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'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Hillary Clinton's Subway Ride (Video)

Hillary Clinton got spoofed during the Saturday Night Live cold open on Saturday (April 9) in New York City.

Played by Kate McKinnon, the skit poked fun at the Presidential hopeful’s recent trip to the Big Apple. Watch below!

“The New York City subway is the best way to get around,” she says while trying to get through the turnstile. She even tries to jump it!

“I’ll just take a cab,” Kate (as Hillary) finally says.

“See, New Yorkers. I’m just like all of you. I never sleep. I’m in a hurry to get to work and when I’m running, I really hate it when a slow old Jew gets in my way,” she says.

SNL Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Subway Ride

Hillary Clinton Didn't Visit Beyonce on Music Video Set

Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton did not visit Beyonce on the set of a new music video, as originally reported by various outlets.

A rep for the 68-year-old politician told Gossip Cop that no “surprise visit” took place. The 34-year-old superstar is believed to be a Hillary supporter, but has not made a public statement confirming her political views for the upcoming election.

Beyonce even attended a fundraiser for Hillary back in May of 2015.

The general election will take place this November, with Hillary expected to nab the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders is the other Democratic candidate that could end up winning the nomination.

Khloe Kardashian Doesn't Like Talking About Politics

Khloe Kardashian embraces Spring in light colors while arriving at a studio on Wednesday afternoon (March 23) in Van Nuys, Calif.

The 31-year-old reality star recently opened up about the Presidential election and her sister Kim‘s support for Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t like saying that stuff because you get criticism no matter what. Kim is very open, but that’s just Kim,” Khloe told The Cut. “It’s probably the one thing I have opened my mouth about before and I’m just like, Why the f-ck do I care to be in a fight with these other people, yelling at me about Republicans or Democrats? With politics I’ve learned to keep my opinions to myself, for once in my life. It’s not that I would never talk about it, but it’s that nobody cares about what I have to say about that. It’s not going to sway anybody in any direction, and if so, they’re probably young kids that should do their own research about who they want to vote for.”

Khloe continued, “I think voting is a very personal choice, just like religion. I get so annoyed when people say, ‘I want to vote for Hillary because she’s a woman.’ Well, that’s sad. So you’re voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman. There are a million other reasons why, but I want someone to give me something with more substance, rather than just a gender or race. That’s what really infuriates me. Know what they stand behind.”

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Presidential Candidates React, Respond to Brussels Terror Attacks

The Presidential candidates have been spending the morning reacting to the tragic Brussels terror attacks that occurred on Tuesday (March 22).

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, as well as Republican hopefuls Donald Trump, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz have all released statements. At the time of this publication, Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders has not released a statement.

Hillary and Donald both separately appeared on talk shows this morning to comment on the events, which have claimed the lives of over 26 people, and injured hundreds of others.

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Caitlyn Jenner Meets Hillary Clinton After Criticizing Her Politics

Caitlyn Jenner poses for a photo with Hillary Clinton and some other activists including Candis Cayne and artist Zackary Drucker.

The 66-year-old reality star recently criticized Hillary during a teaser episode for her show I Am Cait, saying, “If Hillary becomes President, the country is over.” In that same teaser, Caitlyn seemed to lean towards agreeing with Donald Trump, though she did criticize his “macho attitude.”

“It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be good for women’s issues. I think he would be very good for women’s issues,” Caitlyn said.

Caitlyn captioned the photo, “#learningfrommygirls #willingtolisten,” perhaps indicating that she could be swayed to hear Hillary‘s political viewpoints.

caitlyn jenner meets hillary clinton 01

Celebs React to Hillary Clinton's Statement on Reagan & AIDS

Hillary Clinton has apologized after praising the late Ronald and Nancy Reagan for being early AIDS advocates when in reality, they were silent about the cause.

The presidential candidate spoke to MSNBC at Nancy‘s funeral on Friday (March 11) in Simi Valley, Calif.

“It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about HIV/AIDS back in the 1980′s and because of both President and Mrs Reagan—in particular Mrs Reagan—we started a national conversation, when before nobody would talk about it, nobody wanted to do anything about it,” Hillary said on camera. “And, you know, that too is something that I really appreciate was her very effective but low-key advocacy, but it penetrated the public conscience, and people began to say ‘hey we have to do something about this too.’”

After Hillary‘s inaccuracies were pointed out, she issued an apology statement.

“While the Reagans were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, I misspoke about their record on HIV and AIDS. For that, I am sorry,” she said.

Celebrities and other people on Twitter are speaking out about the situation. Read the tweets inside.

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Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Donald Trump 'Would Be Very Good for Women's Issues'

Caitlyn Jenner opens up about her thoughts on presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in this weekend’s new episode of I Am Cait.

“Um, I’m not a big fan because I think of his macho attitude,” the 66-year-old former Olympian starts off saying.

“I think he would have a hard time with women when he doesn’t even realize it, and it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be good for women’s issues,” Caitlyn added. “I think he would be very good for women’s issues… I don’t think he’s out there to destroy women or takes things away or do any of that kind of stuff.”

When asked if she would rather have Donald or Hillary in office, she slammed the female candidate.

“Oh my God yes I would never ever ever vote for Hillary,” she said. “We’re done, if Hillary becomes President, the country is over.”

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