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Hillary Clinton Didn't Want to Attend Trump's Inauguration

Hillary Clinton is opening up about how she tried to get out of going to President Trump‘s inauguration in January, but she attended to keep up with tradition.

Despite losing to Trump in the election, Clinton attended the inauguration as she’s a former First Lady.

“I really tried to get out of going,” Hillary said on The Graham Norton Show, which aired on Friday (October 20).

Hillary said that if any of the other former presidents and First Ladies weren’t attending, they could have used that as an excuse.

“So we called the Bushes, and the elder Bushes were in the hospital, which I think was legitimate,” Clinton said. “Then we called the younger Bushes and they said, ‘yeah, we’re going,’ we called the Carters, and they said, ‘yeah, we’re going.’ So Bill and I looked at each other and said ‘well we got to go.’”

Hillary Clinton Really Tried To Avoid Going to the Inauguration
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Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence on Harvey Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Hillary Clinton has released a statement on Harvey Weinstein after rape allegations have emerged.

Harvey is a longtime supporter and donor to Hillary‘s campaigns, and he is also a major Democratic Party fundraiser.

“I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated,” she said in a statement. “Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior.”

The statement came via Nick Merrill‏, her communications director.


Hillary Clinton on 'Tonight Show': 'I Want Our Country To Understand How Resilient We Are'

Hillary Clinton made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (October 4) to promote her brand new memoir “What Happened.”

The 69-year-old politician and Jimmy also discussed her children’s book “It Takes a Village,” her thoughts on President Trump‘s response to Puerto Rico’s extensive hurricane damage and her hopes for the country’s future.

“I did what I thought would help in kind of overcoming the personal disappointment, but that’s why I say it’s a book about resilience. Everybody has disappointments, and losses,” Hillary expressed. “You may not lose a presidential election, but you may lose somebody close to you. You may lose a job you want. There’s all kinds of challenges in life, and so I want not only individuals – and so many of them as they’re coming to my events are telling me that it has helped them – but I want our country to understand how resilient we are.”

“We are such an extraordinary collection of people, and energy and all sorts of great potential,” Hillary continued. “And I don’t want people to get depressed, and worn out, and tired because they see things they disagree with that are contrary to who we are. There is something for everybody to do.”

Hillary Clinton on Kate McKinnon & Alec Baldwin’s “Amazing” SNL Impressions

Click inside to watch the rest of Hillary Clinton’s appearance on The Tonight Show…More Here! »

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Miley Cyrus Cries While Thanking Hillary Clinton & Asks for a Hug - Watch Now!

Miley Cyrus got a chance to thank Hillary Clinton!

The 24-year-old pop star joined Jimmy Fallon‘s team of female writers in writing thank you notes directly to Hillary on Wednesday’s episode (October 4) of The Tonight Show.

When it was Miley‘s turn to write her note, she got visibly emotional and began to cry before asking Hillary for a hug.

“I got my hug!!!! @hillaryclinton today was one I will never forget ….. you are endlessly inspiring , & I hope you know how loved / appreciated you truly are …. I will never stop speaking up against injustice , fighting for equality , and using my platform to spread peace & love!” Miley wrote on Instagram.

Watch below!

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George Clooney Explains the Problems with Hillary Clinton's Campaign, Slams Idea of 'Hollywood Elite'

George Clooney was very involved with Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign and even hosted a fundraiser for her. Now he’s opening up about what he thinks went wrong with her campaign and his thoughts on Trump‘s idea of the “Hollywood elite.”

The Oscar-winning actor admitted that Hillary “was incredibly qualified for the job. But being qualified for the job does not necessarily mean you’re the right person to be president.”

“She was more qualified than even her husband was when he was elected president, but she’s not as good at communicating things,” George added in his interview with The Daily Beast. “That’s simply true. When she got up and gave a speech, it didn’t soar. Now, that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t have done a great job as president, and I supported her because by the time we did the fundraiser the primary was over at that point and it was time to get on with picking someone to move forward, and she was the right person to side with.”

“It was frustrating because I never saw her elevate her game. I never saw it. And I had a lot of liberal friends who were like, ‘She’s not good at this.’ And I see that, and I understand it. I also think, though, that if it was a guy it wouldn’t have been so polarizing. I think the fact that she’s a woman made it a much harder uphill battle,” he continued.

George was also asked about President Trump‘s war between “coastal elites” and Middle America.

“I laugh when I see him say ‘Hollywood elite.’ Hollywood elite? I don’t have a star on Hollywood Boulevard, Donald Trump has a star on Hollywood Boulevard! F–k you!” he said.