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'SNL' Compares Kellyanne Conway to Pennywise from 'IT' - Watch Now!

Kate McKinnon is putting a new spin on her portrayal of Kellyanne Conway!

During tonight’s Saturday Night Live, Anderson Cooper (portrayed by Alex Moffat) encountered Donald Trump‘s campaign manager hiding in a sewer – with makeup painted on her face just like Pennywise from IT!

Kellyanne tries to lure into the sewer to convince Anderson to let her back in on his show for an interview.

Eventually Kellyanne transforms into Hillary Clinton and lures Anderson into the sewer with a copy of her new book What Happened.

Watch the sketch below!

Kellywise – SNL
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How to Make a Pennywise the 'It' Clown Costume for Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at so we are getting ready for the big day this year with a 31 Days of Halloween series!

There’s probably no costume that will be more popular this year than the terrifying Pennywise the Clown from IT, thanks to the latest film adaptation’s blockbuster 2017 success.

But how do you dress like Pennywise? There’s the DIY route, and then there’s straight to the splurging on getting the perfect look. We’ve got you covered either way!

Click through the slideshow to see how to dress like Pennywise the Clown for Halloween below…

'It' Is Back on Top at Weekend Box Office

The horror film It has topped the weekend box office after being dethroned last week by Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

It was a tight race this weekend, with three movies within just a couple hundred thousand dollars of each other.

Bill Skarsgard‘s It brought in $17.3 million, with Tom Cruise‘s American Made coming in at number two with $17.01 earned, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle coming in just behind at number three with $17.00 earned.

Rounding out the top five were The Lego Ninjago Movie and Flatliners, with $12.0 and $6.7 million earned retrospectively.

UPDATE: The final box office numbers revealed a much different ranking. Kingsman 2 was actually number one with $16.94 million, It was number two with $16.9 million, and American Made was number three with $16.8 million.

'It' Sequel Gets September 2019 Release Date!

The upcoming movie It: Chapter 2 has been given a release date in 2019!

Fans will have to wait about two years for the next installment in the horror franchise as it will hit theaters on September 6, 2019.

The sequel will focus on the second half of Stephen King‘s novel, which happens 27 years after the events of the first film. The kids from the Losers Club will still be featured in the sequel in flashbacks.

While no casting has been confirmed, everyone is hoping for Jessica Chastain to play the adult version of Beverly and the director Andy Muschietti has already addressed the possibility of her joining the film!

It has grossed nearly $500 million worldwide in just two and a half weeks.

'It' Becomes Highest Grossing Horror Movie of All Time!

It has surpassed The Exorcist to become the highest grossing horror movie of all time!

Through Thursday (September 21), the movie has earned $236.3 million in just two weeks at the box office, according to TheWrap. Worldwide, it has already grossed over $400 million.

While some consider films like The Sixth Sense to be included in the horror genre, others label it as a thriller.

Regardless, It is expected to gross more than that film’s $293.5 million throughout its theatrical run. The film will likely cross the $300 million mark and become only the fourth R-rated movie to ever hit that point!

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'It' Wins Box Office Again & Smashes September Record, 'mother!' Disappoints in Opening Weekend

Bill Skarsgard‘s It has earned a first place slot again at the weekend box office, earning a whopping $60 million.

In the movie’s second weekend at the box office, the film has already made $218.7 million domestically, which is the record for the highest grossing September release of all time.

Dylan O’Brien‘s American Assassin earned $14.8 in its opening weekend debut, strong enough for second place this weekend.

Jennifer Lawrence‘s mother! had a disappointing opening weekend after earning only $7.5 million. The opening weekend of mother! has become the lowest nationwide launch of any Jennifer Lawrence film. If you didn’t know, the movie received a rare “F” rating from CinemaScore.

Home Again and The Hitman’s Bodyguard rounded out the top five with $5.3 and $3.5 million earned, respectively.

James Corden Hilariously Spoofs 'IT' With 'The IT Department' - Watch Now!

James Corden is making IT slightly less scary for everyone.

The late night funnyman just debuted a hilarious spoof of the horror movie called The IT Department on Wednesday night (September 13) – and it all involves one office’s actual IT department.

After an office worker calls for help, he gets some unexpected assistance. You’ve never seen Pennywise the Clown quite like this! (Spoiler alert: never pop the scary clown balloon.)

And Pennywise isn’t even the only boogieman who shows up: Freddy Krueger also makes a cameo!

Watch the hilarious IT spoof below!

james corden it department 01
james corden it department 02
james corden it department 03
james corden it department 04
james corden it department 05