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'Justice League' Cast Tours China to Promote the Movie!

The cast of Justice League stops to take a selfie in front of the Temple of Heaven during a press tour in Beijing, China.

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller toured around China together to promote the film, which is set to hit theaters in the U.S. on November 17.

Henry took to his Instagram account after the quick tour ended to send his gratitude to the fans he met.

“The early bird catches his plane! Thank you so much China for your spectacular hospitality! We all had such an incredible time and I’m sure I speak for the whole League when I say that we can’t wait to be back,” he wrote.

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Henry Cavill Talks About Fame's Effect on His Relationships

Henry Cavill is opening up about how fame and having devoted fans has affected his relationships.

The 34-year-old Justice League actor, who is currently dating stuntwoman Lucy Cork, told The Rake that he loves his fan-base, but he doesn’t appreciate when they claim ownership over his life.

“There is obviously a flip-side to [fame], too: as soon as I get into a relationship, a slew of hate, directed at me as well as the girl, saying that ‘I’ve changed,’” Henry said. “I haven’t changed a bit. But you have to take all of that in your stride, there are positive and negative parts to all of it, but ultimately it is enormously flattering to have people care that much. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone in my life, it is a good thing. As soon as it starts to affect people in my life, that’s when I draw back.”

“I don’t want bad things to happen to people in my life because of a sense of ownership that people [think they] have over my life and me,” Henry added. “It is not worth it to me. I love my job, I love making money, I love to travel and play with all the great toys in the world, and see what I want to see, but none of that will be worth it if the people I love and who I want to walk that journey with are getting hurt and suffering because of that gain.”

Make sure to see the new photos of Henry and his dog Kal posing for the mag!

Pictured inside: Henry out for dinner with Lucy at a restaurant in Rome, Italy back in September.

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Henry Cavill's Dog Kal Makes Cameo in 'The Rake' Shoot!

Henry Cavill gives his dog Kal a scratch on the head in this photo for his cover shoot for The Rake magazine’s October 2017 issue.

Here is what the 34-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On having pride as a Brit: “My parents raised me and all my brothers as British, very British. My mother is Scottish and Irish, and my father is English. It has always been a matter of being proud to be British. It isn’t about turning your nose up at the rest of the world, it’s just that we are an island that, despite all the odds, managed to survive all the other empires of history and became the largest empire itself, and has still survived to be a world power. I think my parents just bred it into me to be proud, and I am.”

On the moments that changed his life: “There are a few events in my life that I felt like, when I was experiencing them, my life was going to change for ever. The first was The Count of Monte Cristo, second was getting Superman, the third was getting Kal.”

On dressing up: “I always liked suits, I like to look smart. My parents would dress us up for occasions, and we’d have blazers. Being in public school, you had to dress smartly, and I liked it. My enjoyment of style has taken a while to develop because I haven’t really known what I wanted. As soon as I wore my first bespoke suit I thought, ‘Oh, O.K., this is what it is supposed to look like’.”

FYI: Henry‘s dog was named after the real name of his Superman character, Kal-El!

For more from Henry, visit!

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'Justice League' Trailer Promises So Much Action - Watch Now!

There’s a lot in store for the superheroes in the Justice League trailer!

Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot enlist the help of other heroes including Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman, Ray Fisher‘s Cyborg, and Ezra Miller‘s The Flash. In addition, we do get a glimpse of Henry Cavill‘s Superman, who had a funeral at the end of Batman v Superman. Amy Adams‘ Lois Lane also makes an appearance.

Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 17 – be sure to catch the movie when it hits theaters!

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Henry Cavill Shares a Shirtless Photo & Armie Hammer Jokes Around with Him in the Comments!

Henry Cavill posted a shirtless photo to Instagram with his girlfriend Lucy Cork, and lots of fans took notice of the seaside pic.

“Getting some R&R in before the summer slips away. Worry not though, my moustache continues to thrive…#Seastache” the 34-year-old Justice League star captioned the photo on his Instagram account.

In the comments of the photo, many fans were chiming in that they loved Henry’s look. Fans also noticed that Henry‘s pal and co-star from The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Armie Hammer, also commented on the photo.

“Nice nipples…..,” Armie wrote to Henry – and you can see the screenshot of the comment below!

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