon and George Clooney sat down for an extensive interview about Harvey Weinstein while promoting their new film Suburbicon in a new segment on Good Morning America.

“You had to spend about five minutes with him to know that he was a bully and he was intimidating…that was his whole kind of M.O,” Matt said. “When people say ‘everybody knew,’ yea I knew. I knew he was an as*hole. He was proud of that. I knew he was a womanizer. I Wouldn’t want to be married to the guy. This level of criminal sexual predation was not something I ever thought was going on.”

“I knew the story about Gwyneth [Paltrow] [being sexually harassed by him] from Ben [Affleck], because he was with her after Brad [Pitt]….I never talked to Gwyneth about it. Ben told me. I knew that they had come to whatever agreement or understanding…she was the first lady of Miramax. He treated her incredibly respectfully. Always,” Matt continued. If you didn’t know, Gwyneth came forward about being sexually harassed by Weinstein and got her boyfriend at the time, Brad, involved.

George also spoke about his wife Amal‘s experience with sexual harassment in the human rights law field.

Harvey Weinstein Denies Lupita Nyong'o Sexual Harassment

Harvey Weinstein is speaking out after Lupita Nyong’o accused him of sexual harassment in an opt-ed piece.

The Oscar-winning actress wrote that Harvey made her feel “unsafe” and made sexual advancements towards her on several occasions.

Harvey is now denying her claims, right after reportedly completing a one-week therapy program.

“Mr. Weinstein has a different recollection of the events, but believes Lupita is a brilliant actress and a major force for the industry. Last year, she sent a personal invitation to Mr. Weinstein to see her in her Broadway show Eclipsed,” Harvey‘s rep said in a statement.

Lupita‘s rep said that the actress has “no further comment.”

Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Completes One Week Outpatient Program

Harvey Weinstein has finished a one-week program treating various psychological issues, according to TMZ.

The 65-year-old former film executive gave his treating psychologist permission to speak with the outlet, who says he received “intensive therapy” on an outpatient basis.

The psychologist says Harvey worked on “dealing with his anger, his attitude toward others, boundary work and the beginnings of work on empathy.”

He added that Harvey was “invested in the program” and “was able to focus on his therapy despite a ton of distractions…He showed up for all the meetings and was fully engaged.”

He will continue “significant outpatient therapy” when he returns home.

Lupita Nyong'o Details Harvey Weinstein's Advances Toward Her in New Op-Ed Piece

Lupita Nyong’o is the latest star in Hollywood to come forward with her experiences with producer Harvey Weinstein.

The Oscar-winning actress has written a lengthy op-ed piece for The New York Times, in which she opens up about how she met Weinstein years before breaking out onto the scene with 12 Years a Slave.

Lupita first met Weinstein at an event in Berlin in 2011 while she was a student at the Yale School of Drama. They exchanged information and he later invited her to his home in Westport, Conn. to watch a screening of a movie produced by a rival company. His family was to be present at the screening. At a private lunch, she says he forced her to order an alcoholic beverage and told her she needed to drink it when she refused.

Lupita says that in her first encounter with Harvey, she found him to be “very direct and authoritative, but also charming,” but in the second she “found him to be pushy and idiosyncratic more than anything.”

Shortly after the screening at Weinstein‘s home started, he escorted her out of the theater.

Harvey led me into a bedroom — his bedroom — and announced that he wanted to give me a massage,” she wrote. “I thought he was joking at first. He was not. For the first time since I met him, I felt unsafe. I panicked a little and thought quickly to offer to give him one instead: It would allow me to be in control physically, to know exactly where his hands were at all times.”

When Harvey tried to take off his pants, Lupita said she was comfortable and headed for the door and said it was time for her to leave.

Lupita wrote about some more encounters with Harvey, the final one being a dinner they had after she felt it was clear that boundaries were in place.

“Before the starters arrived, he announced: ‘Let’s cut to the chase. I have a private room upstairs where we can have the rest of our meal,’” Lupita said. She declined and he told her to leave. When she asked if they were “good,” Harvey replied and said, “I don’t know about your career, but you’ll be fine.”

“I did not see Harvey again until September 2013 when I was in Toronto for the premiere of 12 Years a Slave, the first feature film I was in. At an after-party, he found me and evicted whoever was sitting next to me to sit beside me. He said he couldn’t believe how fast I had gotten to where I was, and that he had treated me so badly in the past. He was ashamed of his actions and he promised to respect me moving forward. I said thank you and left it at that. But I made a quiet promise to myself to never ever work with Harvey Weinstein,” she continued.

Lupita says that Harvey tried to work with her after winning the Oscar, but she refused.

“Now that we are speaking, let us never shut up about this kind of thing. I speak up to make certain that this is not the kind of misconduct that deserves a second chance. I speak up to contribute to the end of the conspiracy of silence,” she concluded the piece.

Channing Tatum Confirms He's No Longer Developing Weinstein Project, Releases Statement About Allegations

Channing Tatum has released a statement after allegations about Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual misconduct came to light.

In the statement, the 37-year-old actor confirmed that his lone The Weinstein Company project will no longer be developed.

“The brave women who had the courage to stand up and speak their truth about Harvey Weinstein are true heroes to us. They are lifting the heavy bricks to build the equitable world we all deserve to live in. Our lone project in development with TWC— Matthew Quick’s brilliant book, Forgive Me Leonard Peacock— is a story about a boy whose life was torn asunder by sexual abuse. While we will no longer develop it or anything else that is property of TWC, we are reminded of its powerful message of healing in the wake of tragedy. This is a giant opportunity for real positive change that we proudly commit ourselves to. The truth is out— let’s finish what our incredible colleagues started and eliminate abuse from our creative culture once and for all,” Channing wrote on Facebook.