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Hilaria Baldwin Returns To Social Media & Issues Apology Over Her Heritage Scandal

Hilaria Baldwin is back on social media following her heritage scandal last month.

The 37-year-old author and wife of Alec Baldwin wrote an apology to her fans, after it was revealed that she wasn’t born in Mallorca, Spain as many previously thought.

In actuality, she was born in Boston.

The news broke just after Christmas when a compilation video focused on her accent and social media users questioned if she even was Spanish. Following the discussions online about her heritage, Hilaria took an online break.

“I’ve spent the last month listening, reflecting, and asking myself how I can learn and grow. My parents raised my brother and me with two cultures, American and Spanish, and I feel a true sense of belonging to both,” she wrote in her first post on the platform in over a month. “The way I’ve spoken about myself and my deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained — I should have been more clear and I’m sorry.”

She went on, “I’m proud of the way I was raised, and we’re raising our children to share the same love and respect for both. Being vulnerable and pushing ourselves to learn and grow is what we’ve built our community on, and I hope to get back to the supportive and kind environment we’ve built together.”

Hilaria was the focus of many headlines after the truth was uncovered. Her stepdaughter, Ireland Baldwin, as well as many of her in-laws reacted to the news.

Before she went on a social media break, Hilaria did reveal the name she grew up with.

Salma Hayek Reacts to Hilaria Baldwin's Heritage Scandal: 'She Fooled Me'

Salma Hayek is issuing a reaction to Alec Baldwin‘s wife Hilaria Baldwin‘s heritage scandal.

If you don’t remember, Hilaria came under fire a few weeks ago for misrepresenting her heritage and adopting a Spanish accent. She was actually born in Boston, Massachusetts, but many believed she was born in Mallorca, Spain due to interview articles and a bio on her own agency’s website.

“Oh my God. That is crazy,” Hayek said of all the controversy. “Like, you know what, because a lot of my friends ask me, ‘Oh, did you hear about this? Oh my God ….’ We all lie a little bit. She makes my friend happy,” Salma told Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live.” Alec and Salma became friends after working together on 30 Rock.

“She’s a good, she fooled me,” she added. “And you know, I don’t care. She, I’m sorry. I know I don’t mean to betray or hurt anybody’s feelings. And I don’t know if it’s right or if it’s wrong and I don’t, I’m not gonna judge somebody just because of that one thing.”

Salma added, “I feel honored that somebody wants to be, their alter ego it’s to be like something that is similar to my roots. It makes me feel proud that people are inspired because you know, I am Mexican Lebanese, but my grandparents, my ancestors on my mother’s side are Spanish. I think she’s smart to want to be Spanish. We’re cool.”

Salma added it was all “bizarre,” but said, “She’s not, not a bad person, not a bad person, a good person, a good mother and a good wife. She makes my friend happy. She’s very kind to me. And that’s all I care about.”

Amy Schumer Reveals Why She Deleted Those Hilaria Baldwin Digs

Amy Schumer is sharing her thoughts on Hilaria Baldwin‘s recent heritage controversy.

In case you missed it, Hilaria came under fire a few months ago for allegedly misrepresenting her heritage and adopting a Spanish accent.

Amy poked fun at the controversy in a now deleted Instagram post, sharing a photo of herself in a big, floppy hat with the caption, “I get it. I went to Spain a couple times and loved it too.”

A few days earlier she had deleted another Instagram post involving Hilaria where she had reposted Hilaria‘s photo of her in lingerie. Amy parodied the photo pretending it was her, but it led to some body-shaming comments on her page.

She explained her thoughts on the scandal and her reasoning for deleting the post in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday (January 26).

“Oh my god, I really don’t even know what to say. I didn’t know that was going to happen, obviously,” Amy said. “I feel like it was so insane and entertaining that I think Hilaria is probably the only person who is happy about the insurrection in the Capitol, because it distracted [people] from that.”

“It’s a little insane to be in, like, lingerie with your baby. I just thought that was a little funny, and then I saw that she made a video and she seemed a little bit upset,” Amy explained. “Not at me, but about the comments she was getting. I was just like, ‘I don’t want to be mean,’ and she seemed like maybe it hurt her feelings, so I just took it down.”

“We were just playing with each other, and then the whole Spain thing came out,” she continued. “I just felt like everybody else watching it. Just like, ‘What is going on?’ I thought we were still kinda playing, so I wrote, ‘Hey, look, I love Spain too.’ But then it became this whole big thing and people were really upset so I just took it down [too].”

The 39-year-old comedian added, “She is amazing and I wish her and her family the best. And I hope she gets to visit Spain as much as she wants.”

Click here to see what Alec Baldwin had to say about his wife’s controversy.

Alec Baldwin Makes a Change Amid Hilaria Baldwin Heritage Scandal

Alec Baldwin is making a seemingly temporary change amid his wife Hilaria Baldwin‘s heritage scandal.

If you missed the news, a Twitter thread went viral a few weeks ago in which she was accused of a “decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person.” Video clips of her speaking in a Spanish accent have been spreading around the internet and her speaking engagement bio used to say she was born in Mallorca, Spain. She responded to all of these allegations and gave her version of the events again.

Well, this week, Alec took to Twitter to make an announcement. He’s leaving Twitter amid all the scandal and the talk about his wife.

Alec Baldwin Wishes Wife Hilaria Happy Birthday Amid Scandal

Alec Baldwin celebrated his wife Hilaria Baldwin‘s birthday in a recent Instagram post.

“Happy birthday to the love of my life,” Alec wrote on Tuesday (January 5). “To the only person in the world who brings me joy and peace every day.” He shared a photo of him and Hilaria with their five children, calling her, “The person who is my home. My everything.”

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Hilaria may miss Alec‘s post as she recently announced that she would be taking a “long” break from social media. The 37-year old has been embroiled in controversy after a Twitter thread accusing her of a “decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person” went viral. She addressed the speculation regarding her heritage and accent in a recent tell-all interview.

Alec defended his wife in a 10 minute long video uploaded to his Instagram. His daughter, Ireland Baldwin, also posted a message of support, calling the accusations “sad” and “pathetic” in an Instagram story.

Billy Baldwin Reacts to Allegations About Sister-In-Law Hilaria Baldwin's Accent & Heritage

Billy Baldwin is reacting to Internet uproar about his sister-in-law, Hilaria.

The 57-year-old Backdraft actor opened up about the allegations that the 36-yaer-old wife of Alec Baldwin has been faking her accent and heritage for years.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hilaria Baldwin

“This is probably an awkward and embarrassing time for Alec and Hilaria,” he said to Page Six.

“I’ve been texting Alec the whole time to make sure he’s okay and if he needs anything,” he added.

Hilaria Baldwin was born Hillary Hayward-Thomas and used to dance competitively under her birth name. If you don’t know, there has been a ton of controversy this week about her heritage after it was discovered she was actually born in Boston, Massachusetts, not Spain. Here’s what her former dance partner had to say…

Hilaria Baldwin's Former Dance Partner Reacts to Her Changing Her Name From 'Hillary'

Hilaria Baldwin was born Hillary Hayward-Thomas and used to dance competitively under her birth name. If you don’t know, there has been a ton of controversy this week about her heritage after it was discovered she was actually born in Boston, Massachusetts, not Spain.

Now, her former competitive dance partner, Alexander Rechits, is speaking out.

“The whole ‘Hilaria’ thing is hilarious to me,” Alexander told the New York Times. They competed together from 2006 until 2009. Alexander said he knew her as “Hillary Hayward-Thomas.” They competed together in events like the New York Dance Festival and the M.I.T. Open.

“I understand why she did it,” he continued. “It was always her desire to be considered Spanish. She had roots in Spain, her brother lived there, she visited there a lot. But Hillary is a very good strong name, so why would you change that when you were born here and you weren’t born in Spain?”

“I have a lot of nicknames in Russian,” he added. He is originally from Belarus. “But I’m still Alexander everywhere I go.”

If you missed it, Hilaria spoke out and answered a lot of questions today in a tell-all interview including why her accent seems to come and go and why her kids are named very Spanish-influenced names.